Thursday April 24, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Israel Hayom acquires its own printing press
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Dr. Haim Shine

Lovers of Israel, rejoice

The acquisition of the Maariv printing facility by Israel Hayom is a real day of celebration for those who love democracy and love our wonderful land. It is great news for those citizens who know that the Israel Defense Forces is the Jews' liberation army in their homeland and not an occupation army. And above all, it is great news for Israelis unwilling to succumb to the spirit of gloom and defeatism that has pervaded other Israeli media outlets for years.

Israel Hayom has reshuffled the Israeli media landscape and restored many Israelis' faith in the media as a central defender of democracy. Over the years, countless Israelis have detached themselves from the press. They became sick of hearing that our enemies are right, that things are bad in Israel, and that it's a good idea to emigrate to Berlin or Sydney. They were sick of the schadenfreude every time someone asserted -- correctly or incorrectly -- that the government had screwed up.

From the beginning, Israel Hayom gave expression to optimism and hope, to the belief that wonderful things are happening in this country and that living among us are moral men and women with high ethical values. The newspaper devotedly works to reveal the truth to the public without fear of tycoons, interested parties or other bootlickers of the old elite.

When Israel Hayom was first published in 2007, the hegemonic media reacted condescendingly. They figured that the newspaper would last less than a year. There were precedents for this belief. The concept of a free newspaper was common currency among the peddlers of information and ideas. Today all of those false prophets can eat their words. Since 2011, this newspaper leads in the rate of exposure to the reading public in Israel.

Israel's citizens like Israel Hayom not because it is distributed free of charge. Nowadays, many of its competitors distribute their newspapers in many locations for free. The newspaper's success stems from the sense that there is finally a media outlet that gives expression to the opinions of most of the Israeli public. This is a public whose voice has not been heard and therefore a mistaken impression was formed that the entire state of Israel has become a stronghold of a liberal-leftists lacking Jewish roots.

Acquiring the printing press is just one more building block in Israel Hayom's rise. It is an expression of permanency and stability at a time when many media outlets are hobbling and losing ground. So, happy holiday.

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