Friday November 21, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Shared fate: 'Druze and Jews will fight murderers together'
Thousands attend funeral of Druze police officer Zidan Saif, killed confronting terrorists at Jerusalem synagogue "The bullet that took his life cannot pierce the belief in coexistence. We won't let terrorism win," President Reuven Rivlin says.
Naif Alian | We are one family
The blood pact between Druze and Jews in the land of Israel began in the 1930s, and it will never be broken.
Dr. Reuven Berko | A chronicle of hate
Efforts to mimic Muhammad's conquests are today spearheaded by Muslim Brotherhood clerics, who inspire various terrorist movements.
Dr. Haim Shine | A battle over the divine promise
Our conflict with our Arab neighbors is not political, it is religious.
Dan Margalit | The Shin Bet erred
Shin Bet chief Yoram Cohen used a broad brush to describe Abbas' record, ignoring the fact that his actions are place-dependent.
Richard Baehr | Mass murderer moderate Mahmoud
There is really only one truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since its inception -- the Palestinians will not accept Israel as a state for the Jews.
Netanyahu slams Ashkelon mayor for suspending Arab labor
In wake of deadly Jerusalem attack, perpetrated by Arab terrorists, Ashkelon mayor orders suspension of construction work near kindergartens over use of Israeli Arab laborers "No room for discrimination against Israel's Arabs," prime minister says.
Jerusalem on edge after synagogue attack
Worshippers return to Jerusalem synagogue where four rabbis and a policeman were killed in a Arab terrorist attack a day earlier "It's a little scary, but we're going to have to go on with our lives," synagogue member says. "We're staying here."
Rabbi David Lau | Moving forward
The people of Israel always emerge from the pain stronger, more cohesive and more driven to continue on with life.
In rare move, UN Security Council condemns Jerusalem terror attack
U.N. Security Council calls synagogue terrorist attack "despicable" Israeli ambassador to U.N.: "It is too bad that only after Israelis are massacred during prayer that the Security Council remembers to break its silence about Palestinian violence."
Smadar Bat Adam | Biased media, no coincidence
So yes, part of the world's media is simply against us. Another part is after ratings. Palestinian terrorism provides the goods in this field; Israel does not.
Obama administration torpedoes bid to free Pollard
U.S. Justice Department parole board denies request to free imprisoned Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, with American officials saying Pollard's release would "constitute contempt for the severity of the offense and promote a lack of respect for the law."
Minister's decision to loosen gun restrictions hits computer snag
Despite the current tensions, technical difficulties mean Israelis are having to wait months for permits to carry weapons "This time period is not reasonable, not logical," says one Maaleh Adumim resident.
Netanyahu schedules vote to end stalemate on Jewish state bill
PM, coalition leaders agree on legislative mechanism for controversial bill, which cements Israel's Jewish character Compromise calls for two-pronged cabinet vote: one on Sunday, on a watered-down version, and another before the final Knesset readings.
Aide to Arab MK: We'll slaughter 50 Jews at soccer game
Knesset security chief temporarily revokes entry permit for aide to Arab MK Masud Ganaim, after security guard overhears remarks and reports them "I strongly condemn these comments, but [my aide] claims he said it in jest," Ganaim says.
First woman chosen as Air Force deputy squadron commander
Maj. Gal will become deputy commander of the Nachshon squadron at the Nevatim air base Nachshon (Gulfstream) aircraft participate in intelligence gathering and air traffic control missions I'm happy for the opportunity I've been given," she says.
Racism starts early, Israeli study finds
First study of its kind asks 2,066 students to gauge how much they would be willing to associate with students from other groups The most significant prejudice was from secular Jews to Arabs and Arabs to Jews.
Kerry in diplomatic overdrive on Iran nuclear deal
With less than a week before Nov. 24 deadline, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry makes last-minute push to secure a nuclear agreement with Iran Republican senators to Obama: Don't circumvent Congress in any deal with Iran.
'Islamic State is most serious security threat US is facing'
U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says dealing with threats posed by Islamic State is country's top priority "We've never seen an organization ... that is so well-organized, so well-trained, so well-funded, so strategic ... so completely ruthless."
Muslim, Christian, Jewish leaders unite to condemn jihadi violence
"Some organizations that are affiliated with Islam are perpetrating some actions in the name of jihad. This is not Islam at all," secretary-general of the Muslim World League Abdullah bin Abdulmuhsen Al Turki says.