Monday March 27, 2017
Israel Hayom
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Hamas vows revenge after top official assassinated in Gaza
High-profile Hamas operative Mazen Faqha is shot four times, found dead near his home Gaza-based terrorist group blames Mossad for hit, Israel remains mum Top Hamas official threatens to "cut the hands and necks" of anyone collaborating with Israel.
Yoav Limor | Containing tensions is key
Hamas will retaliate over Mazen Faqha's assassination, the only question is how. Israel should strive to contain its response if it wants to avoid a rapid, unwanted escalation that could lead to war.
Prof. Eyal Zisser | A bloodied ISIS staggers on
The defeat of Islamic State in the region will not be the end of the story, not for the organization itself and certainly not for the ideology it espouses.
Terry Newman | Uniting against terrorism
Israel and Britain need action, not more talk. International cooperation, led by Israel, is the key to success in the fight against Islamic extremism.
Assad: Any future strike will see Syria fire missiles at Israel
"The Syrian military will respond to any Israeli aggression on its soil by firing missiles that can carry half a ton of explosives," Syria reportedly warns Israel via third party Strikes will target military bases, Haifa chemical plants, Syria warns.
UK: UN's Human Rights Council 'on notice' over anti-Israel bias
"Israel is the only country permanently on the Human Rights Council's agenda. ... The council has adopted 135 country-specific resolutions, 68 ... against Israel. Justice is blind and impartial. This selective focus on Israel is neither," U.K. warns.
Israel 'will consider US concerns' on settlement construction
White House: U.S. will measure success of talks by "evidence that construction is slowing down" U.N. envoy is worried by uptick in settlement planning Israel's U.N. ambassador: There is "no moral equivalency" between building homes and terrorism.
Police chief decries cop's assault of Palestinian truck driver
Commissioner Roni Alsheikh decries actions of officer Moshe Cohen as an "aberrant event" that shamed the "devoted Israel Police officers who work day and night to ensure Israelis' safety" Cohen expected to be fired Hearing to be held this week.
PM, finance minister to meet amid broadcast regulation crisis
Netanyah, Kulanu head Moshe Kahlon to meet for first time since PM said he would call for elections to prevent launch of new public broadcasting body Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog: PM has gone too far; there are over 61 MKs who want to unseat him.
For the first time, Diaspora Jew to light Independence Day torch
In line with this year's theme, which marks 50 years since the reunification of Jerusalem, Culture and Diaspora Affairs ministries launch international search campaign for Jewish man or woman who has made outstanding contributions to Jerusalem.
Israeli businessman killed during alleged robbery in Costa Rica
Michael Haim Caspi, 48, is shot four times outside a residential building in San Jose Police are treating case as a robbery, local media says In an unrelated incident, Israeli man is arrested in Albania for allegedly carrying surveillance equipment.
Following arrest of Israeli teen, US Jews fear rise in anti-Semitism
Police believe the suspect, accused of hundreds of hoax bomb threats to Jewish institutions across the globe, enjoyed sense of empowerment Anti-Defamation League CEO: It's not the identity of the culprit that's the issue but the outcome of threats.
Auschwitz shuts down after naked protesters kill sheep under gate
Police say motive behind 11 people's action remain unclear at this time "Using the symbols of Auschwitz for any manifestations or happenings is reprehensible and outrageous. It hurts the memory of all victims," memorial's management says.
Renowned rabbi Baba Sali's Psalms book up for auction
Psalter of Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira, hailed as one of the greatest Sephardi kabbalists to have ever lived, bears identical inscriptions in standard Hebrew script and oriental-style lettering, marking book as his Bidding to begin at $10,000.