Tuesday September 27, 2016
Israel Hayom
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In NYC, Trump, Clinton meet PM, pledge support for Israel
PM Netanyahu meets with Republican, Democratic presidential hopefuls in New York Trump pledges to recognize Jerusalem as the unified capital of Israel Clinton vows to fight delegitimization campaign against Israel Candidates laud U.S.-Israel ties.
Zalman Shoval | The meetings on the sidelines
The use of the U.N. as an election campaign arena is an unprecedented phenomenon that emphasizes just how important foreign policy has become in the presidential race.
Daniel Goldman | A time to bridge the gaps
The holiday-filled month of Tishrei is a wonderful opportunity to overcome the differences plaguing Israeli society.
Dr. Yechiel Shabi | Know the history
We must recognize the history of the Arab settlement in Israel in order to deal wisely with the propaganda machine that they use to buy themselves exclusive indigenous rights.
'Netanyahu's leadership has made Israel stronger than ever'
PM Netanyahu has been able to mark substantial diplomatic achievements, including building bridges to moderate Muslim countries, as he has a better understanding of regional, global geopolitics than U.S. President Obama, American Interest magazine says.
Israel qualifies for its first-ever World Baseball Classic game
Israeli team belts British rivals scoring a 9-1 victory in qualifier held in Brooklyn Israel has won three games, defeating Brazil and U.K. teams twice The 16-team pitch for the title of "world champion" will be held in South Korea in March 2017.
Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani tells Israel: Americans love you
America supports Israel since "[we are all] in exactly the same boat" in fight against terror, says former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani at Israeli American Council national conference Giuliani blasts Iran deal, says he hopes it will be reversed.
Defense minister orders funding for IDF Jewish conversion course
"The military is making major efforts to create a good course that is available to every soldier," says Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan Funds from Defense Ministry will keep Nativ conversion course available to all soldiers.
IDF chief: Religious soldiers in coed setting to be accommodated
New order issued after consultation with military rabbis in an effort to clarify existing guidelines Commanders to have authority to exempt religious soldiers from certain activities, but their participation in key events remains mandatory.
Israeli woman becomes live organ donor to save dying Druze man
Timna Gabai Markovich donates kidney specifically to Hamzi Hamza Transplant successful, Hamza expected to make full recovery "Donating a kidney was my protest against the radicalization, belligerence, and evil that erode us of late," Markovich says.
US, Russia trade barbs over Syria as airstrikes pummel Aleppo
"What Russia is sponsoring and doing is not counterterrorism, it is barbarism," U.S. envoy to the U.N. says British envoy to the U.N. accuses Russia of war crimes in Syria Russian ambassador: Hundreds of armed rebel groups in Syria are the problem.
Prof. Eyal Zisser | The disaster in Aleppo
As Aleppo lies in ruins, the American administration once again proves its indifference to the Syrian tragedy.
Jordanian writer murdered over 'Islam-insulting' cartoon
Prominent Christian writer Nahed Hattar is assassinated outside Jordan's Supreme Court in Amman ahead of standing trial for "contempt of religion" Gunman, a Muslim preacher, is in police custody Jordanian government condemns the attack.
High stakes set stage for record ratings at Monday debate
New poll shows 74% of adults and 80% of registered voters plan to watch first presidential debate, although more than 80% say it won't change their mind Trump tied with Clinton in Washington Post/ABC News poll, leads by 4 points in USC Dornsife poll.
Boaz Bismuth | The world is watching
In this political Super Bowl, performance counts more than substance. Trump must articulate a bright future, while Clinton must open up and surprise viewers.
California Governor Brown signs new anti-BDS measure into law
California law officially bars state-contracted companies from engaging in any anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions activities Bill sends unmistakable message that California wants no part of BDS movement's tactics, Jewish advocacy group says.
Report: Ethnic, gender inequalities prevalent in Israeli workplace
Ashkenazi Israelis earn on average 15.9% more than Mizrahi Israelis, new Central Bureau of Statistics report finds Analysis of recent years show only 22% of business are owned by women Some 84% of business are owned by Jews, 14% owned by Arabs.
High Holidays event excluding women nixed over public outcry
"Rising up to Kippur" concert earns scathing criticism after organizers advertise it as "men's only" event Organizers scrap it to "heed public sentiment, bolster social unity" "The public sphere in Israel belongs to everyone," Tel Aviv official says.
Joseph Harmatz, one of last Jewish 'Avengers,' dies at 91
Harmatz participated in one of the "Avengers" partisan militias most daring operations: The mass poisoning of former SS men in an American prisoner-of-war camp Harmatz: The operation sent a message that attacks on Jews would not go unanswered.