Monday August 31, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Zvika Fogel

Hamas' nightmare

After coming home from ten days of reserve duty, it turns out that what I took part in was not what the media and news commentators had described. A quick look through my wife Anat's Facebook feed revealed that the people of Zion live in a world detached from reality, stuck in an Operation Cast Lead movie. The eternal Israeli need to feel unsatisfied has yet to leave us. Operation Pillar of Defense was a story of heroism among the keepers of secrets, not those who waste their time on fantasies inspired by Westerns.

Hamas fired some 1,600 rockets at Israel throughout the operation, each time with the intent to kill or hurt innocent civilians. These rockets came up against Iron Dome, which saved lives and allowed decisions to be made using the head and not the gut. The Israel Defense Forces attacked more than 1,600 targets in precise and unexpected ways, obliterated dozens of years of cumulative Hamas and Islamic Jihad experience, dealt a devastating blow to Hamas' force-building efforts, in which the group had invested all the Palestinian people's money (obtained by enacting a "smuggling tunnel tax"), and destroyed terrorist infrastructure on and under the ground that had been built since Operation Cast Lead.

When Hamas officials emerged from their bunkers on Thursday, they saw there was not a single victory they could present to their people. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are now banging their heads against the wall — how did they [Israel] know? How did they manage to attack the terrorists at every hide out? How did they manage to prevent almost every attempt to hurt Israeli civilians and soldiers?

In their great frustration, Hamas and Islamic Jihad summed up their failures by executing Palestinian citizens in the center of town, as if they were the ones aiming the IDF's weapons.

The objective of the mission was to restore security to the day to day life of Israeli citizens. The operation's successes allowed negotiators to strike an agreement that would ensure that the objective was met. Let's get something straight though: The IDF is Israel's deterrent force and if our politicians are wise enough take advantage of this and unleash disproportionate force on terror mongers if they dare violate the cease-fire agreement, the calm will be preserved for many years to come. Hamas and its terrorist buddies now know that the 50,000 reservists who showed up, trained, and were ready to carry out any order. This is the backbone that represents our response to any threat.

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