Friday April 18, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Hunt for terrorist continues as slain Israeli laid to rest
Security forces still searching for Palestinian terrorist who shot Baruch Mizrahi dead on Passover eve, as funeral is held for Mizrahi on Mount Herzl • Minister Yuval Steinitz: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas cannot wash his hands clean.
Ze'ev Jabotinsky | Time to draw new lines
Israel now needs to tell the Palestinians and Americans that it will turn back the clock on the prisoner release if the Route 35 killer and his handlers are not turned over to Israeli custody within 48 hours.
Yossi Beilin | Don't play into the terrorists' hands
Halting peace talks with the Palestinians due to terror attacks means accepting the terrorists' dictates.
Elliott Abrams | A reminder about Hamas
The terrorist organization's charter makes it clear that the murder of Jews is not only defensible but necessary.
Negotiators to meet despite terror attack
Israeli and Palestinian negotiation teams scheduled to meet Thursday, after one-day delay • MK delegation to Ramallah reports that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is willing to extend talk by nine months • Tensions rise on Temple Mount.
3 Hamas operatives killed in 'work accident' in Gaza
Explosion reportedly takes place during the assembly of an explosive device in a building belonging to the Hamas military wing • Hamas Interior Ministry spokesman Eyad al-Bozom says the cause of the blast is being investigated.
28% drop in fatal road accidents since beginning of 2014
Since beginning of year, 72 drivers and pedestrians were killed on country's roads, compared to 100 people who died in 2013 during the same period • Number of deadly car accidents drops by 20% since beginning of year, compared to same period in 2013.
Revolutionary proposal aims to cut health care insurance costs
According to the plan, a uniform policy will be applied to private companies and public health funds alike • "Competition will be over price and service, because everyone will need to offer a uniform and transparent product," says committee official.
Syrian rebels: Assad used chemical weapons again
Unverified report claims Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime has used chemical weapons on attacks against rebel forces for the fourth time in the last month • The most recent attack took place in the Damascus suburb of Harasta.
Martin Kramer | Assad's champion
Patrick Seale has left a world in which even the idea of Syria is in peril, as nearly all of Assad's achievements unravel.
Jordanian warplanes strike convoy crossing border from Syria
Wednesday's strike appears to be the first time since the Syrian uprising began in March 2011 that Jordan has openly used military aircraft to hit vehicles along the border • Syrian official says the vehicles did not belong to Syrian military.
Pro-Russian gunmen make inroads in eastern Ukraine
Flyers have been posted around east Ukrainian city of Donetsk calling on "Jews residing in the city to go to the municipality and register for a $50 fee. Those who do not comply will be expelled from the city and their property confiscated."
Dan Margalit | The Ukrainian exodus, let it be so
While Israel must do its best to remain uninvolved in the Ukrainian crisis, it must show greater interest in bringing the Jews of Ukraine to Israel.
British Airways to add more Tel Aviv-London flights
Due to rise in demand, British Airways to increase its number of weekly flights between Tel Aviv and London from 14 to 17 • New schedule to reduce connection times at Heathrow for incoming passengers from Israel.