Sunday September 25, 2016
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At UN, PM Netanyahu invites Abbas to address Knesset
Addressing the U.N. General Assembly, Netanyahu reiterates Israel's commitment to peace PM criticizes U.N. bias against Israel: "The U.N., begun as a moral force, has become a moral farce" PM predicts "Israel has a bright future at the U.N."
Mati Tuchfeld | Home court advantage
PM Netanyahu may have addressed the international community on Thursday, but he meant to reach the Israeli public, especially as the opposition and the media are trying to find fault where there is none.
Annika Hernroth-Rothstein | They can't handle the truth
PM Netanyahu's words in his controversial video were strong, as they were designed to be, but to those familiar with the facts, they were absolutely correct.
David M. Weinberg | Obama's baffling swan song
The outgoing U.S. president firmly believes in the potency of his own whimsical, wayward worldview, despite the global security collapse.
Ruthie Blum | The long overdue goodbye
Netanyahu thanked Obama for the defense aid package and bid him farewell, likely muttering on behalf of all of us a heartfelt "good riddance" as he left.
Dror Eydar | Lying to the world
PA President Mahmoud Abbas has his own version of history, according to which his people's land was stolen and the Jewish people have no connection to the land of Israel.
Abbas demands British apology for Balfour Declaration
Palestinian president lashes out at U.K. for giving "Palestine to another people" U.K. bears "historic, legal, political, material and moral responsibilities" for results of 1917 declaration, he says "Our hand remains outstretched in peace," he says.
Pollard: It would take a miracle for US to ease my parole terms
Paroled spy Jonathan Pollard "very pessimistic" as to his chances of being allowed to travel to Israel in foreseeable future Parole restrictions bar Pollard from leaving U.S. for five years Pollard says his health has improved since his release.
A polite parting
The meeting between PM Netanyahu and President Obama this week gave expression to both the broad cooperation between the two countries and to the tensions A behind-the-scenes glance at a meeting summing up Obama's eight years.
Chronicle of terrorism foretold
Although over the summer it seemed the "lone-wolf" terrorist attacks were dying down, defense officials are not surprised they have flared up once again, fueled by imaginary threats, incitement, religious zeal, and, at times, personal issues.
Trump and Clinton: Head to head
Monday's debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could be the turning point in the race to the White House Trump suddenly has the momentum and Clinton is floundering, but even the smallest mistake on camera could turn the tide for good.
Impending eviction notice
Efforts to save the homes of Amona from demolition are meant to preserve the stability of the coalition more than save the outpost itself Everyone wants to prevent the images of a violent eviction, especially Habayit Hayehudi party.
Our people's insurance policy
Every time we encounter our past as a people, we receive an answer about our identity. The Palestinian Authority, on the other hand, is trying to erase the Jewish history in this land, as if we are foreign invaders. But archaeology proves otherwise.
Stabbing attack foiled near Hebron, terrorist shot
Security forces stationed at Elias Junction, near Hebron, prevent knife-wielding terrorist from attacking Israelis at a hitchhiking post Terrorist shot in the leg, no Israelis injured in the incident Troops canvass area for another suspect.
Anti-BDS campaign blasts churches for anti-Semitism
Pro-Israel activists hang signs in World Council of Churches headquarters reading, "We know who you are, we know what your ideology is, now everyone will know" The activists say they will continue to operate against church's anti-Semitic activities.
Israeli American Council national conference to be the biggest yet
Israeli public representatives, American diplomats and Jewish community leaders and businesspeople to discuss issues facing world Jewry, Israel Co-founder Shoham Nicolet: IAC has become one of the most important groups in U.S. Jewish community.
Culture minister leaves Ophir Awards over Darwish poem
Culture Minister Miri Regev storms out of Ophir Awards after performance of poem by Mahmoud Darwish Audience responds with jeers Regev: "I do have patience for others, but I have no patience for Darwish and whoever else wants to destroy Israel."
Ofek-11 satellite makes first contact after 9 days in orbit
State of the art surveillance satellite, feared lost in space, sends "excellent images," defense official says "Israel's best technological minds are combining their efforts" to diagnose, repair communication malfunctions, Defense Ministry says.
Syrian jets pound rebel-held Aleppo amid new offensive
Over 30 airstrikes hit rebel targets in war-torn country's east "What's happening now is annihilation," says human rights activist Syrian President Bashar Assad blamed U.S. for collapse of cease-fire Washington tries to broker new armistice.
Turkey strikes ISIS targets in Syria after missiles hit border town
After Islamic State again fires rockets on southern border town of Kilis, Turkish jets hit the jihadi group's positions, reportedly killing at least 40 ISIS operatives At least 21 people killed, 80 wounded by ISIS rocket attacks on Kilis since January.
Poll gives Republicans' Trump 5% lead over Democrats' Clinton
Rasmussen Reports poll finds 44% support for Donald Trump against 39% for Hillary Clinton NBC poll has Clinton's lead dropping, gives Trump a 10% percent lead over Clinton when it comes to most honest, straightforward candidate.
Charlotte, NC under state of emergency as protests continue
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Mayor Jennifer Roberts enforces curfew after violent protests erupt across city following Tuesday's police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by police officer Police say body camera video will not be made available to public.
US toy giant teams with Israeli startup to give Barbie digital life
Mattel toy company has asked Israel's StartApp to create "digital presence" for iconic doll and other leading brands "We are exceptionally excited to join forces with Mattel to help them reimagine their iconic brands for today's world," StartApp says.
Digital analysis brings charred ancient scroll back to life
A burned scroll from the first centuries C.E. is deciphered by Israeli and American researchers using unprecedented digital technology -- and is found to contain verses from the biblical book of Leviticus that are identical to later versions.