Tuesday March 31, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Ex-PM Ehud Olmert found guilty in bribery retrial
After being acquitted of taking illegal payments from U.S. businessman Morris Talansky in 2012, court reviews new evidence and decides to convict Last May, former PM was sentenced to six years in prison in another corruption case, still pending appeal.
Dr. Haim Shine | America's incomprehensible conduct
All Obama and Kerry care about is a historical "legacy" a deal with Iran and a Palestinian state.
Boaz Bismuth | A glorious chapter in the march of folly
The West is powering ahead on autopilot toward a catastrophic deal with Iran.
Elliott Abrams | President Carter and Israel -- again
Carter wants more pressure on Israel and does not even mention Egypt's blockade when he discusses Gaza's problems.
Daniel Pipes | Why Yemen matters
The Saudi-led "Operation Decisive Storm" in Yemen prompts many reflections
Israel alarmed as Iran, world powers near nuclear deal
Iran, six world powers try to break impasse in nuclear talks, but officials caution that attempts to reach a deal by Tuesday deadline could yet fall apart Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon: Instead of punishing Iran, the West is giving it a prize.
Dr. Ronen A. Cohen | Playing into Iran's hands
The fighting in Yemen seems to be spurring the U.S. to steamroll toward a bad nuclear deal with Iran.
Netanyahu to US senators: We are concerned for our mutual interests
PM Benjamin Netanyahu meets in Jerusalem with visiting delegation of U.S. senators, led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell McConnell: I want to assure all Israelis that the U.S.-Israel relationship is still in very strong shape.
Prof. Abraham Ben-Zvi | Obama's peace pipe dreams
The violent Arab Spring and the disintegration of several states failed to convince the White House that the peace process has no bearing on regional issues.
NYT ad calls on Obama to act like Churchill, not Chamberlain
In full-page ad, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach warns of another Munich Agreement, calling one-year breakout time "catastrophic" Ad says deal must not be signed before Iran's leader "personally and publicly repudiates all genocidal threats" against Israel.
Zalman Shoval | US-Israel relations: A planned rift
Only a fool would believe that the Netanyahu's comments were to blame for the White House's "reassessment."
Political games in full swing as coalition talks kick into gear
Kulanu head Moshe Kahlon states he won't join coalition unless given authority in housing market, says, "Give us the tools, and we will make progress. If you don't give us the tools, we won't be there" Talks with ultra-Orthodox parties moving ahead.
Party like it's 3,000 BCE: Egyptian beer vessels unearthed in Tel Aviv
Archeologists unearth 17 Egyptian food storage pits in central Tel Aviv construction site Ancient ceramic vessels used to hold beer reveal furthest north Egyptian settlement to be found yet Evidence of Copper Age weapon also found.
Israel seeks 21-year sentence for Hamas rocket mastermind
Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades military academy commander Dirar Abu Sisi accepts plea bargain under which he admits to five of nine charges against him He is best known for developing new rockets and mortars and increasing rocket range.
Israeli Navy's sophisticated new sub poised to begin operations
INS Tanin, which arrived in Israel from Germany in September, is longest submarine in current fleet Haifa Naval Base commander Col. David Salma: Israel's submarine fleet operates deep in enemy territory -- secretly, efficiently, and lethally.
Anonymous-affiliated group threatens cyberattack on Israel
Hackers promise "electronic holocaust" timed to coincide with Israel's Holocaust Memorial Day Message uploaded to YouTube says: We are coming to punish [Israel] for your crimes in the Palestinian territories.
Israel installs record-setting solar field on Knesset roof
4,600 square meter solar field part of larger "Green Knesset" initiative involving other energy saving measures Solar panels to provide 10% of Knesset's electricity needs Solar panels along with other initiatives to save taxpayers $400,000 annually.
IDF officer dismissed over misconduct toward women
Lt. Col. Liran Hajbi accused of sexually harassing two female soldiers, receives lesser charge of conduct unbecoming an officer One of the complainants says battlefield glory should not be considered when determining charges.