Wednesday April 23, 2014
Israel Hayom
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US warns of 'serious implications' to disbanding PA
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu comments on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' threat, saying the PA should "let Israel know when they want peace" Top PA official: We are fighting for a state, not for money from the US
Dan Margalit | Abbas cannot undo PA
The Palestinian Authority leader's threat to close down shop is largely an empty one.
Dr. Haim Shine | From Passover to Independence
We have reason to feel pride and joy in our accomplishments, but Israel must relocate its moral compass to realize the essence of its mission on earth.
Nadav Shragai | Ban Muslims from Temple Mount, too
To show the Muslim community that Israel will not tolerate violence against Jews on the Temple Mount, their access should be totally restricted.
Rabbi Avraham Krieger | Anti-Semitism's new masks
Israeli diplomacy must employ all the tools at its disposal to denounce any expression of anti-Semitism worldwide.
Elliott Abrams | Bouteflika's last election
This year's election did not move Algeria any closer to democracy.
Rocket barrage hits southern Israel during Passover holiday
None wounded in latest attack from Gaza, several shops damaged and rocket hits near Sderot synagogue during prayer service IDF responds, strikes two Hamas training camps, wounding at least two Hamas terrorists PM: "We hit whoever comes to hurt us."
Hamas, Fatah revive reconciliation efforts 'to pressure Israel'
Senior Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzouk returns to Gaza from Egypt to resume reconciliation efforts with the Palestinian Authority, after Israeli-Palestinian peace talks hit a snag Process aimed chiefly at pressuring Israel, says Palestinian official.
US Supreme Court to re-examine 'born in Jerusalem' passport case
Court to hear for second time a passport dispute over whether Jerusalem-born Americans can list "Israel" as birthplace White House: Taking sides could "critically compromise the ability ... to work with Israelis, Palestinians, others in the region..."
Lieberman: Umm al-Fahm will be part of Palestine, not Israel
FM Avigdor Lieberman vows to transfer the predominantly Arab Israeli area known as "the Triangle" to the Palestinian Authority in any future peace agreement Some 700 residents of Umm al-Fahm rally to protest price-tag attack in city.
'US to increase number of visas for Israelis'
U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro responds to debate over U.S. travel visas for Israelis: The view that Israeli youngsters are not welcome in the U.S. is mistaken, we welcome all opportunities to foster ties between Israelis and Americans.
As Passover ends, Israelis celebrate Mimouna
Mimouna festivities held across Israel on Monday night President Shimon Peres: Mimouna is a holiday that brings people together Some 1.5 million Israelis visit nature reserves and national parks during Passover.
Muslims riot on Temple Mount
Twenty-four Arabs arrested, two policemen lightly wounded when dozens of Arabs stone Israeli troops at holy site Jerusalem police bar Jewish visitors from area as a precaution Jordan: Israel's actions are an extreme insult to bilateral relations.
Beit El residents attack firefighters with rocks and metal rods
Altercation erupts while firefighters tend to trash receptacle fire in town Two firefighters taken to hospital for treatment Complaint submitted to police, says fire department spokesman Two suspects arrested.
IDF to actively recruit Christian Arab Israelis
IDF already seeing rise in Christian Arab enlistment on a volunteer basis Under new reform, IDF will send out summons to all eligible Christian Arabs rather than waiting for volunteers to approach them.
Woman misses father's funeral after Arabs stone her car
New Yorker Tova Richler, who arrived in Israel to attend her father's funeral, suffers shock after 10 Arab youth storm her car en route to Jerusalem's Mount of Olives cemetery "I never thought this would happen to me," she says.
IDF ID number 90210
Yarden Yehezkel, 19, grew up in the luxurious Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles Yarden decided she wanted to take a different path from her classmates -- by moving to Israel and fulfilling her dream of serving in the IDF.
Israel's GDP per capita hits new high in 2013
Central Bureau of Statistics says 2013 saw Israel's gross domestic product cross the 1 trillion shekel mark for the first time GDP per capita hits record NIS 130,700 in 2013 Private consumption up by 3.7%.
Next round of expert-level talks with Iran to be held in New York
Following reports of a breakthrough in nuclear negotiations over heavy-water reactor at Arak, Iran and West to meet in New York on May 5-9 Iran's senior nuclear negotiator says country wants finalized deal, but that the task was "complex and difficult."
US: Indications of the use of a toxic industrial chemical in Syria
Alleged chemical agent in question appears to be chlorine, according to State Department "We are examining allegations that the government was responsible," says State Department spokeswoman Assad government accuses rebels of using the chemical.