Wednesday October 14, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Hezi Sternlicht

The masks come off

It's a good thing there are elections; that way the masks sometimes fall off.

This time the masks have fallen off from the revolutionaries and old timers of the extreme Left. In the last 18 months, we have been saying here that the social protest movement of 2011 was a leftist political event. In return, we were hit with huge amounts of derision and contempt.

So what's new, you ask? Ask MK Dov Khenin, who stands at the head of the radical leftist party Hadash. A sworn communist, Khenin explained last week to Ari Shavit in Haaretz that "the social protest was the secret strategic project of the Hadash party."

We didn't need Khenin's confessions to know who organized the social protests (the Left) and who led it (the media), and what its aims were (to propel the Left into power). This was a strange dissonance: The very people who hate the country and who consider it a brutal apartheid state deep down want to help the bourgeois middle class pay less for cottage cheese. Social protest, right!

And here's yet another false slogan brandished by the Left: That Netanyahu and his government essentially serve the tycoons. This borders on the absurd. The tycoons are a creation of the Left. They oversee monopolies, cartels and uncompetitive economic machinations, and were passed down to us by the Mapai party which founded the state.

The most historically left-wing governments ever to preside over the country were the ones who allocated the state's assets for free, or at ridiculously low privatization costs. The Mapai government gave the Dead Sea to Shaul Eizenberg. The most expansive era of privatization ever was initiated by the Shimon Peres-led government in 1986.

The tycoons traditionally vote for the Left, and mainly do whatever else is in their considerable power (after all, they also control large swaths of the country's media) to promote it.

Netanyahu's government actually fought the tycoons, or, more accurately, worked to promote fair competition. The Sheshinski Committee (appointed to examine the distribution of profits from natural gas drilling) took hundreds of millions of shekels away from the tycoons. Communications Minister Moshe Kahlon dismantled the mobile communications cartel. The Economic Concentration Committee closed the book on business pyramids. The tycoons want a left-wing government in power so that they can continue to take over national assets.

It is precisely the Netanyahu government's policy of advancing competition that has helped the public, and eventually it will also help the tycoons by instituting a fair and free economy. Don't buy used products from the same people who told you bald lies in the summer of 2011.

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