Friday October 31, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Israeli authorities brace for 'day of rage' on Temple Mount
Israel reopens Temple Mount ahead of Friday prayers after closing site for first time in 14 years Massive police presence deployed as riots follow the killing of a terrorist who tried to kill Jewish activist Threatened MKs get security detail.
Dan Margalit | Restore the fragile status quo
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not want to rock the boat and this might disappoint several extremists in the coalition. But there is no better alternative.
Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror | The greatest challenge is still ahead
The real test for the relationship between Israel and the U.S. will be the potential agreement between Iran and the world powers.
Ruthie Blum | Haaretz's all-time low
Israeli media called the Jewish victim "right-wing activist Yehuda Glick" while only mentioning the perpetrator's Islamic Jihad credentials in the second sentence.
Gonen Ginat | Under the ground is not good enough
The Palestinians don't want us around. Not even underground Why are Obama and Israeli pundits helping Netanyahu?
Dr. Haim Shine | Jerusalem is the key to the land
The haters of Israel know the truth -- whoever holds Jerusalem, holds the entire nation. If we give up Jerusalem, we will lose Tel Aviv, too.
The price of Obama's temper
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not maintain a relationship with U.S. President Barack Obama at all costs, especially if the price is building in Jerusalem So far, Washington's arrogance actually bolstered the PM's position among constituents.
The untold story of City of David
Hamas and Fatah extremists are exasperated by a little-known island of Israeli-Palestinian coexistence Jewish and Arab toddlers race each other in the streets, their parents engage in mutual support Our weapon is peace, say City of David residents.
Jewish heritage sites in Arab counties face extinction
Old Jewish synagogues and cemeteries in Syria, Iraq, Libya and the rest of the Arab world are being turned into mosques or completely destroyed Several Jewish organizations are sparing no effort to preserve these historic sites.
The redhead who wouldn't give up
"I don't go up to the Temple Mount to demonstrate, but to reconnect with my Creator," Yehuda Glick says He did not expect to be targeted for assassination, but ironically, the attempt on his life may end up helping his cause.
Heading for a fall
The nature of U.S. President Barack Obama's final two years in office will be determined next week, as Democrats and Republicans face off in midterm elections With his arsenal empty, only a Republican debacle can prevent a lame duck administration.
David M. Weinberg | Remember, remember the 5th of November
Obama is purposefully engineering the denouement of the special relationship between America and Israel; just as he is doggedly overseeing the decline of America on the world stage.
'Iron Dome won't fully protect Israel from Hezbollah'
Senior defense official warns air defense system would be unable to counter full-blown missile attack from Hezbollah, says Ben-Gurion Airport's operations would be crippled immediately "It would be wrong to say Hezbollah is struggling," he says.
Police track down, kill would-be assassin within hours
Just a few hours after the attempt on Rabbi Yehuda Glick's life, police surround home of suspected terrorist Moatez Hijazi in east Jerusalem, killing him in a firefight Shin Bet to investigate why Hijazi was employed at Menachem Begin Heritage Center.
Hagel: Syria's Assad may benefit from US attacks on Islamic State
"The fighting can go on for years and years to what end? ... It's in our interest not to have an unstable Middle East," Hagel says, stressing the need to manage current threats while focusing on "some longer term strategies and objectives."
Hezbollah agent arrested in Peru after Mossad tipoff
Mohammed Amadar, 28, has been interrogated since his arrest earlier this week and is suspected of laying the groundwork for a terrorist attack, possibly against Jewish targets Police find traces of TNT, detonators and other explosives in his home.
Kerry condemns 'chickenshit' jibe against Netanyahu as 'disgraceful'
"We condemn anybody who uses language such as was used," Kerry told an audience at the annual Washington Ideas Forum in his first comment on the controversial report Umbrella Jewish organization: leaders must resolve differences behind closed doors.
Israel slams Swedish recognition of Palestine, recalls ambassador
"Sweden must understand that Middle East relations are more complex than self-assembled IKEA furniture," Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman says "What you need to put IKEA furniture together is, first of all, a partner," Swedish FM retorts.
'Politicians have no right to take away the people's newspaper'
Finance minister says will not participate in votes on bill seeking to shut down Israel Hayom Decision follows petition by Legal Forum for the Land of Israel to Attorney-General's Office warning of conflict of interest Public opposition to bill grows.
Gonen Ginat | Looking out for No. 1
Justice Minister Tzipi Livni seems adamantly against newspapers endorsing political candidates -- unless, of course, she happens to be that candidate.
Rivlin: Construction in Jerusalem should be out in the open
"It would benefit us to set things straight with our supporters in the world and explain that this issue [of construction in Jerusalem] does not need to be discussed yet again," President Reuven Rivlin says in exclusive interview with Israel Hayom.
Women read from Torah at Orthodox services, spark furor
Egalitarian religious Zionist minyan decides to test boundaries by allowing women to read from the Torah, says services are conducted in line with Jewish law Organizer: Orthodox women head companies, and only in synagogues don't find their place.
Nobel Peace Prize laureate gives money to rebuild Gaza school
UNRWA quotes Malala Yousafzai as saying that Palestinian children deserve a quality education, and "without education, there will never be peace" Hamas used schools and hospitals to store ammunition as cover to launch rocket attacks at Israel.
Musical about Nazi collaborator enrages Jewish community
Aviator Herbert Cukers served as deputy head of Arajs Commando, which was central in annihilating Latvian Jews during World War II Latvian-born Israeli filmmaker Boris Maftsir "disturbed" to see story of war criminal get standing ovation.