Tuesday July 29, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Rage in Jerusalem: 'Reject Obama's cease-fire demands'
Israeli officials outraged by U.S. president's call for Israel to announce an "immediate cease-fire" in Gaza "Obama is stopping us just when we have Hamas against the wall," says official Obama tries to minimize damage after Kerry proposal rejected.
Dan Margalit | Obama's anger means he is wrong
Khaled Mashaal figured that if he could only convince John Kerry to embrace his cease-fire draft, the secretary of state would manhandle Israel into a truce.
Prof. Ron Breiman | Kerry stumbles again
The Obama administration suffers from a misunderstanding of reality in our region, as well as in other parts of the world.
Yoav Limor | Take initiative, don't wait for Hamas
Israel should be the one to decide on a truce. If Hamas violates it again, it would afford Israel new international legitimacy to expand the operation.
Prof. Eli Avraham | Hamas' media strategy is faltering
Hamas' use of gory images from the Gaza Strip to increase international pressure on Israel backfired when it became clear it was using civilians as human shields.
Uri Heitner | Destroying the tunnels is our victory
War against terrorists does not end in surrender.
Richard Baehr | Obama's peace processors: Brotherhood love
Israel has taken its measure of Barack Obama and John Kerry, and it knows it is on its own.
Uzay Bulut | What about Turkey and Cyprus?
As Israel defends itself from Hamas, Turkey bashes it for "oppression" and "occupation" -- accusations far more appropriate against Turkey itself.
UN calls for 'immediate unconditional' truce in Gaza
Israel observes "unlimited" halt to fire, will only respond if attacked, official says U.N. presidential statement echoes U.S. President Barack Obama's call on Israel to "end hostilities now and reach a permanent cessation of hostilities."
UN issues images showing Gaza before and after IDF offensive
U.N. images show 604 buildings destroyed, 236 badly damaged and 46 mininally damaged in northeastern Gaza, including Shujaiyya IDF finds Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades manuals, teaching how to carry out suicide attacks, use civilians as shields.
TGI report: Israel Hayom is Israel's No.1 daily!
New Target Group Index poll reveals Israel Hayom's weekday market share has grown to 39.8 percent, widening its lead over chief rival Yedioth Ahronoth Weekend readership rises to 34 percent.
PM: Demilitarizing Gaza in best interest of Israel, Palestinians
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to U.S. TV stations: Israel cannot cede security for the sake of public relations, despite images of dead Palestinian civilians Hamas not only wants to kill Israelis, it also wants to sacrifice its own people, PM says.
Parents of soldier initially thought missing agree to mourn his death
Golani Brigade Sgt. Oron Shaul's parents agree to begin mourning ritual after IDF determines he was killed in action and is not missing IDF officials answer family's questions before mourning begins Shaul family asks IDF to locate remains.
Israelis band together to support soldiers
More than 50,000 care packages bought for soldiers as part of the Rami Levy supermarkets and Israel Hayom joint initiative Israeli woman in New Jersey raises $50,000 for equipment JNF raises $4 million for bomb shelters in the south.
IDF probe: Gaza school strike could not have caused deaths
Military spokesman says footage shows a "single errant mortar" that struck no one, but says shrapnel might have caused injuries UNRWA, which runs facility, says school was marked as shelter, calls for a full investigation into the incident.
The Gaza war: Cease-fire options and the day after
Three weeks into the Gaza operation, pressure is mounting for a cease-fire. Will an agreement help or merely lead to a new round of fighting? Israel Hayom columnist Ruthie Blum and editors Steve Ganot and Eliezer Sherman discuss the issues.
IHH plans another Gaza flotilla
Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation says "Freedom Flotilla II" will be protected by Turkish Navy vessels Israel said to be following reports closely Turkish Red Crescent to send 20 tons of medical aid to Gaza Strip via Israel.
Israel Police launches special unit to combat rock throwers
Field officers and detectives from the Kedma Police Station with an "exceptional combat past" try to defuse clashes peacefully Some of the police operate in uniform, while others go undercover, says Chief Insp. Dudi Rosenthal.
Meet the IDF's 'Foreign Legion'
Not only young immigrants travel a long way to fight for Israel. A number of IDF reservists living and working in Europe, Africa, and America have dropped everything and have rushed back to help make Operation Protective Edge a success.
Eli Hazan | 'Follow me' put into action
The casualty rate among high-ranking officers has been higher than in past operations.
Egypt destroys 13 Gaza tunnels, hunts Islamist terrorists
According to Egyptian authorities, security forces have so far found and destroyed over 1,600 tunnels built by Palestinians in Gaza Last week, Egyptian forces thwarted a planned suicide bombing and subsequent rocket fire into Israel.
Laughing off rocket fire
New York comedian Ari Teman says he and colleague Danny Cohen are in Israel to show their support for the country and help Israelis forget their troubles for a while Is he scared? "I think it's more dangerous in New York," he says.
Gaza operation prompts anti-Semitic protests in Europe
Britain's Sunday Times quotes Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky as saying, "We are seeing the beginning of the end of Jewish history in Europe" Over 45,000 people join anti-Israel protests over the weekend, European media says.
Boaz Bismuth | The new anti-Semites
Only hatred of Jews can unite Europe in a coalition of Muslims, the extreme Right and the radical Left.