Saturday April 25, 2015
Israel Hayom
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IDF strikes Gaza following Independence Day rocket fire
Rocket fired from Gaza explodes in Shaar Henegev Regional Council causing no harm Defense officials say fire likely the work of rogue terrorist group, not Hamas South's regional council heads say government, IDF must prevent security escalation.
David M. Weinberg | Boost the defense budget
The IDF must be ready for unrelenting combat over the coming decade, and this costs plenty. Israel dare not skimp in this regard. Its independence depends on robust defense readiness.
Dore Gold | Why does the West apologize to Iran?
The Iranian question is part of a deeper debate about historical truth that has been simmering below the surface in Washington for more than a decade.
Clifford D. May | Times that try congressmen's souls
Members of Congress are facing the test of their political lives. America's national security is about to be imperiled. American sovereignty is about to be surrendered.
Ruthie Blum | To Israel with love
Israel's imperfections are numerous, but I grow more and more in love with it with each passing year.
Sarah N. Stern | A Pyrrhic victory
Without having a verifiable, written record of the agreement reached between the P5+1 and Iran, we can safely conclude that what we now have is neither a "framework" nor an "agreement."
The Left's prophecy of doom
In an unrestrained interview, ad man Udi Pridan, who led Moshe Kahlon's campaign, exposes the tragic flaws that led to the Left's demise With his blatant racism and a profound lack of self awareness, he refuses to acknowledge the Left's shortcomings.
Government in the making
Every possible coalition negotiation scenario sees ultra-Orthodox parties Shas and United Torah Judaism as part of the next government Habayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett is in a bind over his prolonged loggerheads with PM Netanyahu.
Trouble beneath the surface
Not only is the Temple Mount the subject of a war over its physical control, it is also a political football in a long-running propaganda game.
Russia: Iran won't get S-300 missiles in foreseeable future
Russian Foreign Ministry official says Moscow must finalize its own political and legal proceedings prior to going through with the deal Defense Ministry says no timetable has been set for anti-aircraft missile defense system's delivery to Iran.
57% of Americans disapprove of Obama's Iran policies, poll finds
Overall, 65% of Americans believe Iran poses real threat to U.S. national security, according to a new Fox News poll Some 50% believe that negotiating with Iran is the wrong thing to do because it cannot be trusted to honor any agreement.
Bob Dylan 'I hope that you die' lyric mars Memorial Day event
Speaker at Oranim College Memorial Day ceremony sparks outrage by quoting Dylan's antiwar song "Masters of War" Administrators later apologize, saying it reflected "poor judgment" Two soldiers kicked out of ceremony at girls' school due to attire.
Downplaying rift, Biden defends Obama's support for Israel
Speaking at a gala in Washington to mark Israel's Independence Day, U.S. vice president seeks to allay concerns over emerging nuclear deal with Iran Biden promises Israel delivery of top-flight F-35 fighter jets next year to maintain its military edge.
Israel celebrates Independence Day with food, jets and rain
Despite unseasonably cold weather, some 150,000 Israelis traveled throughout the country's nature parks for family barbecues in celebration of Independence Day U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon tries Israeli delicacy shakshouka at NYC celebration.
US strike killed American, Italian hostages; Obama apologizes
President Barack Obama says he takes "full responsibility" for botched January drone strike on al-Qaida compound in Pakistan, in which American Warren Weinstein and Italian Giovanni Lo Porto were killed.
Elliott Abrams | Warren Weinstein, RIP
Warren spent his life serving his country and fulfilling his vision of how a good life should be constructed and lived.
As Iran talks resume Republicans seek changes that may derail deal
Bill that creates congressional review period for nuclear deal may be revised to include tougher provisions "Without this bill, there is nothing stopping the president from bypassing American people," says lawmaker Kerry to meet Iranian counterpart.
Judge lets Rhode Island intervene in oldest synagogue lawsuit
Lawsuit pits nation's first Jewish congregation in New York City against the 250-year-old Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island Fight began when Newport's congregation agreed to sell ceremonial bells to Museum of Fine Arts in Boston for $7.4 million.