Friday March 6, 2015
Israel Hayom
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'An Israeli leader must be able to stand up and tell the truth'
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells Israel Hayom that his Iran speech was "well worth" the cost and "served to shore up support for Israel's stance" "The days when Jews remained passive while others called for their extermination are over," he says.
Dror Eydar | Don't let the facts confuse you
What happens when a small minority in the Israeli media tries to dictate reality to the majority?
Ruthie Blum | A bleak picture of Western illusions
One should always trust what he sees, unless provided proof that what he thinks he is witnessing is an illusion.
Gonen Ginat | Devil's advocate
The speech debate begs the question: How willing are people to listen to painful facts?
David M. Weinberg | The Israeli wine awakening
After 2,000 years of desolation and neglect, Israel is again coming alive and giving forth magnificent fruit to its people.
Israel will not stand alone
Despite a small minority of Democrats and Israeli reporters seeking to curry favor with Obama, Netanyahu's speech to Congress elicited overwhelming support Most Americans want to prevent a bad deal with Iran. They want answers from the administration.
Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror | Answers required
The moment the U.S. decided that the best possible Iran nuclear agreement is better than no agreement, it set off the countdown to a nuclear Iran.
Taking the Left by surprise
PM Netanyahu's Congress address proved a great success, leading many right-wing voters who believe he cannot possibly lose the elections to become over-confident Meanwhile, the Zionist Union's response to Netanyahu's speech was, at best, amateurish.
Worth the price
According to Netanyahu and Israel's upper political echelon, the confrontation with the White House was worthwhile, and the PM's address to Congress will set in motion a process that will stop the superpowers from striking a bad agreement with Iran.
Who decided to declare the establishment of the state?
"The Friday that Changed Destiny," a new book by Dr. Mordechai Naor, tells the story of all the events, great and small, preceding and surrounding the events of those crucial days "There was no vote" prior to Ben-Gurion's fateful decision, he concludes.
7 hurt in terror attack in Jerusalem
Six border policewomen, cyclist moderately wounded in vehicular attack in northern Jerusalem Terrorist attempts to attack pedestrians, neutralized by police before harming anyone Jerusalem mayor: We will not allow terrorism to disrupt our lives.
Netanyahu's Iran speech gains tacit support in Saudi Arabia
String of columns in Saudi state-linked media voice skepticism of U.S. President Barack Obama's efforts to broker landmark nuclear agreement with Tehran "Who could believe that Netanyahu today has taken a better stand than Obama," writes one columnist.
Majority of Americans say nuclear Iran would be a 'disaster'
Fox News poll: 84% of Americans oppose deal allowing Iran to get nuclear weapons 10 years from now in return for agreeing it will not obtain nukes before then By a 56% to 27% percent margin, voters say inviting Netanyahu to Congress was a good thing.
Iran hints it might be open to 10-year partial freeze of nuclear work
U.S. President Barack Obama told Reuters Iran must commit to verifiable freeze of at least 10 years "If we have an agreement, we are prepared to accept certain limitations for certain period of time," Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said.
PLO recommends that PA end security cooperation with Israel
Palestinian Central Council accuses Israel of failing to abide by agreements If cooperation were stopped, it could immediately affect stability in West Bank Palestinian sources: PA President Mahmoud Abbas not expected to implement recommendation.
Poll shows Likud, Zionist Union neck and neck with 23 seats
With 11 days to general elections, New Wave survey finds 35% of Israelis believe Netanyahu is best suited for role of prime minister, only 18% think the same of Labor's Herzog Right bloc will find it easier to form a coalition, poll says.
Coalition with Left unfeasible, Likud assures Habayit Hayehudi
National religious party says Likud planning to exclude it from next government, include Zionist Union Likud says will not pursue coalition "with party whose officials doubt Zionism," stresses PM "will turn to his natural partners" to form a coalition.
Forecast about PM's address to empty Congress falls flat
Yedioth Ahronoth published a story saying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intended to address Congress despite empty seats and Jewish-American objection. However, despite the discouraging forecast, the "empty halls" at AIPAC and Congress were packed.
Gaza produce to be sold in Israel for first time since 2007
Shipments of tomatoes and eggplants expected on Sunday Fruit and vegetables to be subject to Health Ministry inspections Decision expected to help Gaza farmers as well as meet the demands of the shmita year, when fields in Israel must lie fallow.
Syrian boy who lost leg in war fitted with prosthesis in Israel
A 13-year-old Syrian boy and his mother are preparing to return to Syria after the boy received extensive treatment for serious injuries to his lower body Israeli Arab community worked together to raise funds for the boy's prosthetic leg.
Blast in Syria kills top al-Qaida commander, 3 others
The Nusra Front, al-Qaida's official Syrian wing, says top military commander, Abu Humam al-Shami, killed in bombing targeting a high-level militant meeting "It's a major blow to Nusra. A very painful, very powerful hit," one insurgent source says.
Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli engaged to businessman Adi Ezra
Supermodel Bar Refaeli says yes to businessman boyfriend after a romantic proposal in the Caribbean on Wednesday evening The couple has been together for two years, and rumors of their engagement have been flying around for months.