Thursday July 20, 2017
Israel Hayom
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Israel boosts Temple Mount security as tensions flare
IDF to deploy five battalions comprising hundreds of soldiers to Temple Mount compound as tensions flare White House "very concerned" by escalation, calls on both parties to "reduce tensions" PM Netanyahu says expects "everyone to help restore calm."
Dr. Ephraim Herrera | Don't 'contain' terrorism
We will never eliminate terror from our midst if we abandon the moderates seeking peaceful integration and fail to punish those who persecute them.
Dr. Reuven Berko | Flouting the status quo
The fact the Palestinians prevent prayer in Al-Aqsa mosque over metal detectors, whose sole purpose is to boost the site's security, shows they are indifferent to the holy site's fate.
Dror Eydar | Keep the metal detectors
If Israel removes the metal detectors from the Temple Mount, the Arab inciters will interpret the move as weakness.
'New security measure on Temple Mount will lead to bloodshed'
Arab MKs meet with grand mufti of Jerusalem, officials with Islamic trust managing Al-Aqsa mosque, say Muslim worshippers are barred from entering mosque through metal detectors until further notice MKs: Israel must not change status quo.
US envoy alarmed by Hezbollah weapons buildup
U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley directs "international community's attention to prevent further escalation of regional tensions," urges world to "apply more pressure on Hezbollah to cease destabilizing behavior, especially toward Israel."
Report: Trump nixes covert CIA program to arm Syrian rebels
U.S. officials say move had been long sought by Russia and is acknowledgment of Washington's "limited leverage and desire to remove Assad from power" Trump blasts "fake news" reports about alleged secret meeting with Russian President Putin.
In first, Israel Hayom weekend readership exceeds Yedioth's
TGI report, a biannual survey of media consumption, shows 34.6% of Jewish adults read Israel Hayom's weekend edition, more than rival Yedioth Ahronoth Israel Hayom also dominates weekday readership Overall declining readership affects both papers.
IDF reveals humanitarian aid efforts to Syrian civil war victims
Operation Good Neighbor provides tons of food, medicine and clothing to Syrians displaced by six-year conflict raging off Israel's northern border Aid funded mostly by donations "We can't just stand aside and ignore the situation," IDF doctor says.
Bill to prevent concessions in Jerusalem passes first reading
Proposed legislation would make the division of the capital contingent on the support of an 80-MK supermajority "Israel will not allow the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital," says bill's sponsor Shuli Mualem-Rafaeli.
Bill aims to impose penalties on anyone waving Hamas, ISIS flags
Bill seeks to impose heavy fines, jail sentences on display of flags and symbols of enemy states and groups in public venues Bill's sponsor: Israel has every right to protect its Jewish and democratic character Rightist group: Free speech has limits.
PM confident submarine deal will go through despite graft probe
"I told you that I wasn't involved in the submarine case and this has been made clear," PM Netanyahu tells reporters While Germany has postponed the deal's signing ceremony, PM says, "Things will be cleared up and I believe the deal will go through."
Thousands demand return of Hamas-held IDF troops' bodies
Some 5,000 people rally in Tiberias to support families of Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin, whose remains are being held by Hamas Shaul's mother demands government take action Lebanese media reports of "slight progress" in indirect Israel-Hamas talks.
Construction minister expands public housing beyond Green Line
Decision to increase public housing includes units in east Jerusalem "I am glad we managed to buy 94 housing units in Jerusalem, which will provide more families with homes and boost our presence in Israel's capital," says construction minister.
Struggle to integrate haredim, Arabs raises economic concerns
New report finds Israel's labor productivity falls below most OECD countries Ultra-Orthodox women's employment is in line with Israeli society, but some 50% of haredi men are unemployed "This is an impossible situation," Bank of Israel governor says.
Iran 'advises' US to move Gulf bases away if it pursues sanctions
In not-so-veiled threat, Revolutionary Guards chief Mohammad Ali Jafari says Iran's missile capabilities "growing rapidly," U.S. should "be aware that it would pay a high price for any miscalculations" Pentagon says has no plans to relocate Gulf bases.
Clifford D. May | A proliferation problem
Imagine a world in which both North Korea and Iran have nuclear weapons and missiles to deliver them.
Bunker exhibit on Hitler's life opens in Germany
The introspective will examine Adolf Hitler's life and ask how the Nazi party was able to rise to power in Germany Bunker where Hitler hid during the Reich's final days, along with the room where he and his wife committed suicide, will be reconstructed.