Saturday July 26, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Israel kills senior terrorist; rocket hits Ashkelon home
Israeli cabinet set to decide on possible cease-fire "The aims of Hamas are very similar to those of the Nazis -- the annihilation of the Jews," says Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman Iron Dome intercepts rocket fired at Eilat from Sinai Peninsula. <
Yoav Limor | Focus on terror tunnels
Israel will soon have to make a decision on whether to halt Operation Protective Edge, but whatever happens, the counter-tunnel operation must continue.
Dan Margalit | Israel has much to show
A cease-fire may take effect, but that is not going to stop Israel from destroying the tunnels in the area it has temporarily seized.
Elliott Abrams | The UN Human Wrongs Council
Until the U.N. Human Rights Council stops its biased and one-sided actions, and stops throwing fuel on the flames in the Middle East, America should disengage.
Ruthie Blum | Let's not lose sight of Iran
Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has good reason to be optimistic about the global goings-on that are working in his favor.
Dr. Haim Shine | Our strength lies in unity
A great spirit envelops Israeli society these days.
Boaz Bismuth | A blurry vision of peace
Shimon Peres never imagined giving his last official speech with sirens blaring across southern Israel and the IDF waging a bitter military campaign in Gaza.
Dror Eydar | Love your enemy as yourself?
All the IDF's efforts to avoid civilian casualties won't help -- the path is being paved for another Goldstone report.
The first Gaza war
Any final reckoning will have to deal with the psychological aspects: What each side will take from this conflict, and to what extent each side will be deterred from seeking another round of fighting in the future.
Familiar battlefield, new operational strategies
The ground incursion ordered as part of Operation Protective Edge seems to be a continuation of 2002's Operation Defensive Shield The question remains, will Hamas agree to a cease-fire only to re-emerge with a vengeance?
Heroes on the mend
"I realized that if I didn't move, I would die, and that if they came to me, I would be putting other troops in danger. I pulled myself together somehow and crawled 20 meters backward, and the paramedics swooped down on me," recounts Capt. Ran Ben-Attia.
Playing with fire
The Qataris have essentially acknowledged their role as the bank for global Islamic terrorism, as practiced by the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaida, Hamas, ISIS, and the other Islamic terror movements active in our region.
Rocking the boat: The modern French refugees
It was supposed to be an escapist, educational experience -- 800 Jewish youngsters from France came to Israel to recreate the journey of the Exodus in 1947 But then war broke out in Gaza and plans changed "J'adore Israel" is the general sentiment.
Israel: Fighting taking toll on Hamas' motivation
More than 70 Hamas operatives surrender, officials say Terrorists have 50 percent fewer rockets than at start of Operation Protective Edge, military hedges Israel denies firing at UNRWA school sheltering displaced Palestinians, blames Hamas.
World stunned by Israel's farewell to lone soldiers killed in Gaza
Media outlets around the world are reporting on lone soldiers who leave their homes to serve in the Israel Defense Forces Family of Sgt. Max Steinberg, mourning at a Jerusalem hotel, embraced by Israeli public Stuart Steinberg: It's heartwarming.
2 Palestinians killed in clash with security forces at protest
Around 1,000 protesters face off with security forces at Qalandiya checkpoint, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails Police respond with tear gas and rubber bullets Hamas calls on Palestinians to "spark a new intifada on all fronts against Israel."
Israel swears in new president amid Gaza war
President Reuven Rivlin: "We are not at war with the Palestinian people, and we are not at war with Islam. We are at war with terrorism" Shimon Peres promises to keep serving Israel as a citizen "in love with his nation" Arab MKs boycott ceremony.
Israel ranks 'very high' on UN human development index
Israel places 19th on the index, just before France Norway, Australia, Switzerland, Netherlands and U.S. make up top five "State of Palestine" is 107th Lebanon (65), Turkey (69), Iran (75), Jordan (77), Egypt (110) and Syria (118).
IMF: Israel-Gaza conflict already taking economic toll
International Monetary Fund says military campaign carries heavy financial toll for Israel, Gaza Strip "Once the conflict ends we expect growth in Israel to rebound relatively quickly," IMF says Government approves special measures to help homefront.
The dybbuk of Krakow
Krakow's annual Jewish Culture Festival, the biggest of its kind, demonstrates Poles' growing obsession with the Judaism that was nearly eradicated in the Holocaust "Music can heal," scholar says, explaining the festival's popularity.
US Jewish group wants its award back from Turkey's Erdogan
Turkish PM says Israel should face International Criminal Court charges over Gaza campaign American Jewish Congress, which gave Erdogan "Profile of Courage" award in 2004, seeks to revoke it, says he is "spewing dangerous rhetoric against Jews."