Sunday May 28, 2017
Israel Hayom
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Trump: Netanyahu assured me he's ready to reach for peace
U.S. President Donald Trump characterizes his first official overseas trip as president as a "home run, no matter where we are" Trump says that like Prime Minister Netanyahu, PA President Mahmoud Abbas also assured him he was willing to reach for peace.
Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror | The ISIS challenge
Egypt's struggle to cope with terrorism is a litmus test for the government, and the deplorable murder of innocent Coptic children is a slap to the face.
Prof. Abraham Ben-Zvi | A far cry from Watergate
The attempts to compare the Trump administration's troubles with the scandal that forced Nixon's resignation reflect the Democrats' frustration over losing the presidential elections.
Prof. Eyal Zisser | Iran is ripe for change
The Iranians continuously defied President Trump and the world. Will Trump translate his threats into action or will he leave Iran to its own devices?
Palestinians claim victory as prisoners end hunger strike
Israeli officials emphasize they did not negotiate with strike leaders Decision to end strike comes after Palestinian Authority agrees to subsidize second monthly family visit for prisoners, which Red Cross, citing financial woes, had ceased to fund.
Dr. Reuven Berko | No honor among prisoners
The Palestinian security prisoners' hunger strike failed both over Marwan Barghouti's hubris and the Palestinian Authority's failure to understand Israel's resolve.
Former US national security adviser Brzezinski dies at 89
Zbigniew Brzezinski served in the Carter administration and participated in talks that led to the Egypt-Israel peace deal, lauded as the Carter presidency's key achievement Brzezinski is also credited for pushing normalization of U.S. ties with China.
'Two States, One Hope' rally in Tel Aviv draws thousands
Some 15,000 people attend rally organized by left-wing groups Opposition Leader Herzog urges change in government, says "today's leadership is driven by fear" "Let us make courageous peace," Palestinian Authority president says in message to audience.
PM Netanyahu names Ayoob Kara communications minister
Kara, a minister without portfolio in the PM's Office, is the first Druze politician to be named for the role Cabinet to approve nomination during Sunday's meeting Kara: I will do everything in my power to successfully serve the state and the public.
UN envoy warns Gaza power cuts endanger lives, crisis imminent
Nickolay Mladenov tells Security Council that struggle between rivals Fatah and Hamas has escalated, meager electricity supply will worsen the humanitarian crisis in the enclave "We are walking into another crisis with our eyes wide open," he warns.
Police to use observation balloons to document traffic violations
Traffic Police introduces airborne traffic monitoring as part of efforts to generate deterrence among drivers Observation balloons are cost effective, can increase real-time enforcement Data shows disconcerting increase in number of DUIs.
IDF opens doors to descendants of Jews awaiting citizenship
Under new policy, great-grandchildren of Jews looking to serve in the Israeli army while applying for citizenship will not have to wait for approval but rather be permitted to join the military along with their age group 10 requests already approved.
Police quiz billionaire Sheldon Adelson in probe against PM
American businessman questioned as part of police investigation into alleged illicit deal between PM Netanyahu and Yedioth Ahronoth publisher Arnon Mozes regarding Israel Hayoms operations Police: Adelson is not a suspect, was not interrogated.
Whale shark surprises swimmers in Gulf of Eilat
Paddle boarders, sailing instructors document 23-foot long whale shark as it approaches southern resort city's shore The whale shark is the largest-known fish species Endangered shark consumes only plankton and small fish, poses no danger to humans.
Iran's supreme leader: Saudi rulers face 'certain downfall'
Saudis "act cordially toward the enemies of Islam while having the opposite behavior toward the Muslim people," Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urges moderation, rationality and cooperation between Persian Gulf states.
2 men stabbed to death in Oregon trying to stop anti-Muslim rant
Victims had intervened after attacker on a Portland train hurled ethnic and religious slurs at two women who appeared to be Muslim Portland mayor decries political climate that "allows far too much room for those who spread bigotry."
Children saved from Nazi camps unveil monument to parents
The Farewell Memorial is a replica of a 1939 train door with the hands of children on one side and those of parents on the other Memorial set up by group of children saved by Sir Nicholas Winton as "a belated expression of thanks," one survivor says.