Thursday July 2, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Dozens killed in wave of attacks in Sinai Peninsula
Islamic militants unleash simultaneous attacks on Egyptian army checkpoints in northern Sinai, killing at least 30 Egyptian soldiers Attacks bear all the hallmarks of Islamic State affiliate in Sinai.
Ze'ev Jabotinsky | Islamic State has opened a window for us
Israeli Arabs have begun understanding that only Israel will protect them from the evils of this group. Israel must use this development and engage in a real process of rapprochement.
Dr. Haim Shine | Say no to populism
Having the gas industry's fate remain in limbo hurts Israel. Every day that goes by without finality inflicts real damage.
Dror Eydar | A barrel of nails
PA-sanctioned sermons given on the Temple Mount spew poisonous lies about Jews and incite violence.
Israel Fried | The disengagement: A media lesson
When media speaks with one voice, democracy is jeopardized.
Clifford D. May | Men of peace in a realm of war
Conversations with two Palestinians and one Israeli on the West Bank.
Isi Leibler | New Claims Conference scandals
Explosive revelations show need for drastic reform at Claims Conference.
Israeli dies from wounds suffered in Samaria shooting
A day after being shot by a Palestinian in a drive-by attack near Shvut Rachel, 27-year-old Malachi Rosenfeld, of Kochav Hashahar, succumbs to wounds IDF and Shin Bet conducting massive manhunt for perpetrators of the attack.
Hamas readying for next war with Israel, Shin Bet chief says
Shin Bet chief Yoram Cohen: Hamas unlikely to launch an offensive against Israel now, but is capable of fighting for a protracted period in the event of a flare-up "Popular terrorism" has seen drastic increase since 2012, Cohen notes.
Islamic State threatens to topple Hamas in Gaza
"We will uproot the state of the Jews, and you [Hamas] and Fatah ... will be over-run by our creeping multitudes," says Islamic State video from Syria Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz accuses Hamas of partnering with Islamic State affiliates in Sinai.
State Dept.: US won't protect settlements from boycotts
Obama administration takes issue with language of recently passed trade legislation, saying the anti-BDS amendment "runs counter to long-standing U.S. policy" toward disputed territories claimed by the Palestinians.
Palestinians remove rainbow flag from West Bank barrier
After Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar paints gay rights rainbow flag on West Bank security barrier, angry Palestinians cover it with white paint Jarrar: People don't accept different thinking in our society.
WATCH: Gay marriage -- is Israel next?
Despite tolerant attitudes among many Israelis, same-sex marriage remains unrecognized The broader context includes the unavailability of civil marriage as a result of a religious monopoly on marriage law Will love win in the Jewish state?
'We helped an old Palestinian man who was lying on grenades'
Lt. Cols. Betzalel Schneid and Ofir Zilberstein vouch for IDF's ethical tactics, willingness to take risks to minimize harm to civilians Zilberstein: There were very few cases in which we attacked a house that wasn't an explosives cache.
UCC church to divest over Israeli treatment of Palestinians
Top legislative body of United Church of Christ votes 508-124 with 38 abstentions to divest from companies with business in Judea and Samaria Delegates call on denomination's financial arms to sell stock in any company profiting from the "occupation."
France's Orange prepares possible split from Israel's Partner
Communications group Orange denies it is pulling out of Israel Orange says the two companies have struck a deal allowing either to terminate the existing agreement Orange would pay Partner up to $100 million if agreement terminates within two years.
US, Iran presidents issue warnings as nuke talks extended
World powers and Iran set new deadline of July 7 for a final nuclear accord U.S. President Barack Obama: Unless all pathways to an Iranian nuclear weapon are cut off, there will be no deal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: We need a better deal.
Hidden cameras, invisibility cloaks on show at Israeli spy expo
About two dozen Israeli companies exhibit products used by militaries, police units and intelligence agencies in Israel and around the world "It's the tip of the iceberg, what we show here," says retired Israeli military intelligence official.