Saturday February 6, 2016
Israel Hayom
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Arab MKs under fire for meeting terrorists' families
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu files complaints with Knesset's Ethics Committee against Balad MKs Zoabi, Zahalka and Ghattas after they meet with terrorists' families MKs urge attorney general to take action against them, consider impeachment.
Elliott Abrams | CBS's botched headline
The danger Israel faces is being ignored or buried by the media, even in the U.S.
Richard Baehr | Where the GOP and Democrats differ on Israel
For leading Republicans, Israel is not an afterthought, as it appears to be for the Democrats.
Yoram Ettinger | French appeasement deja vu
France's appeasement policy has fueled anti-French and anti-Western terrorism since the 1960s.
David M. Weinberg | Navigating the tumultuous Mideast
Eran Lerman's agile mind steers Israel toward new strategic thinking.
Netanyahu: War on terror is a long one, but we can win
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits border policewoman, IDF soldier who were wounded this week in terrorist attacks Tells fighters: "Your reactions and your resourcefulness prevented terrible disasters. The entire people of Israel embrace you."
Israeli teen sentenced to life for Palestinian youth's murder
Two minors convicted in 2014 murder of 16-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir sentenced to life imprisonment, 21 years in jail Abu Khdeir's family outraged over shorter sentence Court awaits psychological evaluation of third defendant ahead of verdict.
New online censorship rules draw fire from bloggers
IDF tells bloggers, Facebook page operators they must clear security-related content with chief censor prior to publication Yossi Gurvitz, a political activist who runs a blog, says he won't comply New rules essentially extend existing policy.
The new face of terrorism
A dangerous evolution in the recent surge of violence is lurking ahead, as terror cells take over for lone wolves, and mass-casualty means of assault replace knives Israel must calculate its next steps carefully if it seeks to avoid further escalation.
Heroines in green
The Border Police was the first of Israel's security forces to integrate women into combat roles, and the policewomen play a vital role at some of the most volatile conflict areas On Wednesday, Cpl. Hadar Cohen gave her life to protect a comrade.
Ruthie Blum | A tale of 2 young women
An Israeli officer saves her friend's life and dies in he process; meanwhile, in the U.S., 19-year-olds worry about cultural insensitivity.
Asking for trouble on the Gaza border
The complex risk-benefit equation of how to best neutralize the threat posed by Hamas' terror tunnels is compounded by the question of a pre-emptive strike's legitimacy Decision-makers should remain immune to populism, keep their eye on the big picture.
Using the Left's own tactics against it
The Israeli Left has made its opinion of democracy very clear: It just gets in the way if they're not in power That is why the Left is turning to the international community for help and dismissing anyone in Israel who didn't vote "correctly."
'I am proud of you, I salute you'
Hundreds attend funeral of border policewoman Hadar Cohen, 19, who saved her friend's life by confronting terrorists at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem "Each period has its own challenges and its own heroes," says Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan.
State comptroller, Likud MKs lock horns over tunnel threat
Likud MK Tzachi Hanegbi says comptroller's warning that the government must "urgently" address threat posed by Hamas terror tunnels is "puzzling" MK Zeev Elkin blasts it as "populist" Defense official: Report misleading and may cause public panic.
Dr. Haim Shine | Looking for headlines
Allowing political considerations to influence the work of the State Comptroller's Office undermines that important institution.
As terror rages, hundreds of ex-combat troops get gun licenses
Public Security Ministry issues 304 firearms licenses to former members of IDF's anti-terrorist unit, Duvdevan "There is a pressing need for far more trained civilians in the streets who can save lives," says Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan.
Israel Tax Authority eyes off-the-books religious services industry
ITA to target cut of gratuities traditionally offered to Jewish ritual circumcisers, private kosher inspectors, kabbalah mystics and rabbis who receive tips for officiating weddings "You can't come later and say you didn't know about it," ITA says.
Iran's army chief vows to bolster ballistic missile program
Maj. Gen. Ataollah Salehi says Iran will continue developing its missile program, says friendly countries should not be threatened Move violates Iran's deal with the West "We don't pay attention and do not implement resolutions against Iran," he says.