Thursday April 17, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Dror Eydar

They'll always be back for more

I closely watched the Bedouin demonstrations with the assistance from Arab Israelis and elements of the Left. They illustrated just how things would be the day of a "peace" deal.

The Arabs always sought gifts from "al-Yehud" (Arabic for the Jews), because this is "theirs from time immemorial," from the six days of creation, though they never proved in court ownership claims over even one dunam from among the hundreds of thousands apportioned to them. Then, after they get what they want, they'll go back to whining that whatever remains, the Jews stole that as well.

What does MK Ahmad Tibi (Ra'am-Ta'al) have to do with lands in the Negev Desert? As a former assistant to Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat, Tibi will be found anywhere an objection is sounded against Jews' right to sovereignty in their lands. That's Arafat's legacy, the true ambition of the Palestinians split among their countless factions. That's the goal of the radical Left; there's no "justice." Remember the deal of capitulation to the evil kingdom just last week in Geneva? That's the kind of justice we're talking about here.

During trips to the Negev, one is introduced to the level of fraud and theft that riled certain Bedouin tribes against Israel, a country which has provided more benefits to the Bedouin than any Arab country. Receiving assistance from the New Israel Fund, a chunk of the Israeli Arab populace learned to demand rights without obligations. They are playing on the conscience of the feeble-minded among us, who dissociate themselves from the national, religious significance of the conflict. Just look at who participated in the demonstrations, who their supporters in academia are, who has signed off on all the petitions -- the same names show up every time a threat signals the possibility of ripping Israel, its nationhood and its Judaism asunder.

The Prawer plan assumes that Bedouin would agree to a compromise. They don't. Bedouin law severs any agreement between the state and "true" ownership. Until now, Bedouin have not proved land ownership, save a few cases. The Prawer plan was reached beyond the letter of the law. Maybe that's the problem -- every time Israel recognizes Arab artificial claims to land, it lays the foundation for the next claims. They do not recognize "compromise." What they recognize is that al-Yehud capitulated and gave up part of the land. Now, they'll be back to claim the rest.

Since they failed to triumph in war, they'll try at the courts. Since they failed to succeed at the courthouse, they'll turn to the government. And after getting what other citizens never even dreamed of getting, they go and make threats foreboding an intifada, "days of rage," letting everybody know they won't even agree to that. We must aggressively put an end to this farce.

To combat this artificial day of rage -- which is just the continuation of a hundred years of Arab rage over the Jewish return to Zion -- Israel needs to hold its own day of justice, honoring the historic law justifying the return of Jews to their unique homeland, which was never granted any other sovereignty except for theirs.

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