Friday October 9, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Dror Eydar

Europe is impinging on Israeli sovereignty

We'll start by rebutting the widespread lies: Personal donations have not been outlawed. The new NGO law marks an attempt to stop European nations from meddling at the core of the Israeli dispute. No other nation has so many other countries meddling in its affairs, taking sides in a prolonged conflict.

According to several expert analysts, some 100 million euros flow to NGOs in Israel annually. That money goes to left-wing, pro-Palestinian organizations operating under the guise of "human rights groups," which effectively means everyone but Jews. Using this money, they tarnish Israel, hammering home the lies of "apartheid," "war crimes," and "racist" and "anti-democratic" laws while trying to force our soldiers and elected officials to stand trial. Even Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who is against the law, did not go to certain countries fearing she would be sued for "war crimes."

The culprit responsible for funding the propaganda machine whose goal is to break the Jewish, democratic Israel down into a multi-national state is Europe. That very Europe, which has become helpless in the face of the Muslim occupation of its streets, is interfering with Israeli sovereignty over its internecine dispute, siding with Israeli policy's opponents and indirectly supporting those who call for boycotts and those who lend legitimacy to acts of terror against us. That's what this new law is about, not personal donations.

What if Israel had become involved in other ethnic-nationalistic conflicts? What would the British have said if Israel had given money to Scottish separatists struggling to secede from Britain? Would the Brits have stayed mum?

On the one hand, the new law has been emasculated. Most leftist organizations will continue to get massive European funding. Because the issue is Israeli sovereignty, the law cannot just be supported by factions on the Right. Left-wing, moderate Zionist parties also have an interest in stopping foreign countries from interfering and trying to delegitimize Israel.

More than legislation, we should focus on international activities against European countries, speaking openly against the gall and absurdity inherent in jeopardizing our sovereignty and interfering in the conflict in favor of one side, which represents a new kind of European neocolonialism. Only Israel is treated with such unique norms, especially by Europe. Meddling in our affairs impinges on our democratic values and does nothing to advance peace. Why do the Palestinians even try? The Europeans are helping lay the pressure on Israel, mudslinging and supporting boycott movements.

When all is said and done, instead of responding through legislation, we should broaden the purview of conservative Zionist organizations. That would be a substantive answer to the organizations trying to rip us apart.

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