Friday May 29, 2015
Israel Hayom
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US Senator Graham: Israel is our closest ally
South Carolina senator, expected to vie for the presidency in 2016, says if he is elected, "the citizens of Israel can rest easy" Graham blames Obama for sour relations with Israel's prime minister, but says U.S.-Israel ties are as strong as ever.
Clifford D. May | The longest hatred
In both Washington and U.S. state capitals, a few statesmen are fighting the latest trend in anti-Semitism.
Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror | Stay strong, stay smart
Strong people can use restraint, and when the period of restraint is over, the response will be bigger and tougher than ever.
Dr. Haim Shine | Time for action
Government ministers need to roll up their sleeves and quickly start making decisions. The public expects them to speak less and do more.
As corruption scandal rocks FIFA, Palestinians still want Israel out
Vote on ousting Israel from international soccer federation FIFA may be delayed as six FIFA officials arrested on corruption charges by Swiss authorities Israeli officials call ongoing Palestinian efforts to oust Israel from FIFA blatantly political.
Residents of southern Israel want end to sporadic rocket fire
"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, no matter what the enlightened Western world thinks about it. I would like to see how they would react to rocket fire on their hometowns in the evenings," says one resident of southern Israel after attack.
Dr. Shaul Bartal | Hamas: Masters of deception
This is not the first time that Hamas violates a cease-fire agreement and chooses to lay the blame on some other "rogue" organization.
Israel downplays concern over S-300 missile defenses for Egypt
Israeli Air Force chief Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel: "We're at peace with Egypt," says system a much bigger problem in the hands of Iran President Reuven Rivlin makes military tour of northern border, says IDF is ready for anything.
Court rejects libel suit against Israel Hayom
Former Magen David Adom emergency medical service employee sues paper over series of reports criticizing MDA's conduct and his personal conduct as an MDA worker Judge upholds paper's version as true, orders plaintiff to pay Israel Hayom's legal costs.
French foreign minister plans visit to Israel, PA in June
France recently gave Arab League nations a working document that would set parameters for new round of peace talks Laurent Fabius: We need to ensure Israel's security, that's obvious. There is no peace and security without justice for the Palestinians.
Israel bakes in 100-plus temps as major heat wave hits full force
Not since the 1970s have two such heavy heat waves toasted the country in May Jerusalem zookeepers throw veggie popsicles, frozen fruit to the animals 143 people treated for heat-related maladies Electricity consumption hits record high.
IDF soldiers punished for filming dance clip during mission
The video shows four IDF soldiers re-enacting Eurovision contestant Nadav Guedj's dance moves from the song's chorus Soldiers given 21-day detention IDF: Video was taken during military operation and has put lives in danger.
Quartet envoy to Middle East Tony Blair resigns
Former British prime minister was appointed Middle East envoy in 2007 with aim of cultivating Palestinian economy Netanyahu: Blair made great efforts to advance stability in the region Top Palestinian official accuses Blair of "bias toward Israel."
Exploration company reports signs of oil on Golan Heights
Drilling firm Jini reports "promising findings" from target layer, but it is too soon to know whether the material is crude oil, gas, or oil shale Afek needs additional permits to move to next stage of exploration Green groups continue to protest.
As deadline looms, France says ready to block Iran nuclear deal
France won't sign deal unless Tehran provides inspectors access to all installations Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei rules out international inspection of Iran's military sites U.S. insists on June 30 deadline, says not contemplating extension.
Child Holocaust survivors get compensation from Germany
Symbolic disbursements of $2,700 meant to acknowledge the special trauma children suffered as a result of being separated from their parents, seeing "unimaginable atrocities" Prague conference urges governments to do more to help survivors.