Monday October 20, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Poll: Vast majority of Israeli Jews oppose Palestinian state
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs poll: 74.3 percent of non-Arab Israelis oppose establishment of a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders, 76.2 percent oppose dividing Jerusalem and 74.9 percent oppose a withdrawal from the Jordan Valley.
Zalman Shoval | Foreign policy takes center stage in US
November's midterm elections may not directly shape U.S. foreign policy for the next two years, but they are likely to affect several issues concerning Israel.
Prof. Efraim Inbar | Iran remains the threat in the Middle East
The gullible West continues to appease Iran while the "threat" of ISIS serves as a welcome diversion.
Rabbi Shalom Lewis | They are here!
We are divided today not by faith nor holy book, but by decency and indecency, right and wrong, morality and corruption, courage and cowardice, righteousness and evil.
US angered by Israeli criticism of Kerry
State Department: Either critics of Kerry did not read what he said about Israeli-Palestinian conflict and ISIS or they are engaging the politics of distortion Lieberman: Bennett trying to attract voters Ya'alon travels to U.S.
Dan Margalit | Keep calm and Kerry on
Kerry's statement was outrageous, but it must not serve as another election prop in the insipid campaign for the 20th Knesset.
Lieberman: Abbas is anti-Semite trying to ignite holy war
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman says Palestinian Authority is responsible for recent unrest in east Jerusalem Lieberman's comments come after PA President Mahmoud Abbas calls for ban on Jews visiting the Temple Mount.
Dr. Limor Samimian-Darash | Anti-Semitism, not politics
The discussion is no longer about the Israeli Right or Left, but about the fact that the world is starting to believe the Jewish state should never have been founded.
Israeli teams go out of their way to help stranded trekkers in Nepal
Harel Insurance charters special helicopter to save Israelis IDF, Magen David Adom, and other organizations dispatch specialists to treat wounded citizens Locals are "amazed" by the solidarity among Israelis, says one healthcare worker.
Eli Hazan | We don't abandon the injured
Israelis know that they can always count on one another, even when they are at the ends of the earth.
'Nadav tried to save Tamar, and they both froze to death'
Uncle of Nadav Shoham, 30, says his nephew did everything possible to rescue other avalanche victims until his strength finally gave out Anat Ariel, mother of IAF navigator Capt. Tamar Ariel, says her daughter's friend never left her side.
Ruthie and Yoel Mintzer | Despite the loss -- we chose life
The parents of air force navigator Maj. Nadav Mintzer, who perished while on a trek in India in 1997, recount the terrible days of uncertainty as rescue teams searched for their son.
Family of missing Israeli hiker praying for 'inkling of hope'
"We have no idea what is going on and no one has anything new to tell us," Michal Gili Cherkasky's brother Lior Koren says Nepalese government admits failing to issue weather warning about cyclone in India bringing extreme weather to Nepal.
Defense Ministry warns new budget fails to meet IDF needs
Finance, Defense ministries at loggerhead over budget yet again Defense officials say Finance Ministry is using defense budget to fund external spending Finance Ministry officials say military should streamline operations to fund defense needs.
Palestinians seek 2016 Israeli withdrawal from West Bank
Palestinian U.N. ambassador says Palestinians want U.N. Security Council to vote on resolution before end of year that would set November 2016 as deadline for Israeli pullout from Palestinian territories Israel: Palestinians avoiding a real dialogue.
Israeli Bedouin killed while fighting for Islamic State
Othman Abd Alkiaan, 26, a resident physician with Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon, reportedly dies while fighting among ranks of murderous terrorist organization "We don't know how this could have happened," a family member says.
'Milky Protest' instigator insists he didn't profit from campaign
Naor Narkiss, 25, denies reports he has ties to the Berlin real estate market, tells Channel 10 news he hopes to return to Israel soon Says that three years after mass socio-economic protests, prices in Israel have only gone up.
Avishay Shpitzberg | From 'Milky' to Nepal
The next time we compare supermarket prices, we won't see the bill for the rescue teams this country sends to help our loved ones in need overseas.
Israel names point man to prepare for possible spread of Ebola
National Security Council chief Yossi Cohen to coordinate efforts by the Health, Interior, and Transportation ministries, as well as by the Population and Immigration Authority and Israel Aviation Authority, to prevent local outbreak of deadly virus.
Islamic State working to add warplanes to arsenal
With the help of former Iraqi air force pilots, ISIS is test flying several fighter jets captured from Syrian bases Pentagon shies from providing body count, but says several hundred ISIS fighters killed in Syrian border town in recent days.
Lebanon restricting Syrian refugees from entering
"Anyone who passes the Syrian-Lebanese border will be questioned and should have a humanitarian reason for their entry," says Lebanese minister Influx of over one million Syrian refugees has burdened the economy and exacerbated sectarian tensions.
Arabs from Israel risk arrest for 'Arab Idol' show in Lebanon
Manal Mousa and Haitham Khalaily are competing in the Arab world's premiere television song competition, which in Israel means travel to an enemy country, possible security interrogations, and highlights the identity crisis of the country's Arabs.