Tuesday October 13, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Dr. Reuven Berko

Qatar's true colors

Many researchers worldwide are trying to discover the secret behind the stability of the Islamic Arab monarchies, at a time when the Arab world around them is in chaos. The Emirate of Qatar, for example, is a model for the survival of a small, racist and totalitarian country, which seems to be sailing across the tumultuous waters of the Arab Spring unscathed.

The Qatari helm is in the grips of a tyrannical tribal dynasty, currently headed by the Western-educated Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani; but it is his mother, Mozah bint Nasser al-Missned -- a sophisticated proletarian who was the second of his father's three wives -- who is the one really pulling the strings.

The "enlightened" Qatar poses as a nation of law, with robust security, cultural, diplomatic and sports ties to the West, but in reality, it uses hundreds of thousands of people as slave labor in its liquefied natural gas enterprise. The fortune made from this enterprise finds its way to the ruling elite's pockets and their pockets alone. Everyone else is just there to serve them.

As Qatar is in a precarious geopolitical position, it seems that anyone trying to understand how it has been able to survive, must consider the threats this emirate faces as mitigating factors for its leaders' dubious character. One might also need to enlist the help of a psychologist or a criminologist, as the Al Thani family seems to be exhibiting signs of schizophrenia, paranoia, treachery, and scheming.

Qatar's leaders are the sole beneficiaries of an immense fortune, while the Arab world around them is wasting away. As such, they constantly fear that their fortune will be taken away from them. They are always on the lookout for "schemes" to that effect and so they pursue covert policies of terror and betrayal against friends and foes alike.

One of the things the Qatari rulers fear is the rise of radical Islam and social protest in their own back yard, and they direct Islamic terrorists to target others, outside Qatar. The same policy has been employed by Saudi Arabia -- one of Qatar's closet allies -- for years.

As Qatar also fears its neighbors, especially Iran, Doha is playing host to an American airbase, but at the same time it maintains close ties with Islamic terror groups whose primary target is Western interests. The state-run Al-Jazeera network poses as a pluralistic media outlet, but only reports on democracy and human rights issues in the rest of the Arab world and in "occupied Palestine." No one criticize the Qatari regime and anyone who dares do so is sentenced to life imprisonment and sometimes to death.

This duplicity, alongside al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood's interpretation of Islam, which mandates its forceful imposition on the West, may explain Qatar's support of terror. This is why the emir also plays host to Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, of the Muslim Brotherhood's most radical leaders, who openly advocates the murder of Jews and is a staunch supporter of fellow Brotherhood member, ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. Qatar is now using Al-Jazeera to incite violence against Egypt's interim government and is assisting the Sinai-based Islamic terrorists operating against Egypt and Israel, citing that the latter is pulling the strings of the interim government.

Qatar has recently been named as the mediator in nearly every Middle East conflict, but it secretly supports the al-Qaida affiliated terror groups which are the aggressors in these conflicts. We got a glimpse of this system when Al-Jazeera was exclusively licensed to air the inciting videos Osama bin Laden produced prior to his death, most likely over the fact that Qatar offered al-Qaida ample financial and strategic support.

Nowadays, Qatar's support of Islamic terror groups operating in Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Syria, including the bloodthirsty al-Qaida and the Nusra Front, is common knowledge.

On the one hand, Qatar is funding the Hamas terrorist organization, whose mission is to eradicate Israel, while on the other hand it is promoting the Arab League's Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative -- all while Al-Jazeera "documentaries" incite the Palestinians against the Zionist enemy and warn them against compromising on "the right of return."

This political zigzag, which is reminiscent of the world's oldest profession, allows Qatar's rulers to use the various regional players for their own protection. The Egyptians and Syrians, it seems, are getting tired of this game.

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