Tuesday September 30, 2014
Israel Hayom
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'ISIS and Hamas -- branches of the same poisonous tree'
In U.N. General Assembly address, PM Benjamin Netanyahu says PA President Mahmoud Abbas responsible for war crimes committed by Hamas Netanyahu: The gravest threat to the world today is the danger of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.
| Full text of Netanyahu's UN address
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Together we must recognize the global threat of militant Islam, the primacy of dismantling Iran's nuclear weapons capability and the indispensable role of Arab states in advancing peace with the Palestinians.
Dr. Haim Shine | A Jewish and Zionist speech
It is fortunate that a majority of the Israeli public prefers the truth over wishful thinking.
Ruthie Blum | Words matter
Netanyahu's reiteration of certain truths that are under global assault is more crucial now than ever.
Elliott Abrams | Abbas' UNGA speech
A speech that merely expresses anger and frustration is unlikely to help Abbas, Fatah, the PA, or Palestinians in general.
Zalman Shoval | Seeing is believing
At long last, a U.S. president is saying that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not the root of all the regions problems.
Dr. Ronen Yitzhak | Turkey's Islamic State conundrum
Its refusal to join the coalition against ISIS, while frustrating to the West, is not without merit.
Defense minister: Hamas has 20% of its weapons stockpile left
"The ground operation to destroy [Hamas] tunnels took longer than expected. I hope the future will demonstrate that this operation achieved a long period of quiet and deterrence not only in the Gaza Strip but in the entire region," defense minister says.
Lieberman: Abbas 'has no intention to make peace'
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman says at a U.N. press conference that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas may not have "legitimacy to speak on behalf of Palestinian people" Lieberman meets with U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights.
Hamas says prisoner swap deal to be signed with Israel soon
Hamas official Mushir al-Masri posted on Facebook that a deal to release top Hamas officials and operatives arrested during Operation Brother's Keeper in exchange for the remains of fallen Israeli soldiers is in the works Israel has not commented.
Jerusalem unity prize dedicated to memory of 3 kidnapped teens
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat inaugurates Jerusalem Prize for the Unity of Israel in memory of kidnapped teens Gil-ad Shaer, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Frenkel Prize will be awarded annually to a person or organization that works to unify Israeli society.
ISIS paraphernalia found at home of Israeli Arab teacher
Islamic State flag, scarves and propaganda materials found at the Umm al-Fahm home of an Israeli Arab high school teacher Suspect claims he got the Islamic State materials on a trip to Jordan for his studies and that he uses them for his work.
Israeli circumcision device provokes outcry in South Africa
Every year, dozens of teenaged South African males die of blood loss or infection in traditional circumcision practices "We need to boycott everything that comes from that pariah state," Congress of South African Trade Unions spokesman says.
Temple-era pilgrimage to Jerusalem makes a comeback
Thousands of Israelis to take part in two-day march over the Sukkot holiday Ministers, MKs, public figures plan to participate "The objective is to unify the Israeli people in the aftermath of Operation Protective Edge," say organizers.
Battle against Islamic State creates new alliances
Saudi Arabia and Qatar, among the most active supporters of the armed opposition seeking to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad, are now part of the coalition that appears to be helping him militarily, even if unintentionally.
Islamic State 'less than 2 km away from entering Baghdad'
"Obama says he overestimated what the Iraqi Army could do. Well you only need to be here a very short while to know they can do very very little," spokesperson for Baghdad-based Anglican Christian group posts.
Congress vote on Islamic State campaign could lag to 2015
"Incoming representatives will oversee this conflict, and they should bear the responsibility for authorizing it," says House Armed Services Committee chairman Obama's critique of American intelligence agencies draws sharp riposte.
Vatican pledges 100,000 euros to preservation of Auschwitz
"Given our limited resources, the amount is small, but it is an expression of our full support," says Vatican secretary of state 31 countries pledge more than 100 million euros to Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation for upkeep of former Nazi death camp.
Gaza war deals blow to Israel's tourism industry
Israel's thriving tourism industry, which had been on pace for record-breaking year, takes serious hit from Operation Protective Edge, with millions of dollars in losses Tourism Minister Uzi Landau: Despite perception, Israel is a very safe country.