Sunday October 4, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Mofaz wins Kadima primary by landslide

After having lost to Livni by a small margin in the last primary, Mofaz trounces Livni with 61.7% of the vote Voter turnout low at 41% In light of speculation that the loser would split from the party, Mofaz feels his first task as party leader is to preserve its unity and stop the deposed chairwoman from leaving.

Mati Tuchfeld

Has Mofaz won the battle but lost the war? Mofaz will have to work hard to keep Kadima exciting and relevant to voters.
Photo credit: AP
Campain signs: "Mofaz for prime minister" on the top and "Only with Tzipi Livni" on the bottom.
Photo credit: Herzi Shapira
Livni casting her ballot.
Photo credit: AP
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