Thursday Mar 22, 2018
Israel Hayom
Israeli military confirms it hit Syrian nuclear site in 2007
Eight fighter jets bombed a nuclear reactor being built in Deir ez-Zor a decade ago, in one of IDF's most daring operations • It was a race against time, military official says • Intelligence minister: Timing of revelation meant to send a message to Iran.
Yoav Limor | Israel must always think 'outside the box'
Rigid preconceptions within the intelligence community almost led Israel to miss detecting the Syrian nuclear reactor in time • The ensuing introspection has bred hundreds of covert operations within the framework of the "campaign between the wars."
Amnon Lord | Timing is everything
Israel waited patiently for over a decade to officially confirm it was behind the strike on the Syrian nuclear reactor in Deir ez-Zor in 2007. Why now?
Ram Ben-Barak | Between Syria then and Iran now
The primary problem with Iran and its massive nuclear and ballistic missile programs is that Israel alone cannot attack it and also prevent it from resuming those efforts. We must ensure U.S. President Trump forces a follow-up deal on Iran.
Dr. Reuven Berko | 'Peaceful' Palestinian protests
The Palestinians are busy planning mass processions toward Israel in an attempt to create a "third intifada" that copies the murderous First Intifada, which they define as a success.
Yoram Ettinger | Don't frighten us with demographics
Dire predictions about the future of the Jewish population in Israel have been consistently proved wrong since the 19th century. In fact, the Jewish birth rate in Israel is rising while the Arab birth rate is dropping.
'Reactor strike showed Israel will not tolerate existential threats'
Israel will not allow development of enemy capabilities that threaten its very existence. That was our message in 2007 and it is our message now, says Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot • IAF chief: Strike was one of the most important decisions ever taken by Israel.
Arab League aims to stop Israel from gaining Security Council seat
Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has never sat on Security Council • Arab League chief says summit in Riyadh April 15 will work to prevent Israel from gaining seat • Two-thirds majority in 193-nation General Assembly needed to win seat.
PM: Israel must protect its borders against radical Islam
Sinai border fence built by Israel is preventing terrorist attacks and influx of illegal migration, PM Netanyahu tells Negev Conference • In message to Israel's enemies, he says, "The equation is simple: Anyone who tries to hurt us, we will hurt them."
IDF official: 2007 reactor strike a unique intelligence achievement
"Israeli intelligence is a strong instrument that generates deterrence," says head of Military Intelligence's Research Division • "Our enemies do not need to hear from the media what we do to them because they experience it firsthand," he says.
Terror victim's son to UN: You are complicit in my father's murder
Micah Lakin Avni, whose father Richard Lakin was killed in a 2015 Jerusalem attack, accuses Human Rights Council of "turning a blind eye" as PA uses U.N. funds to pay murderers • U.N.'s failure to report, condemn these crimes is "unconscionable," he says.
Jerusalem mayor set to announce he is running in Likud primaries
Nir Barkat denied in November that he was planning to enter national politics, but he has been laying the groundwork to stand for a major executive role in the party • Official announcement expected after Jerusalem budget is passed on Thursday.
IDF soldier killed by comrade who was playing with gun
In apparent accident, Staff Sgt. Shahar Strug, 20, from elite counterterrorism unit, was hit by bullet fired as a fellow soldier was playing with his gun • IDF probes incident as possible case of involuntary manslaughter.
Former IDF chief urges term limits for prime minister
Being prime minister is the "hardest job in the country" and PM Netanyahu is a worthy leader, but term limits are "appropriate," says Benny Gantz • He blames Hamas for Gaza crisis but says Israel should help with jobs, infrastructure to be "neighborly."
Israeli American Council celebrates 10 years of activity
Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson announce donation of $13 million to organization devoting to strengthening ties between Israel and U.S. Jewish communities and advocating for Israel • IAC: The Adelsons' passion and generosity have been an inspiration.
Arab leaders mum after Israel claims Syrian reactor strike
"Arab leaders' silence is understandable because any statement on the matter will harm their interests," says Egyptian official • Israel's actions in striking reactor show its concern for the interests of moderate Arab states, Jordanian official says.
Iran's supreme leader says Tehran has 'defused' regional threats
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei does not elaborate on the nature of the threats Iran claims to have thwarted • President Hassan Rouhani lauds Iranian soldiers, diplomats in the Middle East for establishing "stability and increase security for the region."
US arrests Iranian over alleged $115M sanctions evasion scheme
Ali Sadr Hasheminejad, chairman of Maltese-registered Pilatus Bank, is facing charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States and violating U.S. economic sanctions against Iran • If convicted, he could face a sentence of up to 125 years in prison.
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