Saturday January 31, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Iranian expansionism and the nuclear talks
Iranian expansionism in the Middle East is the best proof that if anyone is counting on a new Iran emerging, they are making a serious mistake. Iran will not abandon its nuclear ambitions.
Boaz Bismuth | The Obama version
The White House has always refused to call Islamist terrorism by name, and has now reclassified the Taliban as an "armed insurgency," rather than a terrorist organization.
Yoram Ettinger | Consider Iran's track record
A nuclear Iran would compound the clear, present and lethal threat posed by a conventional Iran to critical American and Western interests.
Dr. Reuven Berko | The triple knot
Hezbollah has no interest in opening another front against Israel, which could oust Assad and destroy Lebanon.
David M. Weinberg | Experience vs. experiment
Israelis are not becoming callously defiant of the world or of the Palestinians. They just don't believe the Middle East is ripe for peace.
Dr. Haim Shine | Media prefers gossip over significant issues
Rather than focusing on security or the economy, the media prefers to highlight trivial ones in the name of hatred for the Right.
Ruthie Blum | Holocaust and Hezbollah reminders
Iran and Hezbollah have made it no secret that they seek to succeed where the Nazis failed, and the West has to make good on its promise of "never again."
Dror Eydar | Yedioth Ahronoth's revenge
When an Israeli newspaper runs a headline implying that the Hezbollah attack on IDF forces was justified, who needs Hezbollah propaganda?
When the liberals go crazy
Jewish American journalist Jeffrey Goldberg will attack Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu no matter what, doing so with a profound lack of understanding of the Middle East reality But Goldberg seeks to curry favor with the American administration.
Anything to prevent a bad deal with Iran
Washington claims Prime Minister Netanyahu's alleged use of internal American politics over his Congress address is an affront to President Obama But Netanyhau will not let the importance of Israel's ties with the U.S. compromise Israeli security.
A new violent reality on the northern front
The latest escalation along the northern border has been curbed for now, but the calm is temporary Israel has time to prepare for the next round, while Hezbollah continues to try to engage in "untraceable" attacks on Israel from the Syrian Golan.
'We're not scared of Nasrallah'
Despite a wave of resort cancellations and a general sense of gloom after the deadly attack on the northern border, residents of the area are determined to resume normal lives, while staying vigilant This is a painful wake-up call, says a resident.
'Obama campaigner advising Left on how to unseat Netanyahu'
Zionist Organization of America decries perceived attempt by Washington to meddle in Israeli elections following reports that President Obama's closest advisers have teamed with the Left to defeat PM Netanyahu Group head: It is simply hypocrisy.
IDF secures northern border area, despite tense calm
Israel Defense Forces resumes drilling along the border to uncover possible Hezbollah attack tunnels Following deadly attack Wednesday, all schools and roads near border have been reopened, resorts expected to fill back up over the weekend.
Parties submit final lists ahead of March 17 elections
Twenty-six parties present Central Elections Committee with final lists ahead of elections Number of lists is smaller than in 2013 elections Over half of the lists are expected to fail to pass the electoral threshold.
Former minister Benny Begin joins Likud list
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu places long-time Likud member and son of iconic party leader 11th on party's Knesset list, says Begin is "a true patriot and a Zionist through and through" Last-minute bid to see Kulanu party join Likud fails.
Dan Margalit | A boon for Likud, the rule of law
Benny Begin's decision to return to politics can only benefit any political, diplomatic, and security debate.
'It was Boehner's right to invite the prime minister of Israel'
In light of questions over the invitation extended to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress, House Speaker John Boehner clarifies that it was his initiative, not Netanyahu's, and that the administration was notified.
Lawyers seek review of ICC refusal to probe Gaza flotilla
Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said in November that while there was "reasonable basis" to suspect Israel of war crimes in the 2010 raid on the Mavi Marmara vessel, the matter was not of "sufficient gravity" for the International Criminal Court.
Move to bar controversial Arab MK from elections
Likud MK Danny Danon and Yisrael Beytenu party ask Central Elections Committee to disqualify controversial Balad MK Hanin Zoabi from taking part in March 17 elections Petition says Zoabi's negation of Israel, support of terrorism, violate law.
U.S. Senate Banking Committee approves Iran sanctions bill
Bill will not impose any new sanctions during negotiations If no deal is reached by July 6, sanctions eased during negotiations would be reinstated and increased each month U.S. President Barack Obama, hoping for diplomatic deal, plans to veto bill.
Islamic State attacks in Sinai kill 30, wound dozens
Attacks display previously unseen level of coordination. At least one car bomb was set off outside a military base as mortars were simultaneously fired on it, toppling buildings and leaving soldiers buried under debris, Egyptian officials say.
Portugal to grant citizenship to descendants of expelled Jews
Lisbon government approves plan to give descendants of expelled Sephardi Jews Portuguese citizenship Portugal says sole reason for move is to redress a historic wrong "We regard this as an act of justice," local Jewish leader says.