Thursday July 30, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Netanyahu: Israel is looking forward to Pollard's release
Imprisoned Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard to be freed on parole in November Under parole terms, Pollard must stay in U.S. for five years after release U.S. denies any link between Pollard's release and Iran nuclear deal.
Dr. Haim Shine | Let Pollard come to Israel
Like any Jew, Jonathan Pollard has the right to immigrate to Israel. Hopefully, the U.S. will show some compassion and let him do so.
Dror Eydar | Hot air over gas, on the public dime
The media has led the vanguard against the natural gas deal, often without understanding the issue, much as it advocated disengagement.
Isi Leibler | End of an era
It is impossible to replicate a leader like Abe Foxman, whose Jewish identity was forged by exposure to the Holocaust and the struggle for a Jewish state.
Mati Tuchfeld | No danger to the coalition
No one from Habayit Hayehudi is even remotely thinking about resigning from the government over the Beit El home demolition issue.
Dr. Ephraim Herrera | Islamic State's suicide terrorism
While the West focuses on airstrikes against Islamic State targets, the jihadi group is training the next generation of suicide bombers.
High Court orders demolition of Beit El homes
Violent clashes erupt as demolition process gets underway PM Benjamin Netanyahu announces approval of 300 new housing units in Beit El Demolition saga causes unrest within coalition.
Dan Margalit | Tread carefully
It is crucial for Israel's image and for its internal state of affairs that the rule of law prevails.
PM: 'We aren't partners at the table; we are a meal on the menu'
Netanyahu responds to news that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will skip Israel during upcoming visit to the region CNN poll: 52% of Americans say Congress should reject deal with Iran Kerry: "Nothing in this deal is built on trust. Nothing."
Israeli politicians welcome Pollard's impending release
MKs from Right and Left take to social media to share their joy over end to the Israeli spy's "years of suffering" in U.S. prison Zionist Union MK Nachman Shai, head of the Pollard lobby in the Knesset: I'll be waiting for him at the airport.
Report: IAF strikes vehicle in southern Syria
Arab media outlets: Between two and five people killed in IAF strike in Quneitra region Some reports identify fatalities as members of pro-Assad regime militia Israeli military declines to comment on reports.
Israel, Cyprus seek to bolster energy, security cooperation
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades in Cyprus Netanyahu says Israel and Cyprus are "intensively" discussing best ways to extract and market gas found under the Mediterranean Sea.
Evicted Sa-Nur residents seek to rebuild community
Ten years after being evicted, group of 300 men, women and children return to northern Samaria community and set up camp in abandoned British fort The families ask to be allowed to stay, and request government not to use army or police to oust them.
Hezbollah chief warns Arab states against fostering ties with Israel
Moderate Arab nations' attempts to normalize relations with Israel are "very dangerous" and "must be countered," Hassan Nasrallah says in televised speech in Beirut Arab states that pursue cooperation with Israel will "face dire consequences," he warns.
14 Golani troops abandon base on Syrian border
Soldiers receive sentences ranging from 10 to 26 days in military prison after leaving base for several hours to protest dismissal of a comrade IDF: "This is a serious incident unbefitting what is expected of IDF combat soldiers."
Israel's largest indoor food market opens in Tel Aviv
Sarona Market offers variety of fresh produce and gourmet foods in 90 stores, stands and restaurants "Everyone can find the products they need, according to their tastes and resources," says manager Market brings new and existing businesses together.
Every child to get state-funded savings account in budget deal
Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon crafts deal with haredi parties on child subsidies in which state will set up savings accounts realizable after the age of 18 Deal, which aims to move budget bill forward, will provide up to NIS 30,000 ($7,900) per child.
Europe's largest Jewish sporting event opens in Germany
German President Joachim Gauck welcomes Jewish athletes to the first European Maccabi Games to be held in Germany Organizers say event should be seen as a sign of reconciliation seven decades after the end of World War II.