Friday September 4, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Iran's supreme leader: No deal unless sanctions fully lifted
Khamenei urges U.S. to lift rather than merely suspend sanctions, wants Iran's parliament to vote on deal Wall Street Journal: Obama's win in Congress makes Democrats hostages to Iran's behavior Netanyahu: Americans see eye to eye with Israel on Iran.
Yoram Ettinger | Oy Jerusalem
Something has to be done to curb the growing Jewish emigration from Jerusalem, which puts the city's Jewish majority at risk.
David M. Weinberg | On peace and realism
Israel should worry less about Mahmoud Abbas' shenanigans, and focus more on buttressing and broadcasting its own myriad successes.
Ruthie Blum | What the axis of evil owes Obama
Convinced his country has become a pariah among nations for being a capitalist, imperialist bully, the U.S. president has set out to strip America of its global superpower status.
American yeshiva students narrowly escape Hebron lynching
Students get lost en route to Cave of the Patriarchs, enter Hamas-affiliated neighborhood Palestinian mob stones car, forces students out and torches the vehicle Local Palestinians rescue tourists, hide them until Israeli security forces arrive.
Government cuts taxes to stimulate economic growth
Treasury cuts value added tax by 1%, sets VAT at 17% Corporate tax cut from 26.5% to 25% Prime Minister Netanyahu: Public will get billions Finance Minister Kahlon: Move a moral imperative Bank of Israel warns against increase in state deficit.
'The next US president can walk away from the Iran deal'
Two weeks before a fateful vote on the Iranian nuclear agreement, Senator Tom Cotton is giving 100% of himself to prevent the deal from passing The youngest senator in office, in Israel this week, believes that Tehran still aims to build a nuclear bomb.
'This is how we freed the hostages on Sabena Flight 571'
The accolades went mainly to the elite IDF unit Sayeret Matkal when a small team brazenly confronted four hijackers who took over a flight to Israel in 1972, but one of the brave fighters was former air marshal Mordechai Rahamim This is his story.
It all comes down to the bottom line
The fact that indifferent MKs gave the budget bill a green light should afford the government some peace and quiet over the next two years, but nothing is guaranteed Yisrael Beytenu's internal shuffling has the rumor mill working overtime.
'A few days in Israel are worth everything to me'
The failed campaign by BDS activists to force Jewish reggae star Matisyahu to sign a declaration of support for a Palestinian state exposed him to levels of "hostility and hatred" he had never seen, and prompted him to end his latest tour in Jerusalem.
Between Nineveh and Jerusalem
Even from Syria and Iraq, ISIS is systematically destroying precious testimony of Jerusalem's historical links to the region's great ancient empires Dr. Donald Sanders sits with Israel Hayom to discuss how virtual reality can help solve the problem.
Refugee crisis spurs European interest in Israeli border barriers
Hungary and Bulgaria in preliminary talks about buying Israeli-designed fences "I cannot give you any details right now, but I think that we have taken from the Israeli experiences as much as we can," says Bulgarian diplomat EU opposed to the idea.
Boaz Bismuth | Where are Saudi Arabia and Qatar?
The question looming over the dreadful Syrian civil war and the 4 million refugees it has produced: Where is the Arab solidarity?
'Friendship between Italy, Israel historic and strong'
President Reuven Rivlin travels to Rome, meets Italian President Sergio Mattarella and Pope Francis "I met a man who is more than the religious leader of over a billion people worldwide; I met a true spiritual and moral leader," Rivlin says of pope.
Handicapped Israelis make music with their bodies thanks to lasers
A unique and ingenious music room at the Grabski Rehabilitation Center in Migdal Haemek allows residents of the care facility, some of whom are wheelchair-bound and unable to move their arms or legs, to play instruments and create music of their own.
In directorial debut, Portman focuses on her native Israel
In "A Tale of Love and Darkness," the Jerusalem-born Academy Award-winning actress brings to life the autobiographical novel of celebrated Israeli writer Amos Oz about his youth during the Jewish state's founding years.
Sarcophagus found at building site hidden to avoid delays
Two-ton limestone sarcophagus decorated with life-size figure was commissioned by wealthy Roman family, experts believe Two contractors, five Palestinian builders detained for questioning on suspicion of damaging ancient artifact, antiquities site.
Water technology conference to float innovative ideas
Israeli inventors have come up with a floating system that prevents water evaporation, produces electricity and solar-powered sensors that monitor the water levels in plants. Israel NewTech director Oded Distel: Israel is a water technology powerhouse.
Biden meets Jewish leaders in Florida to defend Iran deal
Vice president tells Jewish leaders he is confident nuclear deal will halt Iran's capability to develop a bomb Protesters hold signs reading "Nuke the deal before they nuke us," "We need a better deal" Deal will make Israel safer, Biden says.