Wednesday October 14, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Nadav Shragai

Don't get burned twice

When one is burned by a flame (the Oslo Accords), one should be careful of the boiling water (the falsehoods of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas), even if one is President Shimon Peres.

There was no real reason to wait between Abbas' Channel 2 interview and the quick-to-follow clarification he made on Egyptian television, in which he defined the right of return — which no one can deny the Palestinians — as "holy."

There was no real need for this because Abbas and his colleagues, just like Arafat who led the architects of the Oslo Accords astray back in his day, are experts at doublespeak and half-truths: One language is for Israel and the West and another language, completely the opposite, is for his people.

Whoever follows reports by organizations such as Palestinian Media Watch and the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) can easily see that the Palestinian Authority is not educating its people toward mutual existence and peace with Israel, but rather is denying Israel's right to exist, presenting the conflict as a religious struggle in the name of Islam, and through the visual and textual content it propagates, eternalizes a Middle East devoid of Israel.

Examples of this are too many to count. For those who missed previous compilation episodes of the lies and tall tales told by the Palestinian Authority but who still insist — as does former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for example — on fooling themselves regarding Abbas' talk of peace, here it is in a nutshell:

Jaffa, Haifa, Acre, Ramle, Beit Shean, Nazareth, Safed and other cities inside the Green Line are consistently described as "part of Palestine, which we cannot spoil or deny to the Palestinians."

The Palestinian Authority and its ministers describe Arab Israelis as "Palestinians from the 1948 territories" and the State of Israel inside the Green Line as "occupied Palestine," the "Inside" or "the 1948 territories." The more obsessive Palestinians on this issue are the hosts of Palestinian Authority television shows for children. Just recently, a small girl was corrected for her mistake of thinking that Hebron was "one of the 1948 cities." She was told that "Hebron is a city in the Palestinian Authority that we can all enter, as opposed to occupied cities such as Lod, Ramle, Haifa, Jaffa and Acre."

The suicide bombers continue to receive constant praise and are commemorated by the Palestinian Authority, and Abbas also takes part in this. He even appointed a released terrorist, responsible for multiple attacks, as his adviser on the various PA districts. The official Palestinian Authority television station showers terrorists, released prisoners and those still jailed with superlatives and praise.

The most extreme example of this is "the crown on our heads," Abbas al-Sayed, who planned the horrific terrorist attack at the Park Hotel in Netanya on Passover eve in 2002, in which 30 people were killed. Palestinian television programs for children encourage them to sacrifice for Palestine, and lines such as "my pure land, I will quench your thirst with my blood," are not uncommon. The Palestinian Authority's school books display maps without Israel. The Jewish connection to the land is methodically denied and in the Palestinian public everything is fair game: The ancient Temple in Jerusalem is a figment of the imagination; Jewish history is nothing but a forgery; Moses was a Muslim; Jesus was a Palestinian; and the Bible is merely a distortion of Islamic text.

In these cases, Abbas or his spokespeople are not so quick to go on Egyptian television and "clarify" that a mistake has been made.

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