Tuesday September 16, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Israeli tourists warned of Islamic State threat in Europe
Israel's Counterterrorism Bureau issues warning about risk of terrorist attacks against Jewish and Israeli targets across the globe during the High Holidays "Graduates of Syria and Iraq" pose threat in Western Europe, warning cautions.
Boaz Bismuth | Be careful out there
The danger is waiting in the weeds, around every corner. While the world intends to attack ISIS on its turf, it also needs to be ready to get hit on the home front.
Zalman Shoval | Regional opportunities and risks
Israel's relationship with part of the moderate Sunni Arab world is budding. But Israel must be careful.
Ruthie Blum | We should act accordingly
The strong warnings issued to Israelis and Jews against travel abroad, particularly to Western Europe, point to a specific, clear and present danger.
Nadav Shragai | Re-liberate Jerusalem
Israel cannot continue holding the stick at both ends in the Arab neighborhoods. It cannot demand control over the territory yet treat the residents there as an unnecessary burden.
Dror Eydar | Bringing the brothers home
We must bring Jewish immigration back to the forefront and direct the massive waves of immigration toward us.
Defense minister: Security costs money, there are no cheap wars
Finance Ministry issues updated report indicating that the recent Gaza operation cost a total of 6.53 billion shekels ($1.8 billion) and not more than 9 billion shekels ($2.5 billion) -- the sum that the defense establishment and military are asking.
UN troops abandon Syria posts, cross into Israel amid fighting
U.N. peacekeepers are pulling out from four positions and a camp on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, due to deterioration of security in the area Decision comes after recent skirmishes between UNDOF troops and al-Qaida-linked militants.
Hamas denies report Khaled Mashaal leaving Qatar
After Qatar asks several Muslim Brotherhood leaders to leave at Egypt's request, Arab media reports that Khaled Mashaal is also relocating Hamas spokesman: Reports meant solely to sow tension and confusion and pit Hamas against Qatar.
Last Israeli wounded in Gaza war released from hospital
Gadi Yarkoni was wounded in the mortar attack on Kibbutz Nirim that killed Zevik Etzion and Shahar Melamed an hour before the cease-fire took effect Dr. Amir Korngreen: I told him that when he comes back to visit us at Soroka, I want him to be walking.
Group: Remove Carmel fire victim's name from IDF memorial
Yad Labanim veterans memorial organization sends a letter to Haifa municipality, saying, "Elad [Riven], of blessed memory, was not an Israel Defense Forces soldier, rather he was a volunteer firefighter," and should not be included on the plaque.
WATCH: Israelis 'get things done,' says investor
What sets apart Israeli high-tech and innovation? What makes a successful entrepreneur? Watch as entrepreneur and investor Jeff Pulver speaks to Israel Hayom's Lital Shemesh about the Israeli startup environment.
Bank of Israel governor among world's top central bank chiefs
Prestigious Global Finance magazine names Bank of Israel Governor Dr. Karnit Flug one of the world's top seven central bank governors Other top scorers hail from Taiwan, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.
US strikes Islamic State target southwest of Baghdad
World powers meeting in Paris give public backing to military action to fight the Islamic State in Iraq France sends jets on reconnaissance mission to Iraq Iran's supreme leader spurns U.S. overture to cooperate against the Islamic State.
US will retaliate against Assad if American jets are targeted
If the Syrian president threatens U.S. forces fighting the Islamic State, it would put his air defenses at risk, U.S. officials warn American lawmakers race to authorize President Barack Obama's expanded mission to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels.
Is Tel Aviv home to the world's biggest toilet?
Dan Regional Association for Environmental Infrastructure aims to raise awareness of the hazards of wet wipes, which they say cause tens of millions in damage to urban infrastructure each year, by erecting giant toilet in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square.
Eilat Red Sea underwater photo competition eyes world record
One hundred and thirty divers from 16 countries seek record for largest underwater live-stream audience, still await information on final number of live-stream views Contest was live-streamed via YouTube to tens of thousands of viewers across globe.
Dolls stuffed with drugs, bullets found at Ben-Gurion Airport
Israeli citizen and Uzbek national detained after toys containing weapons and drugs were found in their baggage, in what police believe was a smuggling attempt A source close to the investigation says it may have been a test of Israeli airport security.
Report: 40% of European Jews conceal their Jewish identity
European Jewish Association and Rabbinical Center of Europe report states that 75 percent of European Jewish children don't go to Jewish schools, intermarriage rate in Europe is 80 percent Some 500,000 Jews expected in synagogue for Rosh Hashanah.
Former SS guard charged with 300,000 counts of accessory to murder
Oskar Groening guarded Auschwitz death camp in Poland between May and June 1944, when some 300,000 Hungarian Jews were gassed to death "He helped the Nazi regime benefit economically, and supported the systematic killings," says state prosecutors.