Tuesday July 7, 2015
Israel Hayom
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PM: In 2003 Israel's GDP was lower than Greece's, but we adopted the right policy
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: We hope Greece finds its way out of crisis Israeli cabinet briefed on Greek economic crisis and its implications for Israel "We will do what is necessary to continue propelling Israel's economy forward," PM says.
Sarah N. Stern | The illusions of hope
Willfully blinding ourselves to the reality of a bad nuclear deal with Iran will not prevent war.
Eyal Zisser | The ISIS threat: From north to south
Israel must not wait until Islamic State's next attack is too close for comfort, whether in the north or the south.
Dr. Reuven Berko | The growing Hamas-PA rift
The recent wave of arrests by PA security forces against Hamas operatives in the West Bank exposed a massive network designed to bring down the PA as well as target Israel.
Kerry calls on Iran to make 'hard choices' in nuclear talks
Nine days into marathon nuclear talks in Vienna, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry tells reporters, "We are not yet where we need to be on several of the most critical issues" Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman concerned about rush to a deal.
Cabinet reverses bill easing conversion to Judaism
"It is unacceptable that a matter so vital to the future of the Jewish people and to Israel's existence as a Jewish state can be dependent upon coalition considerations," says Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky Move criticized across the spectrum.
President urges trust between Jews and Arabs at Ramadan event
"The citizenship of Arab residents of the State of Israel is not a goodwill gesture. It is the citizenship of individuals and of a society that is the flesh and blood of Israel," says President Reuven Rivlin, promoting Jewish-Arab cooperation.
Shortened mandatory IDF service to create leaner, smarter military
Starting this month, term of military service for men falls from 36 to 32 months IDF to shorten training to compensate for expected decline in number of combat troops Women to be increasingly involved in technological units, especially cyber defense.
History buffs re-enact Holy Land Crusader battle
Dozens take part in re-enactment of Battle of Hattin, which took place in 1187 overlooking the Sea of Galilee "It's a direct way of connecting to history, not through books and not through the computer," re-enactment organizer says.
UNESCO declares Beit Shearim a World Heritage Site
Beit Shearim is sending us a greeting from 1,800 years ago, says Israel Nature and Parks Authority's chief archaeologist Carmel Shama-Hacohen, Israeli envoy to UNESCO, notes "unprecedented support" for Israel in getting the ancient necropolis listed.
Spanish law 'welcomes' back descendants of expelled Jews
Spanish Justice Minister Rafael Catala visits Israel, tells Israel Hayom the expulsion of Jews from Spain was a "great loss" for country He says door is open for descendants to return, and stresses need for Spain, Israel to cooperate to fight terrorism.
Teens honored for helping homefront cope with Gaza war
Or Shachar, 18, volunteered with security forces and medical emergency teams Yam Pozner, 17, helped run activities for children Gan Yavne mayor: "If our future is going to be shaped by this generation, we are going to fare extremely well."
For first time, Aristotle and Plato head to elementary school
Education Ministry introduces new philosophy curriculum for third- to sixth-graders Program seeks to cultivate critical thinking, logic skills "Students are naturally inquisitive; it is our duty to teach them to be creative," says ministry inspector.
Greeks defy Europe with overwhelming 'no' vote
In referendum, 61% of Greeks reject deal that would have imposed more austerity measures on their economy Without more emergency funding from European Central Bank, Greece's banks could run out of cash within days.
Waze revs up for pilot carpooling program in Israel
New application, called RideWith, will use Waze's navigation system to learn routes drivers most frequently take to work and match them up with people looking for rides in the same direction Small test program running in Tel Aviv.