Thursday October 2, 2014
Israel Hayom
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PM to tell Obama: Iran is a greater danger than ISIS
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama at White House on Wednesday Israeli official: There is no reason to make concessions to Iran due to fears about the Islamic State group.
Dan Margalit | The art of disagreement
Ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama, their aides are tasked with finding verbal formulas both leaders can live with.
Boaz Bismuth | Asymmetrical expectations
Anyone who thought Islamic State would be beaten quickly was wrong.
Dr. Einat Wilf | The true Palestinian dream
Abbas' U.N. speech obfuscated the Palestinian desire to wipe out Zionism by vilifying Israel and pretending to want peace.
Clifford D. May | Iran rising
Weakening Islamic State while strengthening the Islamic republic would be a blunder of historic proportions.
Sarah N. Stern | The law of unintended consequences
The U.S. has constantly made the error of ignoring one evil, while focusing upon another.
Uzay Bulut | Turkey's relations with Hamas, ISIS and the West
There is a huge gap between the values and principles of the West and those promoted by Turkey.
Jordan: IDF helped us destroy Israeli spy devices from 1969
"Jordanian special forces searched throughout Jordan and we found that there are five sites with listening devices in them. Because they are located in populated areas, we turned to the Israelis for information on them," Jordanian military chief says.
Intelligence sources: Assad has secret stash of chemical weapons
Syrian President Bashar Assad is believed to be keeping the cache, estimated at hundreds of kilograms, in case his regime or life are in immediate danger Reports surface of the Syrian military using chlorine gas against rebels.
Terror victims ask US court to seize Iranian Internet assets
American victims of terrorist attacks funded by Iran, North Korea and Syria are taking the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to court in attempt to seize Internet assets ICANN: Any seizure would render the domains worthless.
Sara Netanyahu honored by Jewish leaders
At Jewish Federation event in New York, Sara Netanyahu, the wife of PM Benjamin Netanyahu, receives recognition for her work with wounded soldiers and bereaved families during Operation Protective Edge this summer.
Youth leader compares IDF soldiers to Nazis, causes outcry
Counselor asks students visiting Poland what the difference is between a Nazi who didn't refuse orders and an IDF soldier who doesn't refuse orders, says question is relevant in light of issues such as the "occupied territories" and the fighting in Gaza.
Former Tel Aviv Mayor Shlomo Lahat dies at age 86
After a long military career in the Haganah and Israel Defense Forces, Shlomo Lahat served four terms as mayor of Tel Aviv He is widely credited with helping turn the city into a cultural center and attractive tourist destination.
Gaza lions sent to Jordan after war damages zoo
Damage to the Al-Bisan zoo in Beit Lahiya during Operation Protective Edge prompts decision to move three lions to a wildlife sanctuary in Jordan The lions were transported out of the Gaza Strip via the Erez border crossing on Tuesday.
'Islamic State may become world's first terrorist state'
"We will see the risk, often prophesied but thank God not yet fulfilled, that with the capability of a state behind them, the terrorists will acquire chemical, biological or even nuclear weapons to attack us," British Home Secretary Theresa May says.
Police suspect man who fell to death was murdered
Investigation shows that ropes holding window washer Netanel Arami were intentionally cut Police looking into possible nationalistic motives Family accuses authorities of covering up motive for murder, calls protest march in Bat Yam.