Wednesday October 7, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Israeli man wounded in latest Jerusalem stabbing attack
Palestinian terrorist stabs Israeli near Lions' Gate in Jerusalem's Old City Victim shoots terrorist, seriously wounding her In separate incident several hours later, terrorist reportedly shot dead in Kiryat Gat after stabbing soldier.
Dr. Haim Shine | Some ministerial maturity is needed
Let us not use collective pain and anger for petty and ridiculous political agendas.
Dr. Reuven Berko | Abbas is playing with fire
Abbas has not thought whether the flames could burn him too.
Annika Hernroth-Rothstein | The stranger
I mourn for not only for my fellow Jews but also the country where I live, which treats them as less than human in death and in life.
Clifford D. May | Argentine murder mystery
Line between compromising and becoming comprised is all too easily crossed.
Amid surge of Palestinian violence, Israel seeks calm
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits site in Samaria where Henkin couple was murdered He expresses support for security forces, says focus is active defense along roads Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas: We don't want escalation.
Report: Yedioth Ahronoth linked to rightists' attack on PM
Has the Yedioth conglomerate jump-started an election campaign? Could it be that after failing to oust Netanyahu from the Left, the paper is now trying to do so from the Right?
'You are a heroine,' PM's wife tells wounded Israeli woman
Adele Bennett, seriously wounded in Saturday stabbing attack in Jerusalem's Old City that killed her husband, is recovering in hospital Israel Police and Border Police reinforcements continue to flow into Jerusalem.
IDF officer: Surge of Palestinian violence is ebbing
Military is working to ensure the downward trend continues, as it has in past waves, says IDF officer He adds that while security cooperation with Palestinians is ongoing, there have been issues in "certain situations and areas."
Zvika Fogel | Problem is Gaza, not Jerusalem
The murderers in Gaza are the ones who keep the wheels of the conflict turning and decide just how hot things will get.
PM slams Habayit Hayehudi ministers for insubordination
"Public leaders, including in the settlements -- and perhaps especially in the settlements -- must act responsibly and precisely," says PM Netanyahu Settlement construction will not be accelerated in response to terror attacks, political officials say.
Dan Margalit | Picketing themselves
Yariv Levin, Haim Katz, and the other ministers who criticized the government were essentially trying to panhandle for votes within their own parties.
Violence spreads to Jaffa, rock throwers target bus
Local youths wave Palestinian flags in solidarity with Al-Aqsa rioters Police allow protest to go ahead Protesters throw rocks at passing cars, local yeshiva Bus traveling along main street of mixed Jewish-Arab city has windows smashed.
PA pays fat salaries to terrorists who killed hundreds of Israelis
Documents show that terrorists responsible for some of the worst attacks on Israelis pocketed salaries of $52,000 to $78,000 each in 2013 Former PA Prisoner Affairs Minister Ashraf al-Ajrami: They are seen as heroes, we are obligated to their welfare.
Female IDF soldier honored for thwarting infiltration attempt
Capt. Or Ben-Yehuda receives citation from GOC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Sami Turgeman for her role in October 2014 incident on Egypt border in which drug smugglers opened fire on IDF soldiers "Citation belongs to my fighters," says Ben-Yehuda.
Israel to host Forbes young entrepreneurs summit
Israel to host Under 30 EMEA Summit for first time Summit to bring together 600 innovators from Europe, U.S. and Israel "There is no better place than the 'startup nation,' where innovation is at the core of everything," says Forbes magazine editor.
How Iranian general plotted out Syria offensive in Moscow
Three sources say Iranian commander Maj. Gen. Ghasem Soleimani has been planning new Russian-Iranian backed offensive for months Soleimani's July visit to Moscow was first step in planning for Russian military intervention in Syria.
NATO rejects Russia's explanation of Turkish airspace violation
NATO alliance says it sees Russian troop build-up in Syria Turkey losing patience with airspace violations U.S. official skeptical that incursions were an accident Russian envoy: NATO distorting Syria mission Russians bomb targets in Palmyra.
'Huge' amount of oil discovered on Golan Heights
Exploratory drilling carried out by the Ofek company on the southern Golan Heights taps into reserve containing an estimated 1 billion barrels of "black gold" Dropping global oil prices could prevent Israel from actually producing oil at the site.
Germany still untangling Nazis' legal legacy
Germany's Justice Ministry embarks on a wide-ranging effort to examine the influence the Nazis had on the country's legal system, including the role some German officials played in preventing former Nazis from being prosecuted after the war.