Thursday December 18, 2014
Israel Hayom
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PM: Too many in Europe have learned nothing
European Parliament approves resolution supporting "in principle recognition of Palestinian statehood" • In New York, Arab-backed draft U.N. Security Council resolution submitted • Resolution sets end of 2017 as deadline for "end of the occupation."
Dr. Haim Shine | Does Europe not know what terror is?
The Europe of 2014 is not much different than the Europe of 1939.
Dan Margalit | The second Kristallnacht
A tsunami is blowing toward Israel from Europe, but the Israeli government has not prepared shelters in which to stay until the storm passes.
Eli Hazan | Europe's message of tolerance for terrorism
It is possible that Europe's openness could be its own undoing.
Sarah N. Stern | Chutzpah redefined
How can anyone on this side of the Atlantic claim to know better than the Israelis about what is good for them?
Dr. Alon Hasgal | New media reigns over elections
More than 80 percent of teens and young adults get their news from new media, social networks and mobile applications.
Elliott Abrams | What did Obama trade for Alan Gross?
It seems the U.S. will seek nothing in return for giving the Castro regime just about everything it wants.
Dr. Meirav Meshali-Ram | Pakistan: The price of extremism
The Taliban school attack in Peshawar was a direct result of years-long policies implemented by Pakistan's government and military.
Israel demands EU keep Hamas on terror blacklist
Minister Naftali Bennett: European court's decision to remove Hamas from EU terror blacklist cheapens the blood of Jews and represents a lack of moral clarity • Deputy Minister Tzipi Hotovely: Decision indicates Europe's detachment from reality.
FM Lieberman to boycott Swedish counterpart's visit
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is reportedly frustrated with Sweden's decision to officially recognize a Palestinian state without hearing the Israeli side • Lieberman accuses PA leader Abbas of expressing Hamas-like world views in Arabic interviews.
WATCH: Surviving terrorism
Four years after she was brutally attacked by Palestinian terrorists who murdered her friend and left her for dead, Kay Wilson tells Israel Hayom editor Steve Ganot how it feels to survive terrorism and what needs to be done for peace.
Kay Wilson | An ABC to the art of slaughter
Incitement needs to be dissected in order to break down hatred and work for peace.
Netanyahu's bid to consolidate Likud primaries upheld
Likud party's internal court accepts appeal by PM Benjamin Netanyahu, rules primary elections for both the party's Knesset list and its leadership spot will be held on Dec. 31 • MK Moshe Feiglin pulls out of Likud leadership race.
Israeli military court aims to 'cut off money supply' to Hamas
Israeli military court decides to impose much tougher penalties on individuals convicted of transferring money to terrorist organizations, namely Hamas • "Terrorism survives on this money; we decided to cut off the supply," says military attorney.
Geneva Convention signatories call on Israelis, Palestinians to respect humanitarian law
At a conference in Geneva, 126 of the 196 parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention sign a declaration emphasizing their "deep concern" about "the impact of the continued occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory and the closure of the Gaza Strip."
Survey: 30% of Israeli high school graduates rarely read for pleasure
Central Bureau of Statistics survey finds strong link found between reading and education levels • It finds that 24 percent of Israeli college graduates read for pleasure for 10 or more hours each week, compared to 15 percent of high school graduates.
Hamas deputy chief says group has patched up ties with Iran
"There are many indications that ... relations have been resumed in the proper way, as in the past," Hamas deputy chief Moussa Abu Marzouk says, possibly alluding to the return of arms sales from Iran to Hamas.
U.S., Cuba restore ties after 50 years, Alan Gross freed
After five years in Cuban prison, American Jewish USAID subcontractor Alan Gross is released as part of U.S.-Cuba agreement • U.S. President Barack Obama's move to normalize relations with Communist-run Cuba draws resistance in Congress.
Obama says no better way to celebrate Hanukkah than 'message of freedom'
Special hanukkiyah commissioned for the White House Hanukkah reception from the Max Rayne Hand in Hand (Yad B'Yad) Bilingual School in Jerusalem • Obama: We're celebrating redemption today, after the release of Alan Gross.