Sunday October 4, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Dror Eydar

Shavit's Afrikaners

Take a look at the traditional Left. Its reason for existence was "peace," which then became the "peace process." Now it's just "the process."

Reality is staring it in the face; history is hitting it from all sides. Its imagined peace partners among our neighbors are laughing at it while declaring aloud that they won't concede the right of return (in Arabic, not on Channel 2 for Israelis to hear); and that they won't recognize the Jewish national home; its potential partners (they want to speak with Hamas …) clearly state that they won't relinquish one centimeter of "Palestinian land"; and that they will continue with their main hobby: killing Jews and sending martyrs to their harem of virgins in hell.

And the Left goes on, regardless, stomping its feet and demanding its little doll. The worst part is that in the absence of a realistic alternative to its messianic fantasies, parts of the Left have stuck to the "Samson choice": To bring the whole house crumbling down. The Second Temple thugs are resurrected.

Here are a few a samples from Ari Shavit's column in Haaretz from last week: "Occupation state," "Apartheid," "settlements," "national zealotry," "unrestrained construction," "war crime," "The Hague," "a country that deprives" and "tramples" and "endangers," "an irrational government," "illegitimate," "controlled by the Beytenu nationalism," and more. Wait, he's not finished; here it comes: "Netanyahu," "Lieberman," "Elkin," "Yariv Levin" and "Feiglin." Brrr …

And the farce goes on: "The government, whose values are those of Yariv Levin, will be perceived by the international community as a government of Afrikaners." Do you understand, the values that Levin, a Herut man, holds are the same as those of the racist whites in South Africa during the Apartheid regime. Fatah and Hamas don't need their own writers, they have Ari Shavit.

Putting aside the lie, the distortion of facts, the blindness, the condescension and the stamp of dishonor on Israeli society — what about the shame? It's not just Shavit, but the entire "white tribe" that thinks this. We are all Afrikaners as far as the Left is concerned.

Here now is Amram Mitzna — former leader of the Labor party and now number two on Zipi Livni’s Hatnuah list — in an interview with Razi Barkai on Army Radio advising the Left "to join forces after the elections and go after Bibi's head … because the common goal for all of us is the head of Bibi Netanyahu."

This is the truth: There is no "process" on the horizon, no trick the Left hasn't tried to get our neighbors to accept us; for naught — there is only one thing left: Netanyahu's head. And Mitzna goes on with his brutal language: "I advise my colleagues in the Left-Center bloc … to relieve this government of evil, malice and danger of its duties." This is already an upgrade: It's no longer a "bad government," but an "evil" one. It's the embodiment of evil, the devil's work. Here we have the Left as a religious cult.

Let's return to Shavit: "Netanyahu, painted in the colors of Yariv Levin, won't enjoy the same umbrella of support and forgiveness as Shimon Peres from Oslo, Ariel Sharon of the Road Map or Ehud Olmert from Annapolis." This is where he brings his evidence from? Indeed, these three tenors broke us up and dragged us down into the situation Israel is in today, which Netanyahu and his government are trying to extract us from. After 20 years of Oslo, this is the insight this group has managed to glean from history?

Back to Mitzna again, who during his interview said something harsh, which teaches us something about the pathology of his peer group: "If we succeed to convince (the public) of one thing — that there is an opportunity to replace Netanyahu … which could be the last chance, because the demography is killing us." The demography is us, the majority of the public, Shavit's Afrikaners.

"The demography is killing us" — Mitzna's "us" is the sect that was once the collective "we" that now isn't recognizing that the reality has changed, and that other groups have come forth to steer the Zionist ship. Thus, the Left is unwilling to participate in the game, just to break all the rules and scare us that a bitter future awaits us if we don't follow its advice.

It's wise to be careful and act with caution, but there is no need to fear wrathful prophecies from false prophets. The history of our people is on a progression. The return to Zion is continuing despite attempts from outside and from inside to halt it. If there is no peace, we will manage without it. We've done quite well so far.

Shavit, however, advises us: "Liquefy your financial portfolios. … Israel under Likud-Beytenu is about to crash into a wall."

Indeed, this is the wall built by Shavit and his friends over two decades — the wall of terrorism and desperation, the wall of Hamas' green and of red from the Leftist organizations driving us insane; and especially of illusions blocking any attempt at a brave and rational assessment of the changing reality. It is this wall of false consciousness that must be smashed. Our lives depend on it.

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