Saturday April 19, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Hezbollah terror plot against Israeli tourists in Bangkok foiled
Hezbollah reportedly planned attack on Israelis in Bangkok's popular Khao San Road tourist hub Bangkok Post reports suspects were arrested at different locations in Bangkok after Thai police received intelligence from Israel about a Passover attack.
David M. Weinberg | Put it all on the table
Israel should place, for the first time, a very broad range of core issues for discussion on the negotiating table, from the Temple Mount to the Triangle to compensation for decades of Arab warfare.
Ruthie Blum | Dead wrong
Israel must stop releasing Palestinian terrorists whenever another round of "negotiations" to "negotiate" is in the air.
Yoram Ettinger | The Moses legacy
The U.S. and Israel are the only countries in the world that derive their vision and culture from the Moses legacy.
Until the next attack
The Passover eve attack on Route 35 raises a familiar question -- was it the action of a lone wolf or rather the work of an organized terror cell? IDF is optimistic it will get its hands on the perpetrator, or perpetrators, of the attack.
Yoav Limor | Terrorism en route to peace talks
The Palestinian Authority has no real interest in seeing a security escalation as it fears it will lose control of the situation on the ground.
Top-notch intelligence
In recent years, Israel's operation intelligence has been undergoing a revolution that could transform the way Israeli military forces operate in the field In the next war, troops will know exactly what they face in each sector.
Deep in the ground, high in the skies
For the first time, the Israeli Air Force opens its main command post -- "the Pit" -- to a journalist This is the place where officers and soldiers put together intelligence and process it into operational plans.
In Swedish, it doesn't sound quite so good
Increasing strength on the far Right, Muslim population growth, and boycotts of Israel are reaching all parts of Europe -- including Sweden Jerusalem Institute of Justice holds hasbara event at Uppsala University to give a voice to Israel.
Shooting from the hip
While most Israelis are focused on Passover, Knesset members are busy managing one of the toughest crises to hit the coalition since it was established last year Anger in Habayit Hayehudi over Naftali Bennett's threat to quit the government.
Dan Margalit | Learning from history
Ben-Gurion let talks with the grand mufti run their course, despite the latter's rejectionism. Similarly, Netanyahu must be allowed to test Abbas' seriousness.
Israeli and Palestinian negotiators still far apart
Teams meet Thursday in effort to salvage peace talks Impasse mainly over release of Israeli Arab prisoners, who Israel seeks to exile to Gaza or abroad Palestinians demand that if talks are extended, they will, for next three months, focus on borders.
Yossi Beilin | Don't push for a final deal
Rather than seeking a permanent Israeli-Palestinian accord, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry should be examining interim options.
Hebron: Palestinian 'Prisoner Day' rally turns violent
Palestinians across West Bank and Gaza Strip mark "Prisoner Day" with several mass rallies In Hebron, protesters clash with Israeli security forces, who use crowd control measure to disperse riot Palestinians say six people injured, 10 detained.
Gonen Ginat | What to call a killer
Is a Palestinian who murders a Jew a wild animal or a domesticated beast?
Israeli Arab journalist suspected of contact with foreign agent
Majd Kayyal arrested upon his return from Beirut event honoring Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese newspaper, for visiting an enemy state, allegedly contacting a enemy agent Kayyal says trip was "purely professional" Court remands him to house arrest.
Israelis celebrate Passover in nature
Israelis flock to parks to enjoy the festival of freedom with matzah and tents Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu surprises visitors, says it is a good time to tour "this beautiful country of ours" President Shimon Peres visits south.
Supreme Court toughens stance against price-tag suspect
Binyamin Richter is accused of destroying Palestinian property with two other individuals In other case still pending, Richter is accused of verbally abusing and spitting at Arabs and beating a father and daughter simply because they were Arab.
Shas introduces separatist path with new spiritual leader
At official crowning ceremony for Rabbi Shalom Cohen, the Sephardi ultra-Orthodox movement lays out more militant agenda Rabbi David Yosef: "Now ... when respect for the Torah and those who study it have been trampled, we say we are not a part of them."
Netanya crime boss Charlie Abutbul dead
Head of notorious crime family believed to have committed suicide but police say all leads pursued Abutbul is said to have been suffering from depression but family says "there were no warning signs" Death sends shock waves through Israeli underworld.
11 Israeli backpackers injured in Argentina after minibus overturns
One backpacker sustains serious injuries to her head and is hospitalized The rest suffer light injuries "None of the injuries are life-threatening," says Foreign Ministry Israeli consul in Buenos Aires to visit hospitalized Israeli woman.
US president sees fumbling approval ratings
Fox News poll finds U.S. president's approval rating down in all key demographics, as only 15% of registered voters lend him any credibility Ahead of 2016 presidential race, 49% say Jeb Bush is trustworthy, with 41% saying the same of Chris Christie.
US releases $450 million of frozen Iranian funds
International Atomic Energy Agency report verifying Iran's compliance with interim nuclear deal with the West prompts U.S. Treasury Department to release previously frozen Iranian funds "All sides have kept commitments made," State Department says.
NYPD disbands Muslim community surveillance unit
Unit deploying undercover detectives in Muslim neighborhoods has been largely inactive since Police Commissioner William Bratton took over in January Police believe "much of same" information can be "obtained through direct outreach."
Obama skeptical over Russian pledge to ease Ukraine tensions
U.S. and its allies are ready to impose fresh sanctions if Moscow doesn't fulfill its commitments, says U.S. president Russia, Ukraine, U.S. and EU meet to resolve growing crisis Russian President Vladimir Putin does not rule out use of force.
Kerry condemns 'grotesque' anti-Semitic leaflet in eastern Ukraine
"In the year 2014, after all of the miles traveled ... this is not just intolerable; it's grotesque. It is beyond unacceptable," U.S. secretary of state says Spokesman for group accused of being behind the leaflet: "We have nothing against Jews."