Sunday August 30, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Cheney: Iran deal 'tragically reminiscent' of Munich deal
Iran deal "makes war more, not less, likely," former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz Cheney write in Wall Street Journal op-ed President Barack Obama seeks to reassure American Jewish groups that U.S.-Israel ties remain strong.
Dr. Gabriella Berzin | Behind the rabbis' letter
A majority of U.S. rabbis who signed a letter supporting the Iran nuclear deal are affiliated with radical left-wing organizations.
Saar Gamzo | The music must go on
The terrific variety of international artists who appeared in Israel this summer shows that art is stronger than calls for cultural boycott.
Boaz Bismuth | The West's boomerang
Toppling Gadhafi in Libya and allowing Assad to stay in power in Syria has severely exacerbated the refugee problem now threatening to undermine EU stability.
'Italy is a partner in Israel's fight for the truth'
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wraps up three-day official visit to Italy with meeting in Florence's historic Palazzo Vecchio town hall with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi "The future belongs to those who innovate," Netanyahu says.
Judith Bergman | Slandering Israel in Nabi Saleh
It is an outrage that the media, which are supposed to be independent and critical, are such an active player in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, literally creating the news.
Soldiers on patrol escape vehicular attack near Hebron
Attempted ramming attack late Saturday night miraculously ends with no serious injuries One soldier, who was lightly wounded in the attack, opened fire, damaging the rear of the vehicle Driver flees to Hebron.
Ukraine village for Jewish refugees to officially open Monday
Village "Anatevka" to open its doors to some 100 Jewish refugees from Ukrainian conflict Rabbi Moshe Azman: We're happy we met the goal we set ourselves Anatevka ultimately slated to take in several hundred Ukrainian Jews.
'Iran deal is not perfect,' UN chief tells Knesset speaker
Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein meets with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in New York "As a son of the Jewish people, who experienced the Holocaust, I believe someone when he says he wants to destroy us," Edelstein says.
Switzerland says regrets envoy's display of Netanyahu cartoon
At event in Zurich promoting Iranian business opportunities, Swiss Ambassador to Iran Giulio Haas displays cartoon depicting two doves defecating on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's head Israel condemns incident as "ugly act."
Amid mounting criticism, Erdan backs police chief pick
"I'm behind you," Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan tells Gal Hirsch, Erdan's nominee to be the next head of the Israel Police Hirsch attacks police officials for alleged used of sensitive materials for "political purposes."
Itsik Saban | Mozes wants the police in his pocket
What is best for the Israel Police is that it be led by a proper, value-driven individual, rather than a Trojan horse planted by Noni Mozes to serve him and his interests.
Lebanon: Shiny on the outside, rotting from the inside
Many Lebanese are fed up with politicians who have exploited the sectarian power-sharing system to perpetuate corruption A campaign over the piles of trash mounting in Beirut's streets has grown into a movement against the entire political structure.
Iranian president: Nuke deal does not affect military capability
Hassan Rouhani says in nationally televised press conference that Iran "will not accept any limitations" and will do "whatever it needs" to defend itself Last week, Iran unveiled new surface-to-surface missile with range of over 300 miles.
Turkish jets join US-led coalition strikes on Islamic State
Turkish participation follows a technical agreement with the U.S. about Turkey's role in anti-Islamic State campaign Pentagon spokesman commends Turkey for participating in efforts to "degrade and ultimately defeat" Islamic State.
Radar detects object believed to be missing Nazi gold train
World Jewish Congress: Any gold, precious stones or other valuables that might be found could have been looted from Polish Jews by Nazi officials during the war and should be returned Procedure to reach train in underground tunnel could take weeks.