Tuesday July 29, 2014
Israel Hayom
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10 IDF soldiers fall in battle, no cease-fire in sight
IDF death toll rises to 53 Five IDF soldiers killed by Hamas terrorists who infiltrated into Israel through tunnel near Nahal Oz Four soldiers killed in mortar strike on staging area near border One soldier killed in RPG attack in southern Gaza.
Yoav Limor | Caught between head and heart
Israel's heart demands an expansion of the military operation while its head knows it should remain focused on the main goal -- the destruction of the tunnels.
Dan Margalit | Restraint and responsibility
The country's leadership must find success amidst external threats and internal strife, not to mention well-intentioned bungling by the U.S. secretary of state.
Prof. Abraham Ben-Zvi | US diplomacy is going bankrupt
Current U.S. pressure on Israel has no strategic logic and shows a fundamental lack of understanding of Hamas' character and the terrorist threat.
Prof. Efraim Inbar | Don't give them money
The developing international consensus to offer Gaza an economic package to convince Hamas to agree to a cease-fire is immoral and a strategic folly.
Steve Emerson | It's terrorism, stupid
The U.S. is pushing a cease-fire deal that accentuates Hamas demands, which could not be more unproductive.
Boaz Bismuth | Obama's humanitarian cease fires
Mr. President, the word "humanitarian" does not even appear in the Hamas lexicon.
Daniel Pipes | How Islamic are Muslims?
Perhaps, after centuries of unsuccessfully trying to fulfill the demands of Islam, it is time to reinterpret its tenets.
PM: No solution in Gaza without demilitarization
PM Benjamin Netanyahu: Operation won't be complete until tunnels are destroyed Israeli ambassador to U.S.: Attacks on Secretary of State John Kerry unwarranted U.S. House leader: U.S. must support Israel, rather than just act as peace mediator.
Israel strikes house of Hamas Gaza leader, digs in for long fight
Israeli officer says bombing Haniyeh's house "does not bother him" Israeli tank shells hit Gaza power plant, forcing it to shut down Terrorists fire rocket at central and southern Israel before dawn Tuesday, one rocket is intercepted over Ashdod.
Blast at Gaza hospital was result of failed rocket launch, IDF finds
COGAT chief tells Palestinian Maan news that the explosions at Shifa hospital, Al-Shati refugee camp were caused by failed Islamic Jihad rocket fire Israeli doctors offer rebuttal to claims in Lancet medical journal of Israeli war crimes in Gaza.
'Say it is a nightmare, and that you are still with us'
Ten IDF soldiers killed in three separate incidents near and inside Gaza Their family members and friends mourn their passing "You wanted to wave an Israeli flag in Gaza, and now you are coming back wrapped in one," says one soldier's friend.
Dr. Haim Shine | We will not break
Despite the pain, and by the will and testimony bequeathed to us by our fallen, we will gather the strength to push onward until we are victorious.
President, defense minister visit wounded troops: 'You are heroes'
"Everything we need to be doing in Gaza -- we will do. Let the time and the wonderful doctors here heal you," Defense Minister Ya'alon tells troops Sara Netanyahu at home of fallen soldier Oron Shaul: He is an amazing boy. I saw him on Independence Day.
'Our strength lies in unity'
Bat-Galim Shaer, whose son Gil-ad was kidnapped and murdered by Palestinian terrorists, speaks at a solidarity rally, prays for the safety of Israel's soldiers Shaer, Frenkel, and Yifrach families visit cemetery to unveil boys' headstones.
Khamenei calls Israel 'rabid dog,' urges Muslims to arm Palestinians
Iranian ayatollah decries Israeli military operation in Gaza, says, "These men women and children [in Gaza] are defending themselves with minimum means, and now Americans and Europeans want to take even that away."
Israel cuts interest rates to limit economic impact of Gaza war
The central bank releases statement saying that although economic data indicated continued moderate growth, thanks to services exports, the current operation against Hamas and other Gaza terrorist groups would harm growth to some extent.
Hezi Sternlicht | Conservative economics pay off
The economic stars of Operation Protective Edge are the Israeli shekel and the stock exchange.
British supermarket giant Tesco to drop Judea and Samaria products
The supermarket chain insists its decision is not "politically motivated," or having to do with Operation Protective Edge, but rather a part of the "regular product review process" Israeli dates packaged in Judea and Samaria to be dropped from shelves.
German synagogue firebombed amid rising anti-Semitism
Police: 18-year-old male suspect, whose citizenship could not immediately be clarified, arrested Jewish leaders from abroad tell embassy reps and ambassadors in Israel that their communities are suffering increased anti-Semitism since start of Gaza war.