Wednesday January 28, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Hezbollah missile hits IDF vehicle; casualties feared
Overnight, IAF strikes several military targets in Syria in response to four rockets fired from Syria into Golan Heights on Tuesday Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: We will respond with force against those who try to challenge us.
Yoav Limor | An active northern terror front
Sporadic rocket fire on the Israel-Syria border is Hezbollah's way of signaling the Golan Heights may soon become the scene of terrorist attacks.
Boaz Bismuth | Obama is heading for a bad deal
The problem is we are now closer to a bad deal with Iran than to no deal. So Netanyahu's visit to Congress is more urgent than ever.
Clifford D. May | Cry for Argentina
Argentina is a country where terrorists and gangsters have been getting away with murder for years.
At Holocaust memorial, Netanyahu vows to prevent Iran nuclear bomb
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in International Holocaust Remembrance Day speech: The Jewish people will defend themselves by themselves against any threat Israel will reject any agreement that leaves Iran as a nuclear threshold state, PM says.
Isi Leibler | Should Netanyahu address Congress?
Far from intervening in U.S. domestic politics, Netanyahu considers it his sacred task to seek to prevent a global catastrophe and an existential threat to his people.
'It is important for all Americans to know what Netanyahu knows'
Contrary to remarks by other network figures, Fox's Bill O'Reilly tells viewers, "I want to hear what Netanyahu has to say on Iran" Fox News political correspondent Chris Stirewalt says White House response to Netanyahu invite was "too cute."
Iran says it sent warning to Israel via US officials
Israel "crossed our red lines" with reported Jan. 18 strike in Quneitra region of Syria, Iran's deputy FM says Revolutionary Guard commander: "We tell [Israel to] await retaliation, but we will decide about its timing, place and the strength."
Hamas warns of chaos as UNRWA halts aid to Gaza
"Virtually none" of $5.4 billion pledged to the Gaza Strip has reached it, U.N. relief agency says Hamas warns civil unrest over dire economic situation may spiral out of control Gaza terrorist groups threaten fighting with Israel could resume.
Former Haaretz editor David Landau dies at age 67
After a prolific journalistic career, the renowned journalist succumbs to cancer "David Landau had a pen dipped in ethical ink," eulogizes former President Shimon Peres Haaretz editor Aluf Benn: He was a journalist with every fiber of his being.
ICC backers defy Israeli call to cut funding for court
While few of the International Criminal Court's 122 member states welcome the diplomatic complications of a case dealing with the politically loaded Middle East conflict, many of the biggest financial contributors said they would maintain their funding.
Habayit Hayeudi leader comes under fire over Knesset list
National religious party rattled by Naftali Bennett's decision to name former soccer star, Peace Now activist-turned rightist to party's Knesset list at the expense of other candidates Scorned MK slams election gimmicks as "slap in the voters' face."
Early 2015 sees rise in number of organ donations, doctor says
Rabin Medical Center in Petach Tikva performs 22 transplant surgeries in one week, saving the lives of 15 people "We saved many lives in difficult and complicated situations," head of hospital's Cardiothoracic Surgery Department says.
US Democrats put brakes on Iran sanctions bill
Democratic Senator Bob Menendez remains skeptical a nuclear deal with Iran will materialize, but says he and other Democrats will not push for new sanctions until the end of March President Barack Obama had vowed to veto any new sanctions legislation.
Auschwitz survivors: It's not enough to remember
Holocaust survivors mark 70th anniversary of death camp's liberation, urge vigilance, tolerance WJC President Ronald Lauder: Once again, Jews are being targeted PM Benjamin Netanyahu: My job is to make sure there is never another Holocaust.