Monday September 1, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Israel to appropriate 1,000 acres in Gush Etzion; US urges reversal of move
Large land tract in Gush Etzion to be declared state land, COGAT announces Move comes in wake of kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens not far from the land in question Bennett: This is an answer to terrorism. Hamas murders and we build.
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach | Ban Ki-moon's Israel-condemnation addiction
The citizens of the world deserve a U.N. chief who can, at the very least, distinguish between right and wrong.
Prof. Efraim Inbar | Hamas was defeated -- until the next time
Israel's goal of "mowing the grass" in Gaza was achieved.
Dr. Gabi Avital | The UN, an empty presence
How are there still public officials who believe that U.N. troops should be the ones supervising, for example, the border crossings with the Gaza Strip?
Dan Margalit | A return to the United Israel Appeal
Israel is now at a crossroads between self-pity and rising to the occasion.
Fierce clashes between Syrian military, rebels near Israel border
Mortar shell fired from Syria strikes Israeli territory as Syrian military continues to battle rebels near Quneitra border crossing Syrian military reportedly planning to try to retake crossing Syrian drone intercepted over Israeli airspace.
Zvika Fogel | A reality of terrorism
The reality we live in requires us to respond to terrorist threats coming at us from all directions.
Syrian drone shot down over northern Israel
Israeli Air Force Patriot missile battery shoots down Syrian military drone near Quneitra border crossing Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon: We will not allow attempts to harm our citizens or soldiers, whether intentional or not.
Dr. Jill Bellamy | Emerging technologies in mass-casualty terrorism
3-D mass production of disposable drones would be a game changer for weapons of mass destruction and future terrorist methods and tactics.
After tense summer, Israeli children return to school
Teachers plan relaxation activities to ease children into school year after a summer of sirens New educational program about racism and incitement to be implemented this school year Education Ministry says southern Israel is ready for school.
President Reuven Rivlin | Teachers on the frontline
There is no enemy in the war Israel's teachers are fighting. We all win or we all lose.
WATCH: The surreal summer of 2014
Looking back on the summer of Operation Protective Edge, what can be said about Israeli society and the Middle East? Danielle Roth discusses the implications of this past summer with Israel Hayom editor Steve Ganot and columnist Ruthie Blum.
Chana Rosenfelder | The true test
As we have seen this summer, loving-kindness, going beyond the call of duty, giving generously to those in need, is in our blood.
Cabinet approves 'economic Iron Dome' package for south
$363 billion to be allocated to southern communities over three years for infrastructure, housing, cultural development Local authorities praise package Budget cuts of $560 million to all ministries except Defense Ministry passed.
'Palestinians can't sue Israel unless they join Rome Statute'
ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda rejects claims that ICC has avoided opening probe into alleged Israeli war crimes due to political pressure Bensouda says Palestinians could join Rome Statute, but have not yet decided whether to do so.
Fatah-Hamas rift grows as PA makes arrests
Palestinian Authority and Fatah accuse Hamas of looting aid sent to Gazan citizens and for carrying out crimes against Fatah members in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge, including shooting the legs of dozens and imposing house arrest.
Jordan to NATO: ISIS terrorists have infiltrated our borders
Iraqi troops with U.S. air force backing are trying to lift a two-month siege against the mostly Turkmen Shiite town of Amirli Australia drops weapons to Kurdish fighters in Iraqi army UK ambassador: We'll help Jordan against foreseeable threats.
France: 2 teenage girls planned to attack synagogue
Two teenaged girls belong to a group of about 60 young Islamists who are being monitored by European security services The girls were charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism Islamists increasingly connecting online, through social media.