Tuesday April 21, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Netanyahu receives 14-day extension to form coalition
Israel's next government likely to have 22 ministers Likud insiders: Coalition deals with Kulanu, ultra-Orthodox parties expected to be signed within days Likud official cautions: It's not over until it's over.
Dr. Haim Shine | The ongoing fight for freedom
The revival of the Jewish people in our homeland will never end.
Nadav Shragai | Thank you, Grandpa
The first Jews who returned to Israel did not do so because it was safe.
Dr. Haim Misgav | The price of life
No one who wishes to perpetuate Jewish nationhood in this land will be exempt from paying.
Adi Mintz | A question of perception
Obama shares the radical Left's views on Judea and Samaria.
Khamenei says Iran nuclear weapons are US 'myth'
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei tells military commanders to be prepared in light of U.S. threats against Iran Deputy commander of Revolutionary Guards rejects inspections of military sites, saying this would be a "national humiliation."
Richard Baehr | Iran is on both sides of the table
Iran has learned that Obama is not really an opposing party at the negotiating table. His eagerness for a deal is so strong that it trumps any resistance.
'This is how we remember our fallen'
National Insurance Institute creates website "Le'ad" ("Forever") listing the 4,079 citizens and residents of Israel who have been killed in terrorist attacks since the days of the first aliyah in 1882 Schools prepare for Memorial Day on Wednesday.
Dov Kalmanovich | Israel's bleeding wound
For those of us wounded by terrorists, every day is Memorial Day. This week, we unite with the fallen and the wounded soldiers and remember that our strength lies in unity.
Golani commander: My soldiers' love for their country is amazing
The Golani Brigade lost 16 soldiers in Operation Protective Edge, but its fighting spirit remains strong Commander Col. Rasan Alian is angry that the attack on the APC in Shujaiyya is being painted as a failure, saying, "This is the reality of war."
Renowned religious Zionist rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein passes away
French-born and American-raised, Lichtenstein moved to Israel in 1971 to head the prestigious Har Etzion Yeshiva The rabbi earned a Ph.D. from Harvard, won the Israel Prize for Jewish religious literature Thousands expected at funeral.
David M. Weinberg | In tribute to the rabbi
To my sons, I say: Seek the rich life of religious purity and societal commitment that Rabbi Lichtenstein so bravely modeled for us.
Knesset speaker seeks penalties for MKs who behave rudely
"I think that if MKs knew that the public would punish them and not vote them into the Knesset again if they were to be caught ... speaking rudely to a political opponent, it could influence their behavior," says Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein.
Man suspected of yelling 'Death to Arabs,' stabbing Arab worker
Victim, a 28-year-old sanitation worker in Herzliya, says attacker yelled "Death to Arabs" in thick Russian accent before stabbing him Police search for attacker, who fled the scene Victim taken to Meir Medical Center with shoulder injury.
Soldier with cerebral palsy to be honored for excellence
"This honor belongs above all to my friends in the army and to my commanders, who accept me as an equal. They don't make any assumptions, they simply listen and help me," says Cpl. Ori Cohen, 20, who had always dreamed of serving in the IDF.
Body of Polish tourist found in Nazareth, police suspect murder
Based on initial forensics, authorities believe the woman was raped and murdered, most likely soon after she left her hotel on Wednesday evening Second body found on hiking trail near Tiberias.
Palestinian cabinet ministers make rare visit to Gaza
Despite formation of unity government last year, Hamas-held Gaza Strip and Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority remain divided Hamas' insistence on integrating 40,000 public servants it hired into the PA has prevented progress on all other issues.
Prospect of nuclear deal already impacting oil prices
Lifting international sanctions on Iran's oil industry could significantly change outlook for oil supply, prices, U.S. Energy Information Administration head tells Senate Extent, timing of Iranian exports will be key price drivers in 2016 and 2017.
Hungarian Holocaust survivors thank American rescuers
Survivors speak via Skype with Lt. Frank Towers, an officer in the 30th Infantry Division, which liberated them near German village of Farsleben in 1945 "This is my reward," says Towers. "They had nothing and they have risen up from the ashes."
SS 'accountant of Auschwitz' to go on trial in Germany
Oskar Groening, 93, goes on trial Tuesday on 300,000 counts of accessory to murder Following Demjanjuk precedent, prosecutors argue any death camp guard can be charged as an accessory to murder, even without evidence of involvement in a specific death.