Friday October 28, 2016
Israel Hayom
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PM recalls UNESCO Israeli envoy for consultations
Carmel Shama Hacohen to report to Jerusalem as Netanyahu mulls further action after U.N. heritage body again denies Jewish link to Temple Mount PM: The fact the vote was not unanimous proves Israel is slowly breaking automatic majority in U.N. bodies.
Richard Baehr | The Jews will lose in November
If Clinton wins the presidency, no one can predict whether her administration will improve relations with Israel. And if Trump loses, anti-Semites in the "alt-right" will blame the Jews.
Dror Eydar | UNESCO's disgrace strengthens us
In the earliest extra-biblical Hebrew source to mention Israel's capital, a seventh-century BCE document states that flasks of wine are to be delivered to Jerusalem.
MK Benny Begin | 100 years later
A hundred years after the Balfour Declaration, the national home of the Jewish people is growing, rising and prospering in the land of Israel.
PM on papyrus find: UNESCO received a letter from the past
"This letter is 2,700 years old and ... written in Hebrew -- not Arabic, not Aramaic, not Greek, not Latin -- Hebrew." Netanyahu says in speech at Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, following find of ancient document, countering UNESCO's resolution.
Trump to Jerusalem audience: We will make Israel safe again
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gives virtual address at Republican event in Jerusalem, vows support for Israel, Jewish people Trump's Israel adviser says if elected, he will make every effort to move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.
IDC Herzliya inaugurates Adelson School of Entrepreneurship
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanks Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson, saying, "What you do for Israel, the Jewish people, science and other causes -- it's a noble cause" New school seeks to train future generations of Israeli business leaders.
National service slots for 6 left-wing groups under review
PM says he will work to revoke B'Tselem's national service slots after organization head's slander of Israel at U.N. last week CEO of right-wing group Im Tirzu decries "absurd reality" in which groups working against Israel enjoy government benefits.
Gathering intel on Lebanon border shooting, IDF rules out Hezbollah
Military investigation into drive-by shooting near the border town of Metula says incident most likely sporadic, not the work of the Shiite terrorist group IDF reports incident to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon Investigation ongoing.
State comptroller blasts military's ballooning pensions plans
State Comptroller Yosef Shapira reports $750 million in actuarial liability due to IDF pension increases from 2013 to 2015 Report notes lack of transparency by the military Defense establishment says recommendations are already being implemented.
Hezi Sternlicht | Transparency is the order of the day
There is no reason for the military to be secretive about the funds diverted to its career officers hard-earned pension plans.
PM, comptroller to meet ahead of report on 2014 Gaza campaign
PM Netanyahu plans to present State Comptroller Yosef Shapira with minutes of 13 cabinet meetings discussing the threat posed by Hamas grid of terror tunnels Meeting unusual as comptrollers are not usually privy to such sensitive security information.
Latest Iranian threat to region includes alleged suicide drone
Iranian news agency Tasnim says drone can carry explosives, cover over 620 miles and fly for four hours Earlier this month the Islamic Republic declared it successfully copied the technology used in an American drone captured in 2011.
Hundreds attend funeral of teen killed on Egyptian border
No Defense Ministry official attends funeral of Bedouin boy shot by Egyptian soldier, family is outraged: "It's painful to be treated like this," says teen's cousin Defense Ministry says representatives to pay visit in coordination with Abu Amar family.
Justice minister: AG has no veto power over legislation proposals
Ayelet Shaked: The attorney general can counsel the government, but when it comes to legislation, there's no such thing as veto power and Knesset has final say Mendelblit: Political echelon must understand rule of law doesn't mean the rule of AG.
Tel Aviv to unveil new Altalena memorial
New monument includes metal-plated cement model of Altalena ship, in which it appears to be sinking into the water Boat is inscribed with quote from then-Irgun leader Menachem Begin, who was aboard the ship at the time: "We can never have a civil war."
American journalist accuses Israeli colleague of harassment
In article encouraging women to share their experiences with sexual assault, Jewish Journal reporter Danielle Berrin alleges that an accomplished Israeli journalist "grabbed and groped and pulled" her when she tried to interview him in a hotel lobby.
Aid chief 'incandescent with rage' over UN's inaction on Syria
"The buck stops with you," Stephen O'Brien tells 15-member council in monthly briefing "If you don't take action, there will be no Syrian peoples or Syria to save -- that will be this council's legacy, our generation's shame," he rebukes council.
As battle rages, Islamic State, Iraqi army face off south of Mosul
Ten days into what is expected to be the biggest ground offensive in Iraq in over a decade, Iraqi forces push to dislodge jihadis, who stage fierce pushback Local officials say Islamic State has executed dozens of prisoners near Mosul.
Cathay Pacific to launch Tel Aviv-Hong Kong route
Airline, which has won World's Best Airline award four times, to operate four weekly flights as of March 2017 "We are excited to be launching direct line to Tel Aviv. ... Israel offers tremendous potential for business," Cathay Pacific official says.