Monday March 2, 2015
Israel Hayom
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PM to warn US: 'Beware of compromises with Iran'
PM Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in Washington ahead of addresses to AIPAC and Congress Israeli official: We know details of emerging agreement with Iran. It is a bad deal U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry: We deserve benefit of doubt in Iran talks.
Dr. Haim Shine | Time for unity
We should all pray for the success of Netanyahu's mission, as our lives depend on it.
Prof. Eyal Zisser | A welcome Qatari guest in Washington
The secret to garnering Obama's respect is apparently to brazenly and repeatedly defy his wishes.
Jacek Chodorowicz | Bridge to the future
Operation Bridge of 1990 set the stage for a quarter century of cooperation and friendship between Israel and Poland.
Noga Martin | Let us run
People put themselves at risk all the time, but only running is demonized as a dangerous pastime that must be kept in check.
3 Israelis indicted for transfer of tunnel-building materials to Gaza
Gag order lifted on arrest of two businessmen and a resident of a town near Gaza border, accused of crimes including terrorism and money laundering of millions of shekels "This is part of a wider, alarming phenomenon" fueled by greed, police say.
'Iran nuclear deal a disaster of historical proportions'
Emerging nuclear deal would give Iran a "kashrut certificate for uranium production," Habayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett tells AIPAC conference in Washington Bennett: Israel is a lighthouse and an island of stability in the Middle East storm.
Jeffrey Goldberg: Netanyahu has 'credible case' on Iran
Journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, considered close to the Obama administration, expresses qualified support for PM Netanyahu's speech to Congress Goldberg: Any deal that allows Iran to maintain a native uranium-enrichment capability is a dicey proposition.
'Ex-defense officials urging PM to cancel speech are irresponsible'
"Commanders for Israel's Security" holds press conference calling on PM Benjamin Netanyahu to cancel speech PM's former commander: "Bibi, you are navigating all wrong" Likud: Left-wing generals support making concessions, dividing Jerusalem.
Former IDF chief: I was never ordered to strike Iran
When asked by Channel 2 interviewer whether PM can launch an attack on Iran even if IDF chief advises against it, former IDF chief Benny Gantz answers with a resolute "yes" Political officials say promo for interview was "edited in biased manner."
Left-wing activists rekindle housing protest ahead of elections
Left-wing activist Shai Cohen invites others to join second tent protest in Tel Aviv Cohen starts Facebook group called "I'm nearly 40 and I don't own a home" Tel Aviv Municipality says it will allow the protest to continue, but not indefinitely.
IDF holds surprise drill in Judea and Samaria
Air, ground and intelligence forces conduct large exercise that simulates soldiers' abductions, riots, and clashes between civilians and security forces Military says drill part of routine operations, "not necessarily linked to anything specific."
300 soldiers get disability benefits after Operation Protective Edge
Some 150 soldiers have 20 percent or higher disability, with nine classified as 100 percent disabled Defense Ministry received more than 500 requests for disability recognition Several dozen more disabled expected to be recognized.
Report: Egyptian army given green light to strike Gaza
Following the Egyptian Supreme Court's decision to label Hamas a terrorist group, the government's legal adviser sanctioned the legitimacy of an attack in Gaza, say media reports Senior Egyptian officials say likelihood of actual attack is slim.
Israel divestment movement gains traction at US colleges
Since January, student governments at four U.S. universities have voted on divestment from Israel Supporters of Israel: Boycotts won't lead to peace, especially since many BDS activists don't differentiate between settlements and Israel as a whole.
Joint Arab List head accused of inciting against Arab IDF soldiers
Attorney Hor Uriel Nizri wants Aiman Ouda investigated for his statements that Israeli Arabs who serve in IDF are "pathetic" Ouda says that his party supports volunteer service, but opposes "making civil rights conditional upon volunteering."
Palestinian city plan to move forward after water deal
Developer of Rawabi, the first planned Palestinian city in the West Bank, says Israel has agreed to connect it to water grid Rawabi, seen as a symbol of Palestinian state building, will have 6,000 apartments, a mall and an amphitheater.
Israel's natural gas royalties hit record high
Fees and royalties from natural resources add NIS 744 million ($186.5 million) to state revenue in 2014 Natural gas royalties up 39 percent from 2013 Infrastructure Minister Silvan Shalom: A blessing for the economy, helps reduce cost of living.
Dead to be honored at Olympics, but not specifically Israeli victims
Olympic Committee approves moves after facing criticism for refusing to hold moment of silence at 2012 Games for Israeli victims of 1972 Munich attack Steps include special mourning area in Olympic Village, "moment of reflection" at closing ceremony.