Friday August 1, 2014
Israel Hayom
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IDF will destroy terror tunnels 'with or without cease-fire'
IDF calls up additional 16,000 reservists Three IDF troops killed in booby-trapped UNRWA clinic in Khan Younis, raising IDF death toll to 56 Defense minister: We will reach all tunnels, even if it means going into areas not previously entered.
Richard Kemp | Double standards, moral cowardice
If Western leaders will not support Israel's fight against terror, how will they fight the same terrorists when they reach their own shores?
Yoav Limor | Hamas pressured on both fronts
The growing frustration among Palestinians over the devastation of the Gaza Strip is exacerbating the pressure applied on Hamas by Israel.
Dan Margalit | Wanted: The right formula
Israel wants to maximize its gains and show restraint. A unilateral move should not overruled.
Dr. Reuven Berko | Hamas' death wish
If Hamas leaders really seek death as they claim, they would lead their fighters into battle, rather than hide in deep bunkers, surrounded by a human shield of civilians.
Boaz Bismuth | Don't hurt the good neighbors
We have enough enemies, so let's make friends with those who live here with us, who hold the same passports that we do.
David Bedein | Hamas' UN schools
Hamas created an entire apparatus whose mission was to maintain its grip on all the Gaza-based UNRWA schools.
Gidon Ben-Zvi | No home for Israel in the Democratic Party
Slaves to gut emotion, and averse to rigorous academic research, liberals do not bother to figure out who is right or wrong in any conflict.
Heavy rocket barrage coincides with emergency cabinet meeting
More than 130 rockets fired into Israel in one day, despite truce efforts Israel declares limited, four-hour unilateral truce Hamas rejects Israel's announcement, firing rockets and calling the effort "worthless" and a media stunt.
'This is a tremendous loss for us and for Israel'
Family, friends mourn Maglan unit soldiers Staff Sgts. Matan Gotlib, Guy Algranati and Omer Hay, who were killed in Gaza Strip on Wednesday "He always said they were sent where they were needed the most," says one soldier's mother.
Gal Pearl | The combat ethos is alive and well
IDF commanders in Gaza are carrying on the traditions of loyalty, selflessness, integrity, and leading by example.
'Let IDF complete Gaza mission, 14 years of terror are enough'
Mayors of Israel's southern communities demand IDF be allowed to continue Gaza campaign until terror threat is fully eliminated "If they reach a truce before the tunnels are taken care of we won't be able to go home," says resident of Kibbutz Nahal Oz.
Haim Kunzitz | A gun pointed at our children
If the tunnels aren't destroyed, Israelis are going to start to abandon parts of the country.
Report: Israeli delegation travels to Cairo for cease-fire talks
Egyptian newspaper Alyoum Alsabea reports three Israeli officials in talks with Egyptian defense officials, Palestinian officials have not been invited yet Hamas accuses Egypt of dragging its feet in negotiations.
The latest threat from Hamas: Paragliding terrorists
Hamas terrorist says group's commandos trained in Malaysia to learn how to paraglide into Israeli territory and carry out attacks against civilians Shin Bet: Hamas was building tunnels and planning attacks while receiving aid from other countries.
US Senate: Israel has right to defend itself
U.S. Senate unanimously passes resolution supporting Israel's right to defend itself against Hamas rocket attacks, terror tunnels U.S. allows Israel to tap local U.S. arms stockpile in the past week to resupply it with grenades and mortar rounds.
Military dog killed in Gaza blast saved handler's life
IDF canine Tamara took the worst of the impact in house explosion Her handler, Staff Sgt. T., was moderately wounded "She was his best friend; he's grieving for her," says his mother Oketz Unit holds ceremonies for dogs killed in action.
Bolivia president declares Israel a 'terrorist state'
After Latin American nations, including Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Ecuador and Peru, recall ambassadors over Gaza operation, Israeli Foreign Ministry says it is "disappointed" and expects "countries that oppose terrorism ... not hand terrorists a prize."
32 nations back making Yom Kippur a UN holiday
"We believe the U.N. calendar should reflect the organization's founding principles of coexistence, justice and mutual respect," 32 nations say in letter to U.N.'s Committee on Conferences "We urge the U.N. to recognize the holiest day of Jewish faith."