Friday May 29, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Netanyahu: Efforts to hurt Israel will destroy FIFA
Speaking ahead of a vote on a Palestinian initiative to oust Israel from the world soccer governing body, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns the vote is "blatant politicization of sports" "This is Armageddon," says one Israeli sports official.
Boaz Bismuth | Israel does not deserve a FIFA red card
Suspending Israel from the international soccer federation will set a dangerous precedent in a world already plagued by multiple crises.
Ruthie Blum | Happy first Fatah-Hamas anniversary
What is confusing the writers of each new chapter of the endless farce is whether they are supposed to favor or oppose Palestinian unity.
Yoram Ettinger | An Iranian textbook case
Iranian school textbooks are designed to prepare schoolchildren for the final military victory over the infidel U.S. and the West.
Judith Bergman | Payers and players
European taxpayers should demand to know why their money is being spent on rewarding the murderers of Jews in Israel.
Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror | On achievements and ideas
Islamic State's next moves depend largely on the results of any counterattacks waged against the radical Sunni group by Iraq and the U.S.
8 principles for dealing with the Iran nuclear threat
U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham writes for Israel Hayom: Allowing this pariah nation to acquire nuclear weapons and to share them with radical Islamist organizations would constitute an incalculable threat to the security of the U.S. and its allies.
'It is impossible to fight while walking on eggshells'
Outgoing Nahal brigade commander Col. Uri Gordin slams the IDF's internal probes: "Imagine sustaining fire and firing back for days and then being summoned for questioning. It's very unpleasant" Gordin to lead prestigious 98th Paratroopers Division.
The division delusion
Dividing Jerusalem will solve neither the problem of how to maintain a Jewish majority in the capital nor the very real security issues facing its residents, such as the violence that has flooded out of east Jerusalem since the latest intifada started.
Back to the Stone Age
For Islamic State, the destruction of antiquities is a matter of ideology It is not enough just to kill the "infidels"; every trace of them must be erased Group has also discovered the public relations potential of destroying antiquities.
Dr. Reuven Berko | Psychology of terror
With Islamic State's caliphate aspirations and Iran's ambitions of regional domination, the Middle East is caught between a rock and a hard place.
Who's afraid of Islamic State?
After the fall of Palmyra in Syria and Ramadi in Iraq, it is clear to all: Islamic State is the only thing in the region that scares everyone The Syrian army can't defeat them, Iran views them as an "existential threat" Even Nasrallah is sweating.
IS-affiliated group threatens imminent missile attack on Eilat
Threat issued on Facebook, alongside warning that group might target Hamas for "abandoning the fight against the Jews" Resort town has been frequent target of jihadis in Sinai Threat comes days after Gaza terrorists fire rocket on Israel.
Cyprus arrests man thought to be plotting against Israelis
Lebanese-born Canadian is detained after authorities discover two tons of ammonium nitrate in basement Local media report on possible link between man and Hezbollah leader In 2013, a Swedish man was arrested for similar reasons.
PM: Engaging Arab states in peace talks with PA a positive idea
While enlisting Arab nations to promote stalled Israeli-Palestinian talks would be a positive move, any deal would still demand Israeli security presence in Judea and Samaria, says PM Benjamin Netanyahu French foreign minister to visit Israel in June.
Palestinian worker indicted for murder of Polish tourist
Illegal Palestinian worker allegedly sexually assaulted Polish woman before strangling her and hiding her body in a grove Northern District state prosecutor says the suspect confessed and his DNA was found on the victim's clothes.
UN reportedly mulls keeping Israel off armed violations list
Diplomatic sources say U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is inclined to reject proposals to name Israel on list of states violating children's rights in armed conflicts Foreign Ministry: Heinous, hypocritical attempt to besmirch Israel doomed to fail.
Report: US dollars may be used to sway Israel on Iran
Israeli official says expected boost in aid package aimed at "dousing the fires after our flare-up about the Iran deal" Aid could increase to $4 billion annually Netanyahu: "There is no trade-off requiring I agree to this [nuclear] deal with Iran."
DC Metro bans 'issue' ads after request to run Muhammad cartoon
Ad depicts Muhammad waving a sword and shouting, "You can't draw me!" Activist Pamela Geller: Cartoon is "political opinion" Head of Council on American-Islamic relations: Geller and her group trying to divide people along ethnic, religious lines.
Iranian FM hopes for final nuke deal within 'reasonable period'
Speaking in Greece, Mohammad Javad Zarif says agreement is possible if "people have their foot in reality, not in illusions" Iran cannot accept deal that is "less than respectful," he says Zarif, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to meet Saturday.
Israeli Burning Man festival torches ancient remains
Archaeologist Yoram Haimi says Midburn Festival, Israeli affiliate of Nevada carnival, burned a prehistoric wooden temple Midburn spokesman says festival was unaware of any sensitive sites at the location.
Jewish, Arab youths promote harmony in Israel through music
The Polyphony Quartet focuses on creating Arab-Jewish youth musical ensembles to send a message of peace Artistic director Nabeel Abboud-Ashkar: Young people from both communities get a chance to interact and become more familiar with the other.
Alleged Nazi war criminal wanted by Russia dies in Quebec
Vladimir Katriuk, alleged member of Ukrainian SS battalion, dies after long illness Earlier this month, Russia charged Katriuk with genocide in 1943 killing of civilians in Khatyn massacre Witness says Katriuk was active participant in atrocities.