Thursday February 11, 2016
Israel Hayom
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PM: Israel needs fences to keep out predators
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tours fence being built on border with Jordan, says he hopes fences will be constructed on all of Israel's borders We are preparing plan to close the breaches in the security fence in Judea and Samaria, he says.
Nael Zoabi | Shameful Arab leadership
Arab MKs do not care to deal with the day-to-day issues facing their constituents.
Isi Leibler | Time for action
What country would stand idly while its neighbor constructs tunnels to penetrate its borders?
Clifford D. May | Is an unconventional war winnable?
What happens when one side abides by the Law of Armed Conflict and the other does not?
Elliott Abrams | Kerry's Egypt fantasy
The secretary of state either knows little about the real Egypt, or doesn't care -- or is afraid to say anything close to the truth.
Olmert's prison sentence extended by 1 month
Jerusalem Magistrates' Court President Judge Avital Chen rejects plea deal asking for concurrent sentence for two counts of obstruction of justice Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert now expected to serve a total of 27 months in prison.
Israeli runner stabbed on Gush Etzion trail
Tomer Ditor, 28, out for an evening run, sustains moderate stab wounds when a terrorist attacks him from behind Ditor manages to reach Neve Daniel and is taken to hospital Security forces foil two other attempted stabbings, both by teenage girls.
Lital Shemesh | Heroines at the front
The recent wave of terrorism has proved to us all that women serving in frontline combat positions are just as capable as men.
Dream comes true for lone soldier from Peru
Staff Sgt. Fernando Rengifo, 23, was born in Peru to a Jewish father and a Christian mother Just as he is about to finish his army service as a lone soldier, Rengifo gets a surprise: a ticket to visit his mother for the first time in nearly a decade.
Israeli, Turkish negotiators to meet in Switzerland
Israeli and Turkish negotiating teams set to meet in Switzerland as effort to reach reconciliation agreement continues Delegation of American Jewish leaders meets in Ankara with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.
Report: Iran hacked into ex-IDF chief's computer
Channel 10 reports that Iranian hackers succeeded in obtaining sensitive information from dozens of Israeli computers, including one belonging to a former IDF chief Hackers left tracks, enabling Israeli security forces to identify them.
Pentagon budget requests $146 million for Israel defense support
U.S. Missile Defense Agency's fiscal year 2017 budget seeks $103.8 million for Israeli cooperative programs, down from $267.6 million in 2016, plus $42 million for Iron Dome, down from $55 million in 2016.
Haredi mob attacks military police vehicle in Ashdod
Dozens of ultra-Orthodox protesters overturn military police vehicle, pelt it with stones, after officers show up to arrest a haredi draft dodger Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon: "I expect haredi leaders to condemn this violent incident."
ISIS car bomb in Syrian capital kills 10
Suicide bomber strikes near police officers' club in Damascus, also wounding 20, says human rights group Russia and Syrian regime have used controversial cluster munitions in at least 14 attacks across Syria since late January, says Human Rights Watch.
Dr. Eran Lerman | Erdogan's Syria dilemma
Will the Turkish president continue leading his country toward perpetual conflict on simultaneous fronts or will he steer it back toward NATO and cooperation with the United States?
WATCH: Building peace from the grass-roots level
Why did the Oslo process fail to bring peace? Must Jews and Arabs wait for the politicians to solve our problems? Sholom Neistein and Inon Dan Kehati discuss interesting peace and reconciliation initiatives with Opinion Editor Steve Ganot.
Sanders, Trump notch victories in New Hampshire
Donald Trump wins Republican New Hampshire primary with 35% of vote, well ahead of second-place finisher John Kasich, who garners 16% On Democratic side, Bernie Sanders defeats Hillary Clinton by a commanding 60%-38%.
Aleppo Codex named world treasure by UNESCO
Aleppo Codex, written over 1,000 years ago in Tiberias, is considered the most important and perfect copy of the Hebrew Bible in existence Manuscript, which survived for centuries and was lost twice, now deemed "integral part of humanity's treasures."
Israel, California sign unique biotechnology deal
First of its kind agreement with the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine will focus on stem cell research This is the "sharpest response to all the foolish initiatives to make academics boycott Israel," says Science Minister Ofir Akunis.