Thursday April 24, 2014
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Dror Eydar

Yedioth is a fifth column

Ha! We caught him! My colleague Boaz Bismuth was enlisted to a national mission, not something personal, tackling the problem of infiltrators -- a problem that troubles most of us. That's enough for the gossips to print a report suggesting that a terrible crime was committed. There is no mention of the fact that he turned down the offer. In any case, he is the right man to deal with the issue in a humane and professional manner. Read his resume.

Here is the Pavlovian rule: Anyone who comes into contact with Benjamin Netanyahu is designated a leper who made a huge mistake. “Yedioth Aharonoth,” the newspaper that once held a nation in thrall is now trying to dismantle it and transfer it to our enemy piece by piece. It doesn't matter that Bismuth spent many years as a reporter for Yedioth. If Netanyahu is involved, you can count on falling prey to the pack of crows chirping about how bad it is here.

What really exercised them was the phrase "a relationship of trust" between Bismuth and Netanyahu.

"In his writing," Yedioth states, "Bismuth reflects, among other things, Netanyahu's diplomatic doctrine, with an emphasis on consistent criticism of U.S. President Barack Obama and support for the Republicans."

Do we need Netanyahu to not to love Obama? Most Israelis are not fans regardless. Look at his feeble handling of Iran. Is that not enough? The pressure on Israel for political and territorial concessions in exchange for nothing. Is that not sufficient? In fact, most Israelis wanted Romney to win, for the simple reason that he would be better for Israel. Is that such a crime?

Show me what someone hates, and you can learn what they love. "Yedioth Ahronoth" supports the Obama administration, sometimes in opposition to Israel's interest. Witness how at the height of the fateful Iran negotiations in Geneva, when Israel was battling for public opinion and wanted to expose the truth behind the Iran's smiles, Yedioth sent its correspondent to Iran, publishing a positive report of the country of ayatollahs, suggesting that the country can be relied on to uphold agreements, and that it's not a big deal for it to possess nuclear weapons.

In recent years Yedioth has puffed up and exalted every former office holder who spoke out against the military option against Iran. The newspaper really undermined Netanyahu's efforts. Now Kerry has arrived to apply pressure on Israel. Yediot" is with him. Former Israeli ambassador to South Africa Alon Liel publishes a call to boycott Judea and Samaria. "Yedioth" is in favor.

Is a "relationship of trust" necessary to praise Netanyahu's UN speech as opposed to that of Obama?

Or is it enough to be a caring Jew and loyal Israeli to distinguish between what's good for Israel and the economic interests of Noni Mozes and ideological interests of the leftist gang that took control of Herzl Rosenblum's newspaper in the 1980's?

Pay attention to Yedioth's "evidence." Bismuth asked Republican candidate Mitt Romney: “You blamed Obama for receiving praise from the enemies of the United States and at the same time turned his back on America's allies. Will you do things differently?”

Is this not accurate? Look at the Middle East, which has fragmented and become many times more dangerous in the last five years -- the fruits of Obama's policy from his Cairo speech to his treatment of Syria and Iran. Is the problem that Bismuth is asking a question from a pro-Israeli standpoint and not one that is pro-Obama, as Shimon Shiffer or Nahum Barnea would do?

It is important to note that for years Yedioth stood at the forefront of those inviting international pressure on us, supporting those who tried to subsume us to suicide agreements. This is what happened with the bloody Oslo accord. Yedioth sang peace anthems and tore to shreds anyone who dared criticize the agreement. This is what happened after the murder of Yitzhak Rabin, when Yedioth led the witch hunt against the Zionist religious community, settlers, the Right and Likud. This is what happened during Ehud Barak's negotiations with Syria, when Yedioth was already busy telling readers that they would eat hummus in Damascus in exchange for giving up the Golan Heights.

Imagine to yourselves where we would be today had we succumbed to the temptation.

And during the disengagement from Gush Katif, Yedioth led the crucifixion and slander of settlers in an attempt to serve the brilliant plan of abandoning the territory to Hamas and Iran on our southern border.

Does Yedioth have a problem with the pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish orientation that wafts from Boaz Bismuth's writings? It would seem so, even if they claim to take issue with something else. One doesn't need a trusting relationship for such world view, just common sense, learning from history, and loyalty to the people and the land.


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