Wednesday April 16, 2014
Israel Hayom
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After prisoner release, government vows to build
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Abie Moses

Don't let the terrorist go home

These are dark days. They bring me back 26 years, again.

The announcement that the state was going ahead with plans to let this scum of the earth go threw us back into the burning car -- our wounds slowly ripping open, again.

The state plans on releasing a terrorist who murdered a woman in her fifth month of pregnancy and a 5-year-old defenseless boy. Meanwhile, the terrorists become heroes, freedom fighters, street names.

If slaughtering woman and child is heroism, well, they should be ashamed.

In most wars around the globe, captives are exchanged when hostilities end. To me, these terrorists aren't prisoners of war at all. But I would be willing -- once a peace deal is signed and I could feel as though my children and their children are going to live lives free of fear -- to unlock the prison cell myself and let the terrorist go.

I've already said this once before: For the sake of peace, I would leave my home in Alfei Menashe for good. I would be willing to leave the place stained with my family's blood. But what do we get in exchange for releasing this terrorist? My family's blood for jump-starting the peace process? That's an embarrassment. It's shameful.

The state has betrayed us. This terrorist got two life sentences and now he is getting a pardon. My family got its own life sentence after what happened. Even today, we have yet to overcome it. So who is giving me, or my family, a pardon? My children were badly wounded. My daughter will be 35 on Sunday, and this is the present she's getting for her birthday.

I am calling on this government, which I voted for, not to release this murderer simply in exchange for more peace talks. Such gestures are illogical. Just look at what's happened over the last few days, the terrorist attacks. Releasing terrorists sparks new terrorism.

Unfortunately, I have already learned that there's no point in struggling. Even if a hundred terrorist attacks happen by Sunday, the state is going to release these terrorists because that is Israel's duty and it cannot digress. The High Court of Justice always rejects our petitions.

All I am asking for now is that they prevent this terrorist from going back to his home to Qalqilya. Send him to Gaza. The thought of watching fireworks and celebrations from my balcony in honor of his return is sickening.

Abie Moses' wife, Ofra, and son, Tal, were murdered in 1987 when a firebomb was thrown at their vehicle.

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