Friday May 22, 2015
Israel Hayom
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In Obama's Middle East there's only one problem -- Netanyahu
As far as Obama is concerned, it is not Iran's sponsorship of terrorism or Islamic State's aggressive advances that are causing the problems in the Middle East but rather Netanyahu's election day comment that "Arab voters are coming out in droves."
Dr. Haim Shine | Obama's hypocrisy
Instead of preaching to Israel, Obama should convince PA and Hamas leaders to recognize Israel and stop terrorism.
Richard Baehr | Obama has a war worth fighting
According to the White House's fake narrative, foreign policy is going swimmingly.
Dror Eydar | Rights out of nothing
The issue of Bedouin lawsuits over Negev land cannot be left hanging.
David M. Weinberg | Col. Kemp: Countering hatred
The courageous British commander gives us hope that the tide against Israel can be turned back.
Emily Amrousi | Protest and applause
We have no spare blood to spill to show how open-minded we are. This is not a fairy-tale land.
Yoram Ettinger | Shavuot and US-Israel relations
Since 1949, U.S.-Israel ties have been quick to deteriorate and quick to rebound.
'As president, I would re-establish strong ties between Israel and US'
The fact that he has yet to announce his candidacy has not kept Gov. Scott Walker from becoming a leading presidential contender The Republican governor, who visited Israel last week, slams Obama for "stepping away from the relationship with Israel."
Between home and the homeland
Their parents and grandparents left Israel in search of the American dream but now, second and third generation ex-Israelis are increasingly interested in the Zionist dream A journey in search of the Israeli identity in America.
Dusting off the Torah ark
Throughout most of the history of the people of Israel, the Torah has been marginalized and largely forgotten Every generation has seen leaders who fought to protect the Torah from the masses, and others who fought just as hard to make it accessible.
'We knew Lieberman wouldn't join the government'
Head of Likud's coalition negotiating team MK Zeev Elkin says Yisrael Beytenu head Avigdor Lieberman's decision not to join the government was predictable Elkin doesn't rule out collaborating with the opposition, says "not everything is about politics."
Obama warns of 'foreign policy consequences' over Netanyahu's remarks on Arabs
In interview with Atlantic correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg, U.S. president says he feels compelled to criticize Israel "precisely because I care so deeply about Israel" Public Security Minister Yariv Levin accuses Obama of meddling in Israeli affairs.
EU foreign policy chief stresses commitment to peace talks
Federica Mogherini tells President Reuven Rivlin she hopes that Europe can facilitate confidence-building Rivlin: Israel "anxious" to end decades-long conflict but both sides must engage in the process EU stations special envoy in Jerusalem.
'Israel is all ours,' deputy FM says
Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely: Israel tries too hard to appease global community "We need to return to the basic truth of our rights to this country. This land is ours. All of it is ours. We didn't come here to apologize for that," she says.
World Bank: Gaza economy on 'verge of collapse'
New report by U.N.'s international financial institution warns that at 43%, unemployment rate in Gaza Strip is now the highest in the world World Bank says maritime blockade imposed on Gaza by Israel and Egypt largely responsible for dire situation.
2,000-year-old aqueduct unearthed in Jerusalem
Infrastructure work in the capital's Umm Tuba neighborhood turns up section of 13-mile subterranean conduit built by Hasmonean kings to bring water to Jerusalem Aqueduct was used off and on for two millennia, replaced by modern system 100 years ago.
Expenses at Prime Minister's Residence hit 5-year low
Prime Minister's Office says expenses at both official residence, the Netanyahu family's private home drop by 19%, come to NIS 3,062,000 Operational costs at the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem drop by 39% Report excludes security expenses.
Netanyahu 'in very good health,' report confirms
PM Benjamin Netanyahu's annual routine check-up shows his blood work, sugar level, lipid count and cholesterol count are completely in order Netanyahu was also diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, which is normal for men of his age group.
Netanyahu slams paper for 'not getting over' his re-election
PM Netanyahu attacks Yedioth Ahronoth over "unsubstantiated attacks" aimed at casting his decisions in unethical light He says Yedioth's biased coverage is guided by ulterior motives but vows to carry on "The attacks on me will not succeed," he says.
US presses Israel on talks for Middle East nuclear-free zone
United States sends Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation Thomas Countryman to Israel to discuss push for nuclear-weapons-free Middle East U.N. NPT review conference looking to advance talks on the issue.
Hezbollah sees no end to Syria war, warns of Middle East splinter
"The region is on fire, tense, without any proposed solutions. It seems this will continue for a number of years, and there is also the risk of partition in some of its countries," Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem warns.
Islamic State takes Palmyra, now controls half of Syria
Seizure of Palmyra marks the first time the Islamic State group had taken a city directly from the Syrian military and allied forces U.N. human rights office says a third of Palmyra's 200,000 residents may have fled the fighting in the past few days.
Stuck in Gaza, hackers open lines to the world
VolP fraud has been a phenomenon for years, but now the Gaza Strip is getting in on the act by using the strongest link it has to the outside world -- the Internet For Gazan hackers it is a chance to use their technical skills to earn money.