Sunday October 4, 2015
Israel Hayom
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PM: Israel is waging all-out war on Palestinian terrorism
As wave of terrorism escalates, Israel poised to "increase prevention, punitive measures," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says, calls in security chiefs Ministers to discuss wide-scale counterterrorism measures across Judea and Samaria.
Nadav Shragai | Time to regenerate deterrence
Saturday's terrorist attack in Jerusalem took place in plain view of security cameras, proving deterrence has been completely eroded.
Emily Amrousi | Loss intertwined with loss
Again, parents bury their children. Again, children become orphans. A 9-year-old boy recites the mourner's kaddish and tears everyone's hearts to shreds.
David M. Weinberg | Time for fortitude in Jerusalem
Authorities should be inspiring public confidence and safety in Jerusalem by increasing the military presence in the city.
Isi Leibler | Jews, Islamophobia and compassion for refugees
Allowing compassion to determine policy without reference to long-term repercussions is a recipe for the demise of Western civilization.
Elliott Abrams | Obama's vendetta against Netanyahu
The absence of Kerry and Power at Netanyahu's U.N. address marks a low point in the diplomatic history of the Obama administration.
2 Israelis killed in attack in heart of Jerusalem's Old City
Rabbi Nehemia Lavi and Rabbi Aharon Bennett murdered by knife-wielding Palestinian terrorist near Lions' Gate Terrorist, an al-Bireh resident, shot dead by security forces Bennett's wife and son wounded in attack Islamic Jihad claims responsibility.
Before Jerusalem attack, terrorist warns 'third intifada is here'
"Our people will not put up with how the Jews humiliate us ... at Al-Aqsa mosque," Muhannad Halabi writes on Facebook just hours before going on deadly stabbing spree in Jerusalem's Old City Halabi's home in al-Bireh set to be demolished.
Henkin orphans spend first Shabbat without slain parents
Eitam and Naama, who were murdered in a terrorist attack in front of their children on Thursday, are mourned in their community of Neria Although the four orphans' future has not been settled, they will likely be raised by their maternal grandparents.
Netanyahu says Israel's relationship with Russia is good
In CNN interview, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refrains from criticizing Russia's military action in Syria Russia being sucked into "quagmire" in Syria, U.S. President Barack Obama warns Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Boaz Bismuth | Putin thrives on Obama's weakness
Unlike U.S. President Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin is interested in results, not morality.
Israel enraged by PA's refusal to condemn Samaria murder
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lambastes Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' silence over brutal slaying of Jewish couple U.N. Mideast envoy condemns attack, says, "There is nothing heroic about the murder of civilians."
'Habayit Hayehudi acting like online youth brigade'
After Habayit Hayehudi ministers denounce government policies, associates of prime minister accuse them of shirking their collective responsibility as cabinet members Associate says ministers are engaged in deceit by alleging military's hands are tied.
Mati Tuchfeld | Ministerial responsibility
In case they forgot -- ministers share collective responsibility for cabinet resolutions. Their attempt to distance themselves from the government will not work.
Palestinian boy hurt while playing with gun, family blames Israel
Six-year-old boy accidently shoots himself while playing with his older brother's gun Family tries blaming settlers, investigation exposes lie immediately Palestinian officials criticize deceit, say legal action will be taken against the family.
Revenge attacks sweep Samaria after murder of Israeli couple
Defense officials warn Jewish extremists may target Muslim holy sites or stage an attack similar to the deadly Duma arson in retaliation over Samaria terrorist attack Multiple clashes between settlers and Palestinians erupt over the weekend.
Team behind Iran nuclear deal considered for Nobel Peace Prize
Nobel Prizes in years ending with 5 -- marking decades since the 1945 bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- have often gone to campaigns against nuclear weapons, placing Kerry, Zarif and their staffs among likely recipients.
Spain grants citizenship to 4,300 with Sephardic Jew roots
Madrid adopts new citizenship law for descendants of Sephardic Jews who fled the Spanish Inquisition Spain's Federation of Jewish Communities praises mass naturalizations Portugal adopts a similar citizenship path for Sephardic Jews.
Bill Clinton pays tribute to Anne Frank
Saplings from a chestnut tree in front of Anne Frank's house in the Netherlands to be planted outside Bill Clinton's presidential library in Little Rock, Arkansas as part of a permanent installation.