Monday Feb 18, 2019
Israel Hayom
'Polish PM considering cutting off relations with Israel'
In Israel Hayom-i24NEWS election broadcast, acting Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz says "many Poles collaborated with the Nazis" • Polish officials slam "anti-Polish racism," demand clarification from Israeli authorities • Katz calls Gantz inconsistent.
Eldad Beck | Gantz tried and failed to be Netanyahu
The Israel Resilience Party leader went to Munich to rack up credentials in international affairs but sent the same messages as his "rival," Prime Minister Netanyahu, with less effect.
Yoav Limor | A veteran general for the ground forces
To strengthen the ground forces, which have been losing status for years, Chief of Staff Kochavi must continue the reforms begun by his predecessor and put an end to cliquishness in the general staff.
Meyer Habib | Anti-Semitism in yellow vests
French leaders are right to worry about rising anti-Semitism, which is integral to recent popular protests. But what is the sense in condemning anti-Semitism at home while rolling out the red carpet for Iran?
In critical political condition, Livni quits politics
Still adrift after being kicked out of the Zionist Union, Hatnuah leader Tzipi Livni announces her departure from politics less than a week before the deadline to submit final Knesset lists • Livni: I am leaving politics but not the hope for peace.
Palestinians, Jordan join forces to torpedo 'deal of the century'
King Abdullah issues instructions to expand joint council for the management of the Temple Mount to include PA, Fatah officials • Palestinians: Israel could block move but fears crisis with Jordan • Analyst Yoni Ben-Menachem: Move violates Oslo Accords.
Cabinet approves $138M in cuts to PA tax funds over terror payments
Diplomatic-Security Cabinet implements law allowing Israel to withhold funds used to pay Palestinian terrorists from taxes Israel collects on PA's behalf • Palestinian PM: Israel engaging in "open war" against Palestinian people, attempting to destroy PA.
Soldier in moderate condition after explosion on Gaza border
Palestinians throw improvised bombs at IDF personnel during riots in the northern Gaza Strip • Soldier undergoes surgery to remove shrapnel in his neck • On Friday, a border policeman was hit in the leg by shrapnel during riots on the Gaza border.
Netanyahu pledges funds for museum for Jewish WWII vets
The story of the 1.5 million Jews who fought the Nazis has long been lost amid the larger tragedy of the Holocaust • Prime Minister Netanyahu to cabinet: They deserve this • Former Soviet partisan Yitzhak Arad: I'm happy this is finally happening.
Poll: Gantz drops, Labor gains, Likud still in the lead
Channel 12 predicts 30 seats for Likud, 18 for Israel Resilience, 12 for Yesh Atid • Labor gains after primaries, jumps to 10 seats • Seven seats projected for New Right and Ta'al Arab party • Habayit Hayehudi-National Union hover at minimum threshold.
US commander: US cannot back Syrian forces that align with Assad
Syrian Kurdish leaders have sought talks with Assad, hoping to safeguard their autonomous region after withdrawal of U.S. troops • Assad says Washington has sold out its Kurdish partners and that only Syrian state can protect groups in north of country.
Iran unveils first semi-heavy missile-equipped submarine
State TV reports that Fateh submarine can be fitted with cruise missiles capable of reaching Israel and U.S. military bases in the region • Report comes after New York Times reveals that U.S. is accelerating secret program to thwart Iran missile program.
India says two masterminds of Kashmir bombing killed in clash
Two organizers of Thursday's car bombing that killed 40 members of Indian forces dead, police report • Four Indian soldiers, one civilian also dead • Pakistan recalls envoy to India as tension mounts • Head of Amnesty India: We are at a dangerous moment.
Report: Growth, consumer spending down in 2018
According to Central Bureau of Statistics, GDP rises 2.2% in second half of 2018, 1.2 percentage points less than in first half of 2018 • Business sector sees low growth • Per capita spending on durable goods, cars, home electronics down.
Israeli cyber hotline offers real-time solutions for the hacked
Computer Emergency Response Center, staffed mostly by veterans of IDF cyber units, is billed as the first of its kind in the world • CERT head Lavy Shtokhamer: Our job is to mitigate the damage as quickly as possible and spread knowledge where relevant.
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