Saturday November 28, 2015
Israel Hayom
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The secret of the Jewish people's eternal existence
The wedding of Sarah Tehiya Litman, whose father and brother were murdered by a terrorist last week, was yet more proof that the Jewish people always move on from mourning to joy, never looking back or breaking down.
Yoram Ettinger | Is Kerry reinventing the Middle East?
The U.S. Secretary of State insists on ignoring the reality in the Middle East
Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror | Cooler heads must prevail
Despite the surge in violence, there is no room for unjust punishments, grandiose statements, or rash decisions
David M. Weinberg | Needed: Revolutionary struggle
Israel must meet Palestinian terrorism with ideological drive and defiant expansion.
7 IDF soldiers hurt in 2 terrorist ramming attacks
Two separate attacks hit within hours of each other Friday Five soldiers injured at entrance to Arab village near Hebron Two injured near Kfar Adumim by terrorist whose brother committed attack days earlier Victims had just immigrated to Israel.
A wedding in the shadow of terrorism
Two weeks after her father and brother were killed by terrorists, Sarah Tehiya Litman marries Ariel Beigel Hundreds attend to show support "Even as we feel this pain, we must make sure to spread this strong message of defiance," she says.
Israel successfully tests maritime missile defense system Barak 8
Barak 8 missile fired from ship and hit small drone simulating incoming projectile System designed to mitigate threat posed by the Yakhont coastal missile Once operational, Barak 8 could help protect Israel's offshore gas installations, ships.
Diplomatic first: Israel to establish formal presence in Abu Dhabi
Foreign Ministry confirms an Israeli diplomat will be assigned to International Renewable Energy Agency offices in United Arab Emirates Jerusalem and Abu Dhabi do not maintain diplomatic ties Israeli official says move is "half a step out the door."
Europe's rude awakening
Realizing that radical Islam is alive and kicking in their midst, France and Belgium are crawling with security forces Meanwhile, Russia and Turkey are locking horns in the Middle East, proving that the West's choice of allies is more complex than ever.
A community on the frontline
Kiryat Arba, next to Hebron, has suffered around 20 terrorist attacks in recent weeks, including the murders of Eitam and Naama Henkin and of Yaakov and Netanel Litman But residents insist: Our covenant with this place is a covenant of blood.
Not born yesterday
Several of the Palestinians attacking Jews in recent weeks have been minors, including pre-teens The phenomenon of child terrorists comes as no surprise when schools, babies and sports teams in the PA are named after terrorists and murderers.
Tearing into UN racism
Back in 1975, then-Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Chaim Herzog made a famous speech that is still relevant today. And he used a tactic that we are afraid to use: going on the attack, rather than the defensive, and refusing to apologize.
'IAF is free to operate over northern border, even in Syria'
Israeli and Russian air forces are coordinating to "avoid misunderstandings" in Syrian arena, says official "We don't give anyone advance notice or ask permission to operate in Syria," he says IAF holds large drill in north, tests defense systems.
Egypt's Coptic pope to break travel ban, visit Israel
Pope Tawadros II to arrive in Jerusalem Thursday to attend funeral of senior cleric In 1980, his predecessor, Pope Shenouda III, barred Egyptian Copts from visiting Israel Church says visit a private one, has no bearing on travel ban.
'I never suggested giving Palestinians weapons'
GOC Central Command Maj. Gen. Roni Numa says his remarks on the wave of terrorism were taken out of context, stresses he opposes offering the Palestinians far-reaching easements Settler leaders "relieved this all boils down to media manipulation."
CNN report features map labeling Israel as 'Palestina'
Report on Islamic State uses photo featuring an Israel-free Middle East Any message that Israel does not belong in the Middle East plays into the false and vicious narrative of anti-Israel extremists, says Honest Reporting editor-in-chief Simon Plosker.
Paratroopers chief: Solution to terrorism is political, not military
Paratroopers Brigade Commander Col. Nimrod Aloni tells Army Radio that Israel is "playing defense," trying to prevent the next terrorist attack "This wave, unlike previous ones, is characterized by broad support from the Palestinian street," he says.
Russia moves to punish Turkey over downed jet
Moscow suspends joint military ventures, curbs imports, threatens further measures after Turkey's downing of Russian plane over Syria It says it will import produce from other countries, including Israel Turkey: Russia's threats emotional, unfitting.