Sunday August 31, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Rocket attack victim dies, raising Israeli death toll to 71
Netanel Maman, a 22-year-old IDF soldier, had come home for the weekend after fighting in Gaza He was in a car with his brother when it was hit by shrapnel from a rocket attack After a week of fighting for his life, he succumbs to his injuries.
Ruthie Blum | Their sons did not die in vain
The casualties of the latest war died as heroes, bringing the only kind of peace and quiet we Israelis ever have.
Richard Baehr | War on Jews: Europe and now America
The U.S. is headed toward the European model, where Muslim numbers and threats begin to dictate policy and make Jewish security and safety no longer a given.
David M. Weinberg | Wars of the zeitgeist
What "corrupts" more: the "occupation," or Israeli withdrawals and the inevitable wars against Palestinian terrorist enclaves?
Yoram Ettinger | Is time working for or against Israel?
Israel has experienced splendid economic integration and growth, in defiance of ongoing war, terrorism, boycotts and international pressure.
Dan Margalit | Trial balloons
Two days after the Gaza war, both Israel's relations with the PA and internal relations between Israel's top politicians are unclear.
On the edge
With Operation Protective Edge over, now we need to draw conclusions from having been dragged into a protracted war of attrition, and correct the faulty conduct of the Homefront Command Are ISIS atrocities helping Israel gain the world's attention?
Boaz Bismuth | A few yards away
Some 47 years ago, Arab leaders refused to negotiate with Israel. Since then, they have led their countries to the brink of destruction, and Israel could be pulled in.
Is a takeover of Gaza impossible?
Many voices in Israel's top military echelon believe Israel mishandled the latest Gaza operation. Surprisingly, some of the most vocal calls for either reoccupying the Strip or overthrowing Hamas come from figures long identified with the political Left.
Avi Dichter | Nipping terrorism in the bud
Israel is far ahead of the rest of the world in understanding the magnitude of Hamas' threat, and it does not have the luxury of waiting for the rest of the world to wake up.
The war in the eyes of our leaders
Why was it decided not to topple Hamas' regime in the Gaza Strip? What is Hamas political leader Khaled Mashaal's biggest challenge? My conversations with decision makers
A war with no illusions
With the end of Operation Protective Edge, questions begin to arise over its true gains and losses Hamas was dealt a massive blow, but the operation has brought the murky relationships in the cabinet to light.
What happens when you care about Israel, but love Turkey?
From the funeral of the wealthy Jewish couple murdered in Istanbul to the lavish bar mitzvah of the son of Istanbul's chief rabbi, against the backdrop of rising tensions over Israel, Boaz Bismuth tries to figure out Turkey's Jews.
Israel on alert as jihadis seize Syrian border area, kidnap peacekeepers
"This wasn't a surprise. ... The Nusra Front has been on the Israeli border for some time already. So far they have yet to act against us, but one day they could decide to change their minds," Israeli military official says.
Yoav Limor | Better the devil you know
As new tensions mount in the northern sector, there is no doubt Israel would rather deal with the familiar threat posed by Assad than the new threat posed by al-Qaida.
Abbas demands 'clear' timetable for West Bank withdrawal
Palestinians to turn to U.N. on Sept. 15 if world fails to resolve Palestinian issue Abbas: "We will ask the Americans and Israelis what their answer is on the borders. ... If we see we are being ignored, we will be free to act as we see fit."
Was Ismail Haniyeh poisoned?
Senior Hamas officials say Haniyeh's hospitalization was a result of his living underground for so long, but others say Hamas political leader Khaled Mashaal, furious at Haniyeh for accepting the Egyptian cease-fire proposal, wanted him removed.
Israeli police find body of missing US student
Police say body found in Jerusalem forest "was identified as that of missing person Aaron Sofer. Tests showed that no criminal act was committed and the body will be transferred to the family in the coming hours."
Amid pessimism and hope, southern residents return home
Aharon Nahmani of Kibbutz Shaar Hanegev: "I am not fooling myself for one moment that this cease-fire will last" Orit Nahmias-Yosef of Kibbutz Netiv Haasara: "Hamas will understand the rationale behind coming to an agreement with us."
Israel's top-secret high school
The Atid high school at the Dimona nuclear reactor trains select students in professions needed in Israel's industrial sector. They can't divulge any details about their studies, but say it's worth it to be fast-tracked into in-demand professions.
Pro-Palestinian activists take 'rubble bucket challenge' in DC
'Rubble bucket challenge,' based on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, is meant to call attention to suffering in Gaza during recent fighting Protesters carry out challenge in front of White House, saying, "Hearts and minds have to be with the Gaza people."
ISIS slaughters dozens of captured Syrian soldiers
Soldiers stripped down to underwear before meeting their deaths Obama asks defense secretary to prepare options for confronting Islamic State, plays down prospect of imminent military action in Syria French president rules out alliance with Assad.
Joan Rivers 'resting comfortably' with family
"We ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers," says daughter Melissa Rivers, thanking public for the "overwhelming love and support" The 81-year-old comedian was hospitalized Thursday after reportedly going into cardiac arrest.