Tuesday September 30, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Netanyahu to deliver 'razor sharp' address at UN
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expected to respond to accusations against Israel made by Iranian and PA Presidents Netanyahu meets Indian PM on sidelines of U.N. General Assembly, tells him "the sky is the limit" on future cooperation.
Dror Eydar | Abbas incites and we're to blame?
In his address, PA President Mahmoud Abbas juxtaposed the Islamic State group against a far more loathsome entity -- the State of Israel.
Dr. Haim Shine | Hypocrisy takes center stage
You have to be pretty untrustworthy to stand in front of the U.N. and accuse Israel, whose attempts to make peace have repeatedly been spurned, of causing war.
Dan Margalit | Don't skimp on Iron Dome batteries
Once the extras and debts are stripped away from the enormous defense budget, the IDF is left with far too little to work with.
PA slams US condemnation of Abbas UN speech
Senior Palestinian official calls U.S. criticism of PA President Mahmoud Abbas "improper, irresponsible and not worthy of a response" Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman: Abbas' speech made him irrelevant in any efforts to reach peace deal.
Dr. Haim Shine | Time for some soul-searching by the Left
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is about rights. It has no political solution. In such a conflict, mediation is ineffective.
Obama: US intelligence underestimated Islamic State
Syria has become "ground zero" for jihadists worldwide, U.S. President Barack Obama says in CBS interview Iraqi military not up to task of fighting Islamic State, he says Obama: If Syria is to remain unified, Assad regime cannot stay in power.
Hamas eyes 'Schalit 2' scenario
Senior Hamas officials urge the abduction of Israeli soldiers to facilitate another large-scale prisoner exchange deal Hamas and Fatah agree on new border security force to be stationed in Gaza Strip's border crossings with Egypt, Israel.
Lapid reveals one-time increase for defense budget
Finance Minister Yair Lapid announces additional 6 billion shekels ($1.6 billion) for defense, bringing the total defense budget for 2015 to 57 billion shekels ($15.5 billion) No tax hikes, despite increased defense spending.
Rioters stone Jerusalem light rail; Jewish cemetery desecrated
Unrest continues to plague Jerusalem, with light rail attacked while traveling through east Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat Vandals also damage 50 headstones in Mount of Olives' cemetery Police are investigating.
Armed Palestinian infiltrates Israel-Gaza border
Israeli security forces arrest Palestinian armed with two knives soon after he crosses Israel-Gaza Strip border Suspect believed to have been planning a terrorist attack Military investigating how he managed to infiltrate border undetected.
Court: Google will not be required to delete defamatory results
Forcing Google to remove search results if anyone asks turns the company into a "super-censor," Tel Aviv Magistrates' Court decides Verdict, which contradicts European High Court ruling, is expected to have major effects on Israeli users' privacy.
3 soldiers wounded in training accident off Haifa coast
Israeli Navy soldiers participating in maritime maneuvers in Haifa's waters sustain light injuries when the dinghies they were on capsize Naval vessel locates, rescues them within minutes, three taken to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa for treatment.
US-led strikes pressure Nusra Front to join Islamic State
Airstrikes on both Islamic State and al-Qaida-affiliated Nusra Front pit groups against a common enemy Nusra leader says strikes will not defeat Islamists in Syria 72 percent of Americans believe U.S. will send ground troops to fight Islamic State.
Report: Iran has cruise missile with 435-mile range
The new "Ya Ali" missile can reportedly be launched from the ground or from fighter jets in flight, Fars News Agency reports Prior to this missile, longest-range Iranian missile was 186 miles Iran claims to be world's sixth greatest missile power.
Israel's rhythmic gymnastics team doesn't miss a beat
Making history, the Israeli rhythmic gymnastics team, with an average age of 16, takes home the silver medal at the World Championships in Turkey The team is one World Championship medal away from qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Games.
Ben-Gurion Airport soars to new record: 521 flights in one day
Nearly 70,000 passengers pass through Israel's international airport on Sunday More than 1.4 million passengers are expected to pass through airport during High Holiday travel period High demand for hotel rooms throughout Israel.