Saturday October 10, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Space cadets

The IDF covers every point on Earth using six Israeli satellites in orbit at any given moment • This new arena, run by able hands in the IDF's Satellite Unit, could determine a war's outcome • How Israel has evolved into a space power.

Arale Weisberg

The Israeli-made satellite Ofek. One of six indigenously-produced satellites orbiting the earth.
Photo credit: GettyImages
The TecSAR lightweight satellite. Can produce high quality 3D images in all weather conditions.
Photo credit: Ziv Koren
A satellite image of a suspected nuclear installation in Arak, Iran taken by Eros-B.
Photo credit: ImageSat
Uzi Rubin, pioneer space developer and two-time winner of the Israel Defense Prize.
Photo credit: Koby Kalmanovich
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