Friday September 4, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Dror Eydar

When free speech becomes lawlessness

Using Haaretz as her platform, columnist Amira Hass wrote on Wednesday that "throwing stones is the birthright and duty of anyone subject to foreign rule." This while 2-year-old Adele Biton has been fighting for her life for the past several weeks, after her parents' car was hit by rocks and crashed into another vehicle.

Not only is stone throwing a right, Hass calls it "a duty"! That is how you rise up against the "regime" and the "occupation." Do you hear us, dear terrorists? You are duty bound to throw rocks and murder Jews; if you don't do that you are not really fighting the "foreign regime." Tell that to the late Asher Palmer and his 1-year-old son Yonatan, who were killed after rocks were thrown at their car.

The Palmers' killer was convicted on Tuesday. The court ruled that a rock thrown at a moving car was more dangerous than a bullet fired from a car in a drive-by shooting. Is there any difference between the stone-thrower who was found guilty of killing someone, and Amira Hass, who justified — and effectively encouraged — such action in her despicable column this week? Yes. There is a huge difference. In the world we live in, self-hating Jews and other "random" Jews, are considered to be one and the same. Thus, if Hass condones rock-throwing terrorism, the thinking goes, she could teach us something.

"Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all," says the Bible (Proverbs 31:29). In the case of Hass ("hatred" in German), many self-hating Jews do their job well, but she has surpassed them all.

Hass does the explaining for the killers: "In the inner syntax of the relationship between the occupier and the occupied, stone-throwing is the adjective attached to the subject of 'We’ve had enough of you, occupiers.'"

But this only refers to the inner syntax of self-hating Jews like Hass or the editorial board of Haaretz, which appears to have renamed the paper "Haaretz [the land] is not ours." But the real syntax has been out in the open for over a century: stone-throwing is another means for killing Jews.

And the insanity continues. Hass laments that the Palestinian Authority is too moderate. Therefore, she says, "various forms of steadfastness and resisting the foreign regime, as well as its rules and limitations, should be taught and developed."

"Limitations could include the distinction between civilians and those who carry arms, between children and those in uniform," she adds. Is Hass calling on the killers from Hamas and Fatah to use their knives, rifles, explosive devices and suicide vests "only" against soldiers? Am I the only one who reads it that way? Dear mothers, just days before the Holocaust Remembrance Day and the Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism, the merciful sister Hass is encouraging her allies to inflict harm "only" on your sons and daughters while they are serving in the Israel Defense Forces. In a Hebrew-language paper.

If Israel has an attorney-general, would he please stand up and introduce himself. It is about time for the attorney-general to take off his gloves and put an end to this treasonous lawlessness. This is not about free speech; even die-hard liberals would not sanction freedom of expression that results in innocent civilians being killed. Hass' column advocates precisely that. Terrorists will now tuck it in every suicide vest they blow up on Israelis and diligently wrap it around every stone they hurl at them; as they do that, they will cite their "birthright and duty."

Applying the word "incitement" to Hass' piece would make a mockery of that term and just add insult to injury. It's worse than that. She is not one of us; any ties that woman may have with the Jewish state are purely coincidental. She has effectively ended her association with the Jewish people through this piece. Let her sit among the killers of Hamas and Fatah and bask in the self-righteous glory derived from the "birthright and duty" to hurt Jews.

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