Friday October 24, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Israel blames Abbas, Hamas for Jerusalem terror attack
Hamas lauds murder of Jewish infant in terror attack as an "act of heroism" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's spokesman says "Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas continues to incite against Israelis instead of being a force for peace."
Dan Margalit | Israel must not allow another intifada
Diplomatic peace efforts will only succeed if clashes are prevented before they happen.
Nadav Shragai | Open your eyes: Intifada
Decision makers are belatedly realizing this is not some passing wave of disturbances.
Steven Emerson | An open letter to Haaretz
You published an attack on me and my reporting without providing a shred of evidence to back up your assertions.
Aharon Lapidot | The death of a legend
Ben Bradlee was not just a journalist -- he was a fearless leader.
Israeli infant killed in Jerusalem terrorist attack
East Jerusalem Arab intentionally drives vehicle into crowd at a light rail station in Jerusalem Baby sustains critical injuries, later dies, eight others injured Driver killed by police "Arab hatred is merciless," says baby's grandfather.
Emily Amrousi | Her only sin was being a Jewish baby
Just a tiny bud, a seed only just planted -- and already cut.
Arab rioters clash with police after Jerusalem terror attack
In Silwan, the home neighborhood of terrorist who carried out Wednesday's attack, Arab rioters throw rocks and firebombs at police On Thursday morning, masked Arabs throw rocks at a kindergarten in Jerusalem's Maale Hazeitim neighborhood.
Two IDF soldiers wounded in shootout with drug smugglers
Drug smugglers open fire on IDF jeep on Israel-Egypt border Radio operator seriously wounded, female officer lightly wounded During shootout, in which at least three smugglers were killed, an anti-tank missile was fired from Egypt into Israel.
Yoav Limor | The link between crime and terror
The differences between drug dealers, weapons smugglers and terrorists in Sinai are minimal, if they exist at all.
PM, coalition party heads agree: No need for early elections
Ahead of start of Knesset's winter session next week, PM Benjamin Netanyahu holds meetings with heads of coalition parties Party heads commit to not toppling government in coming months, new team set up to deal with divisive issues within coalition.
Hamas military chief Mohammed Deif is alive, Mashaal claims
Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal tells Vanity Fair: Israel once again failed to kill Mohammed Deif during Operation Protective Edge, but his wife and two children were killed. Deif is alive and will continue to fight against Israel.
Soldier saves comrade in battle, saves his hand in operating room
Reserves volunteer Shaul Hanoni treated by same doctor, Oren Weisman, in field and in hospital after his arm was severely injured in a mortar shell attack during Operation Protective Edge "I've never connected with a patient like this," says Weisman.
Minister protests wealth disparity: 'Let Netanyahu's son be a welder'
Negev and Galilee Development Minister Silvan Shalom says promoting vocational schools in peripheral cities will increase socioeconomic gaps PM Benjamin Netanyahu: There is no one who worked harder than I to develop the periphery in all fields.
Gaza rebuilding slowed by trickle of aid, rivalry
United Nations devises a system under which Israel would gradually ease a ban on selling building materials to Gaza, with U.N. monitors keeping track of shipments in Gaza to make sure they are not diverted by Hamas for military use.
Israel, Australia sign new work visa deal
Israelis ages 18-30 with no children to be eligible for a one-year Australian work visa Israel decides that draft dodgers will not be eligible for the visas, with exceptions, including Israeli Arabs and people who did national service instead.
Attack on parliament, killing of soldier stun Canada's capital
Gunman attacks Canadian National War Memorial, parliament in capital city of Ottawa, kills soldier Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Gunman shot dead inside parliament building Police investigate suspect Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a Canadian convert to Islam.
New museum exhibit honors legacy of German-speaking emigres in Hollywood
"Light and Noir: Exiles and Émigrés in Hollywood, 1933-1950" tells the story of immigrants to the country from German-speaking lands, who for the most part were Jewish and fleeing from the tyranny of the Nazi regime, and the impact they had
Arab Idol winner wants to give back to Gaza
"My generation is frustrated. Everyone I met asked me to help them leave the country. They want to leave because they have no hope. Problems here are so big and complicated," 24-year-old Mohammed Assaf says.