Wednesday November 25, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Turkey downs Russian warplane near Syria border
Turkish fighter jets shoot down Russian SU-24 near Syrian border after repeatedly warning it over airspace violations Russia confirms one of its jets was downed, claims it never violated Turkish airspace.
Ruthie Blum | Way to go, Obama
It is doubtful that U.S. President Barack Obama expected his kowtowing to radical Muslims, while abandoning peaceful ones, would lead to a global war.
Prof. Eugene Kontorovich | How to fight labeling
Fortunately, Israel has tools to fight the European Union's product labeling move -- it is time to use them.
Adam Talmud | As Israeli as it gets
A new immigrant writes to his younger brother: Making aliyah and joining the Israel Defense Forces makes you a part of the warmest and craziest community in the world.
Netanyahu calls to prepare for 'continued struggle'
"We are determined in the war against the terrorism of lone-wolf attackers who have been subject to incitement," says PM Benjamin Netanyahu Arab man mistakenly stabbed by two attackers in Jerusalem condemns violence: "In this situation, we all lose."
Dr. Haim Shine | Time is of the essence
As time passes, Israeli restraint and proportionality could be perceived by the Palestinians as weakness and lead to a broader conflagration.
Soldier murdered by terrorist 12 years after uncle dies in attack
Ziv Mizrahi's parents refused to let him join an IDF combat unit for fear of suffering another tragedy, but on Monday, a terrorist stabbed him to death at a gas station on route 443 "I could sense that something was wrong," his mother recounts.
Tzahi Dickstein | Take the fight to the enemy
The battle must be moved immediately to the Palestinian villages, this is what the army is for.
Terrorist rams car into Israeli security personnel, wounding 4
Attack, at Tapuach Junction in Samaria, comes as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in Israel to try and calm a recent surge of violence Security personnel shoot and seriously wound attacker Three of the victims lightly hurt, one moderately.
IDF deploys more troops across Judea and Samaria
Cracking down on terrorism, military increases presence on the ground, employs stricter inspection procedures for Palestinian cars, individuals "We are pursuing two avenues of operations, countermeasures and prevention," Prime Minister Netanyahu says.
Dan Margalit | Measured steps
Perhaps in a few months' time, a gradual, moderate approach to fighting terrorism will prove itself once again.
Kerry: Palestinian attacks must be condemned
On one-day visit to Israel amid surging wave of violence, U.S. secretary of state says will discuss with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ways of restoring calm Netanyahu tells Kerry there can be no peace during 'onslaught of terror.'
Reports: IAF strikes site in Syria
Syrian media outlets: Israeli Air Force bombed a joint Hezbollah and Syrian military position in the mountainous Qalamoun region Meanwhile in the Gaza Strip, IAF targets a Hamas site in response to rocket fire.
Likud outraged by Bennett's inflammatory rhetoric
PM rebukes Habayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett for comments made at meeting with party activists At meeting, Bennett said, "[Netanyahu] spoke abroad about a unilateral step -- and retracted his words only after I fired a bullet between his eyes."
Pollard 'still not free' after release from prison, attorneys say
The "unreasonable and unlawful" terms of parole impose strict curfew, prohibit use of Internet, require electronic ankle bracelet, and have even cost him his first job Free Pollard campaign asks Knesset members to leave the battle to his attorneys.
Israeli plane missile defense system passes NATO test
Elbit's Multi Spectral Infrared Countermeasures system protects passenger planes from heat-seeking missiles, shoulder-launched rockets System adapted to 20 aircraft models Successful test could lead to deals with NATO's 28 member states, Elbit hopes.
Knesset approves haredi draft exemptions until 2023
Amendments to draft law strike down criminal sanctions for haredi men who fail to enlist even when quotas are not met Amendments pass third and second readings with a 49-36 majority Law to go into effect in 2023, according to changes made.
3 soldiers indicted for abusing bound Palestinian prisoner
Military Prosecution argues three are guilty of conduct unbecoming, aggravated abuse, over alleged mistreatment of a bound, blindfolded Palestinian suspect Soldiers deny allegations Defense: Their future should not be clouded by a criminal record.
French jets strike Islamic State as Britain offers help
Arrival of Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier off Syrian coast triples the French Air Force's firepower by boosting number of planes targeting Islamic State to 38 French President Francois Hollande to visit Washington and Moscow this week.
Prof. Abraham Ben-Zvi | Anatomy of indifference
Despite the bloody proof to the contrary, the Obama administration still insists that the rise of Islamic State is a marginal phenomenon.
Putin visits Iran bearing gift: S-300 missiles
Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Iran for first time since 2007, meets with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani Iranian ambassador to Russia: Moscow has started process of supplying Iran with S-300 aerial defense system.
Galilee dig reveals hummus was staple of prehistoric diet
Unearthed fava seeds show that prehistoric man living in the southern Middle East some 10,000 years ago preferred a diet consisting of legumes Researchers claim these are world's oldest domesticated fava seeds.
Transportation Ministry offers grants for natural gas buses
Transportation Ministry now offering grants of 150,000 shekels to public transportation companies that purchase natural gas powered buses for their fleets Use of vehicles powered by gas or electricity is expected to save energy and reduce air pollution.
Century-old Torah scroll being restored at Bronx hospital
Scroll dates to 1880, and the restoration is part of a decades-long effort to repair nearly 1,600 Torah scrolls damaged after German forces seized artifacts from Jewish communities during World War II Calvary Hospital: Restoration could cost $100,000.