Friday July 21, 2017
Israel Hayom
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Abbas to US: Temple Mount crisis 'extremely dangerous'
Hundreds of Muslim worshippers arrive at Temple Mount compound, clash with Israeli security forces as tensions flare over Israel's decision to install metal detectors at site Palestinian Authority president asks U.S. to "intervene urgently."
Dror Eydar | A national seismograph
At a time when the Jews reflect on the destruction and resurrection of Jerusalem, the entire world wonders what will become of the Temple Mount.
Ruthie Blum | Holy terror, Turkish delight
Turkish President Erdogan is eager to join Palestinian efforts to make Israel look evil in the eyes of the world.
David M. Weinberg | What status quo?
In any future peace talks with the Palestinians, Israel should present a plan to bring equality to the Temple Mount, including allowing Jewish prayer there.
Prof. Tova Hartman | Invite me to your schools
Higher education should be respectful of students' cultural differences while never losing sight of the big picture: a robust and impactful experience for all.
Yaron Blum | Temple Mount: Security alongside dialogue
The new security measures may be effective, but Israel does not operate in a vacuum and it must negotiate with others to reach some form of modus vivendi.
Israel-Jordan Temple Mount security forum to exclude PA
Jordanian royal family considers itself sole custodian of Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem PA President Abbas calls for Turkish involvement, angering Jordan's King Abdullah Joint committee will formulate security plan acceptable to all sides.
Israeli envoy demands tougher UN action against Hezbollah
"Hezbollah continues to violate Security Council resolutions. They're expanding their arsenal and seeking to destabilize the entire region," Danny Danon writes to U.N. Security Council Meanwhile, U.S. lawmakers push for more sanctions against the group.
Hungarian PM: We share the same security concerns as Israel
In interview with Israel Hayom, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban reflects on PM Benjamin Netanyahu's historic visit and says a "new chapter" has opened in relations Orban admits anti-Semitism exists in Hungary, but vows "zero tolerance."
The mouth of the volcano
There are plenty of signs that last week's shooting attack on the Temple Mount was part of a broader context of incitement by the outlawed Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement The terrorists had been raised on the lie that "Al-Aqsa is in danger."
We must honor the Druze
A week after two Druze police officers gave their lives defending the Temple Mount, it is incumbent upon us to bestow the highest honors on the Druze community, invest resources in their towns, and show them the kind of generosity that they have shown us.
Hamas' irrational rationale
The Gaza Strip's rulers do not subscribe to governmental norms and are indifferent to their people's hardships, but the notion that Gazans will rise up against them is false Still, reports of Hamas' eagerness to war with Israel are greatly exaggerated.
Rivlin to Erdogan: Turkey should condemn Temple Mount attack
President Reuven Rivlin speaks to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan amid Foreign Ministry concerns that Turkey is inciting violence on Temple Mount "Terrorism is terrorism everywhere, in Jerusalem, Istanbul or Paris," Rivlin says.
PA tortured dozens of suspected Israel collaborators, court finds
Court expected to award millions of shekels to 52 Palestinians who were arrested and tortured by being suspended, exposed to high temperatures, dehydrated, physically and sexually assaulted Judge cites "preponderance of evidence" in ruling.
Temple Mount footage shows deadly shooting attack unfolding
Gag order on investigation into terrorist attack that killed two Border Police officers partially lifted Security camera footage shows terrorists changing clothes, smuggling weapons into Temple Mount Police: Attackers cynically exploited holy site.
Over 10% of recruits in IDF's summer draft born outside Israel
Among 325 new immigrants enlisting this summer, largest groups hail from France (93), Ukraine (62), Russia (52), and U.S. (41) 42% of this summer's recruits are female 379 recruits are lone soldiers, meaning they have no close family in Israel.
Border Police name new all-women unit for heroic officer
Oz Ve'Hadar Unit, Border Police's second all-female unit, honors Cpl. Hadar Cohen, 19, killed in terrorist attack in Jerusalem in February 2016 "Hadar fought with great courage and heroism. This is a very moving gesture," her father says.
Syrian army, Hezbollah launch offensive near Lebanese border
Commander with pro-regime military alliance says operation is targeting Nusra Front insurgents in the Juroud Arsal area in Lebanon and in areas of the western Qalamoun mountains in Syria Juroud Arsal is a known Islamic State base of operations.
Power-sharing deal between former foes taking shape in Gaza
Exiled Fatah strongman Mohammed Dahlan may return to Gaza in deal that aims to revive the enclave's battered economy and restore residents' sense of normalcy However, a stable Palestinian "mini-state" in Gaza could undermine the PA's statehood bid.
Azeri court sentences Russian-Israeli blogger to 3 years in jail
Alexander Lapshin is convicted of illegally crossing the border after traveling to separatist-controlled Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan He is acquitted of charge of "public calls against the state" His lawyer plans to appeal conviction.
Israeli family removed from flight after fuss over seat kicking
Brooklyn-based family says Jet Blue removed them from Florida-NY flight for "no reason" Airline: Family taken off not because child kicked seat, but because of "harsh exchange that included physical threats and curses" FAA: Not our responsibility.
Israeli, French space agencies launch climate monitoring mission
Venus vegetation and environment monitoring micro-satellite to observe 110 scientific sites on five continents every two days French space agency chief says project is "a great example of successful space collaboration between France, Israel."