Tuesday July 22, 2014
Israel Hayom
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A readership of 275,000 on weekdays (Sunday through Thursday), and 400,000 for the weekend edition (Friday). The ShiShabbat supplement is also distributed on Thursdays in a total of 400,000 copies.

newspaper, with 275,000 copies of the weekday edition home delivered or

distributed each morning, five days a week. On Friday, when the weekend edition

comes out, 400,000 copies are distributed or home delivered. Home deliveries to

subscriber households complement the array of distribution points, which

include office buildings, public spaces and key intersections. Reaching every

citizen and every venue in Israel is one of the key tenets of the paper's

mission, and not surprisingly, this has had the effect of propelling the daily

edition to the top of the charts, and it is now outperforming the rest in the

Israeli journalistic landscape by occupying the prized first place, as the

recent TGI survey shows.

TGI Survey reveals: Israel Hayom is number one among Israeli dailies!

The latest TGI survey shows: Israel Hayom is the most read daily in Israel!

From the get-go, Israel Hayom has won the hearts and minds of Israelis, who made it, in the short span of two years, their number one non-weekend paper in Israel! The TGI survey, published in January 2014, clearly shows that the paper enjoys the highest exposure rate in its weekday edition readership, currently standing at 38.6% for 2013, and an ever-rising 33.7% exposure rate for the weekend edition!


With such an amazing feat, everyone now knows that Israel reads Israel Hayom day after day.

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Percentage of Exposure  
3 July-December (Weekdays)

Percentage of Exposure
  2013 July-December (Weekends)

Israel Hayom



Yedioth Ahronot