Wednesday April 23, 2014
Israel Hayom
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PM: Abbas must choose between Hamas and Israel
Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas, currently holding reconciliation talks in Gaza, say that a unity government could be established within weeks Abbas demands three-month moratorium on settlement construction if talks with Israel are to continue.
Shlomo Cesana | Abbas, leading to nowhere
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is playing a game of nerves. Israel must show determination.
Dr. Reuven Berko | Abbas' fictional state
The inception of a Palestinian state alongside Israel is a recipe for internal Palestinian disaster.
Dror Eydar | Does Israel's triumph mean we are guilty?
The Palestinian collective has a state in Jordan and in Gaza and a mini-state in Ramallah. Is that inferiority?
Yossi Beilin | The time has come for a US visa exemption
What exactly does Washington want Israel to do in order to join the nations exempt from the visa requirement?
Richard Baehr | Obama's credibility is gone
When even Americans think their president is a liar, why should our enemies think any different?
Clifford D. May | In Africa, a real 'war on women'
Al-Qaida's Nigerian affiliate targets schoolgirls, while Western leaders shrug.
Ya'alon introduces new punitive measures for 'violent' settlements
Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon orders military, police and Civil Administration to prioritize razing illegally built structures in Judea and Samaria outposts and settlements where residents are prone to violently clashing with security forces.
Erdan seeks to dismantle Homefront Defense Ministry
Homefront Defense Minister Gilad Erdan says turf war with Defense Ministry cripples his ministry's operations "Having considered the homefront's and the public's interests, I have decided to take what I believe is the right step," he says.
Dan Margalit | The right thing to do
It is better to dismantle the Homefront Defense Ministry than to leave it devoid of any authority.
France withholds funds to association in east Jerusalem
French parliamentarian discovers that the money he pledged for an Israeli association helping French-Israeli students in Jerusalem has been withheld because of the organization's location beyond the Green Line in Gilo.
Palestinians suspected of torching terror victim's memorial
Monument for Gilad Zar, who was shot dead by Palestinian terrorists in 2001, was set on fire on Tuesday Zar's brother: "This is the way of our Arab enemies. First they murder and then they burn the memorial monuments."
Prime Minister's Residence restricts access to visitors
Following a string of lawsuits and wide media coverage, regulations covering visitors to Prime Minister's Residence become more stringent.
Ancient chisel discovered at Western Wall
Archaeologist Eli Shukron says chisel was used in the construction of the Western Wall Shukron: This is a very important piece of history Antiquities Authority says it will comment on find after tests are completed.
Sale of Iran-owned NYC building to benefit terror victims
U.S. government reaches settlement over $500 million skyscraper on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, agreeing to pay families affected by attacks aided by Iran Five Israeli families, previously awarded $272 million, among the hundreds of plaintiffs.
Suspected organ trafficking ring uncovered in Negev
Israel Police Negev District Commander Brig. Gen. Omer Peretz says alleged organ transplant ring would seek out young women in financial straits and offer them tens of thousands of shekels to donate organs Interpol assists in investigation.
Pro-Russian separatists reportedly abduct American-Israeli reporter
U.S. administration pledges additional $50 million to Ukrainian government during Vice President Joe Biden's visit Ukrainian presidential candidate holds secret meeting with Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and President Shimon Peres.
US to deliver Apache helicopters to Egypt, relaxing hold on aid
U.S. defense secretary informs Egyptian counterpart of the decision, meant to help Sinai counterterrorism efforts Aid was withheld following Morsi ouster last year U.S. partly predicates resumption of aid on Egypt upholding Israel peace treaty.
Elliott Abrams | Vacancy in Cairo
If the Obama administration believes in diplomacy, why has there been no U.S. ambassador to Egypt for eight months?
Mayor quits after anti-Semitic remarks tied to Kansas killings
Dan Clevenger, mayor of Marionville, Missouri, is forced to resign after saying he agrees with some beliefs of anti-Semitic Kansas murder suspect Clevenger: "We've got a false economy and some of those corporations are run by Jews."
Spanish town with 'Kill Jews' in name mulls change
Researchers believe the town received its name from Jewish residents who converted to Catholicism and wanted to convince Spaniards they opposed Jews The village's 56 registered voters will vote on May 25 whether to keep the name.
The sky's the limit
A record 1.3 million passengers pass through Ben-Gurion International Airport on more than 8,200 flights during Passover holiday, up 30 percent from last year Top destinations: Turkey, U.S., Italy, Germany and France.