Saturday October 10, 2015
Israel Hayom
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'Bennett backs a man who wants to blow up the Dome of the Rock'

After Likud attacks Habayit Hayehudi candidate Jeremy Gimpel over controversial Jerusalem comments, Bennett attacks Netanyahu for "waging a campaign against national-religious Jews" Likud: Bennett is trying to divert attention from his extremist list.

Mati Tuchfeld, Efrat Forsher, Shlomo Cesana and Yehuda Shelzinger and Israel Hayom Staff

Naftali Bennett: accused by the Likud party of trying to distract attention from his extremist party comrades.
Photo credit: Roey Alimah
Jeremy Gimpel, No. 14 on Habayit Hayehudi's list, in a campaign video.
Photo credit: LandofIsrael YouTube Channel
A campaign sign for Naftali Bennett on a main road in Tel Aviv, defaced by an apparently angry citizen.
Photo credit: Amir Mizroch
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