Saturday December 20, 2014
Israel Hayom
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US prepared to veto new Palestinian UN resolution
State Department says proposal, calling for 'end to Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands' by 2017, unlikely to face immediate vote Netanyahu: "We will never agree to unilateral dictates" Lieberman: "Resolution is very, very counterproductive."
Ruthie Blum | Poll dancing and wishful thinking
If Kahlon succeeds at pulling the wool over the eyes of voters who have an aversion to Netanyahu but see no alternative on the horizon, he will become the kingmaker of the upcoming elections.
Dror Eydar | Time to wake up
It may not be politically correct to warn against the Islamization of Europe, but it is based on fact rather than fantasy.
Dr. Harold Goldmeier | Young Jews stick with the Democrats
What will it take for the Republicans to gain the trust and support of young Jewish voters? More than the Republicans and Jewish community leaders are willing to do.
Israel under diplomatic assault
When Ramallah holds a gun to Israel's head to gain recognition for a Palestinian state, and when Europe removes Hamas from its terror blacklist, it is hard to deny: We are under attack Harsh messages from the U.S. aren't making things any easier.
David M. Weinberg | International condemnations: So what?
International condemnations and threats of isolation have been a permanent feature of Israel's history, and we have survived them all.
'Public apathy could bring Left to power'
Likud MK Tzipi Hotovely warns of nightmare scenario, says "national camp is fighting for its life" Labor members are unable to feign enthusiasm about the deal with Hatnuah Parties shopping around for political stars.
The cost of stealthiness
The number of stealth F-35 fighter jets Israel will purchase has been reduced from 31 to 14, due partly to concerns here and around the globe over its capabilities Is it the right plane to lead the air force into the future, or an overpriced mistake?
Personality or politics?
The most salient symptom of the shallowness of Israel's contemporary political discourse is the death of party platform Some parties no longer bother to write a platform because they don't think it is relevant, others don't bother publicizing them.
UN: Syrian fighting in buffer zone escalates tensions with Israel
U.N. Security Council urges warring Syrian factions to keep violence out of buffer zone between Syria and Israel, condemns use of heavy weapons there Resolution extends mandate of UNDOF in zone until June 30.
Gush Katif family comes full circle with officer who evacuated them
Nearly 10 years after the 2005 disengagement, Asher Ben-Harush invites the evicting officer to his housewarming party Ben-Harush: "I felt the two of us had come full circle. It was an opportunity to unpack our experiences, a correction to what was."
Israeli architect takes gold medal for Singapore project
Moshe Safdie's design for Sheldon Adelson's $6 billion Marina Bay Sands hotel complex has led to an uptick in the number of visitors to the Asian city Safdie projects include libraries, government buildings, and museums all over the world.
Islamic State fight to take at least 3 years, says US general
Lt. Gen. James Terry, commander of U.S. forces fighting Islamic State, says turning point will "at least take a minimum of three years" Several hundred more troops to deploy to train Iraqi forces Two Islamic State commanders killed in airstrikes.
Iran urged to show more flexibility in nuclear negotiations
"In spite of insufficient flexibility demonstrated at this stage by Iranian negotiators, we'd like to believe Iran does seek a long-term agreement," French diplomat says "We are not going to sit at the negotiating table forever," says U.S. diplomat.
Cuba's Jewish community celebrates Alan Gross' release
Cuba's Jewish community gathers in Havana to celebrate Hanukkah and celebrate Alan Gross' release Hamptons Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman: "Alan Gross is free. He's home with family and friends and on Hanukkah, no less."
Israeli delegation lands in Ukraine to aid Jews in distress
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews President Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein: Jewish organizations are using up their budgets on security, we are providing food, clothing, and heat to the needy and helping move refugees out of eastern Ukraine.