Saturday October 25, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Report: 2 Israeli tourists killed in Nepal bus crash
At least 11 people are killed and dozens injured when a bus plummets 330 feet down a mountain between Kathmandu and Langtang National Park Initial probe suggests bus may have been overcrowded Local media reports three "foreigners" among the dead.
Ruthie Blum | Palestinian terrorism is no accident
Jihadism is a contagious form of barbarism that has young people scrambling to sign up. Palestinians are no exception.
Gonen Ginat | Obama has no credit
Americans just learned what the Middle East has known for years.
David M. Weinberg | The power of Shabbat
It protects us from the crushing weight of the modern world.
Dror Eydar | No solution
The last century has shown that the region's Arab tribes are bonded by their aspirations to eliminate Israel.
Murder in the heart of Jerusalem
Nothing will alleviate the pain felt by the Braun family, who lost 3-month-old Chaya Zissel in a hit-and-run terror attack. The bereaved parents have no use for political arguments over whether the violence in Jerusalem amounts to an intifada or not.
'You left us at the summit, close to heaven'
Capt. Tamar Ariel, Israel's first religious female air force navigator, blazed a path that other young women can now follow. She was a true navigator, steering between the sacred and mundane, heaven and earth.
The Temple Mount of conflict
Funds from Qatar and Islamic foundations go to Muslim "study" groups that harass Jewish visitors Fatah, Hamas and the Islamic Movement are all fanning the flames With more rabbis permitting Jews to visit the site, police are stuck in the middle.
Dan Margalit | Violence can still be prevented
We must focus not only on what the final status of Jerusalem will be in a future deal, but also on what can be done to improve coexistence until then.
Early elections? No, thank you
Despite statements to the contrary, our MKs dread the possibility of early elections With the coalition tottering toward its inevitable demise, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would rather keep his options open, not alienate future coalition partners.
Team Zvika
During Operation Protective Edge, Zvika Levy traveled throughout the country in aid of lone soldiers. But behind his endearing smile lies a troubled familial past -- one of his daughters died in infancy and another daughter became addicted to heroin.
Netanyahu: We will restore calm to Jerusalem
PM Benjamin Netanyahu, security officials formulate plan for police reinforcement throughout Jerusalem as tensions rise after terror attack Repeated damage caused by Palestinians puts a third of Jerusalem light railway cars out of commission.
Nadav Shragai | The capital is ours
It's time to put an end to the ineffective policy of tolerance and containment in the face of Muslim violence in Jerusalem.
Paramedic: Wounded babies are something you can't get used to
Avi Steinhartz, a veteran paramedic, has seen his share of bloodshed, but Wednesday's hit-and-run attack, which claimed the life of a 3-month-old baby, was especially hard President Reuven Rivlin: No force can drive us from Jerusalem or Israel.
Palestinians say they will not postpone Security Council petition
Chief PA negotiator Saeb Erekat warns that if U.S. vetoes Palestinian U.N. proposal calling for Israel to withdraw from the West Bank by November 2016, the PA will stop all security coordination with Israel and take unilateral measures.
Yoram Ettinger | There is no tax on words
Arab nations have always showered Palestinians with rhetoric, but never with resources. Why?
AG opposes bill affording Knesset power to overrule High Court
Bill seeks to allow Knesset to set aside rulings disqualifying problematic legislation, enact laws for limited period of time Ministerial Committee on Legislation set to debate controversial bill seeking to limit High Court of Justice's authority.
State comptroller launches review of Operation Protective Edge
State Comptroller Yosef Shapira's review is expected to scrutinize decision-making process in the IDF, government, throughout the 50-day Gaza Strip campaign Review to consider previous findings on Israel's investigative mechanisms.
Poll: 85% of public wants Arab MK Zoabi removed from Knesset
New survey finds vast majority of Jewish Israelis want Balad MK Hanin Zoabi dismissed over belligerent remarks against IDF soldiers Some 48 percent believe current nuclear deal discussed with Iran would compromise Israel's security interests.
Israel marks China's 65th National Day
Hundreds gather at Tel Aviv hotel to celebrate with Chinese Ambassador to Israel Gao Yanping "In recent years, we have seen increasingly frequent exchanges and fruitful cooperation in various fields between China and Israel," ambassador says.
12-year-old to take on double physics-math university degree
"I want to be a professor and help others go through the [academic] track I did," says Eyal Wallech "He is still very much a child ... and we are doing our best to safeguard him," his father says.
Police: Shooter in Ottawa attack planned to travel to Syria
Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's mother: "If I'm crying, it's for the people, not for my son" The guard credited with killing the shooter, Kevin Vickers, is honored by lawmakers on Thursday Gunman had criminal past.
Boaz Bismuth | Same terror, same origins
The West still fails to internalize that the attacks in Ottawa and Jerusalem this week share the same root, preferring to provide excuses to extremists.
Israeli genealogy site MyHeritage to partner with DNA firm 23andMe
"Combining genealogy with DNA-based ancestry is the next evolution in uncovering family history," says MyHeritage founder and CEO Gilad Japhet 23andMe President Andy Page hails "vastly improved opportunity" to discover new connections.