Monday April 27, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Israeli rescue teams rush to Nepal after devastating quake
7.9 magnitude earthquake kills nearly 2,000 people Some 200 Israelis have yet to make contact Netanyahu: Israel pained by the disaster that has befallen Nepal 6.7 magnitude aftershock frightens survivors day after devastation begins.
Yoav Limor | Growing tension in the north
Neither Israel nor Hezbollah currently want any escalation, but both must be wary of isolated events or response that could throw the northern front into a dangerous downward spiral.
Prof. Eyal Zisser | The weapons are for Hezbollah
There are still those, like France, who think that supplying weapons to the Lebanese army will weaken the Shiite terrorist group.
Dan Margalit | Resolve in the face of ayatollahs
"Out of the north the evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land" (Jeremiah 1:14). Is that so? Perhaps the evil will break forth out of the south?
IAF conducts two strikes in Syria, Arab media reports
Arab media outlets: IAF planes hit Hezbollah convoy, long-range missile storage sites in Syria Israel refrains from commenting on matter IDF likely to remain on high alert in north in coming days, due to concerns about potential Hezbollah response.
4 police officers wounded in spate of weekend terrorist attacks
Terrorist rams and wounds three cops in east Jerusalem Border policeman on patrol in Hebron wounded in face and neck by Palestinian attacker, who was shot and killed Teen shot dead after running at Jerusalem roadblock waving knives.
Yossi Ben-Aharon | The challenge of deterrence
It is time for the government to adopt measures that will make lone terrorists think twice before executing their murderous plans.
First round talks on final Iran deal ends, disputes unresolved
Iran, world powers wrap up three days of discussions in Vienna At Republican Jewish Coalition conference in Las Vegas, Republican luminaries and 2016 presidential hopefuls reiterate support for Israel and skepticism about the Iran nuclear deal.
Israel ranked No. 11 on UN happiness scale
Israel is close behind Scandinavian countries, New Zealand, and Australia in overall happiness on a scale of 1-10 Central Bureau of Statistics reports consumer confidence in the Israeli economy at highest level since March 2011.
IDF officer attacked by ultra-Orthodox residents of Jerusalem
Givati Brigade officer came to capital's Mea Shearim neighborhood in uniform on Friday to visit two of his soldiers Locals threw rocks at him Officer's mother: He told them, "I fought for you in Gaza" Police investigating, no suspects arrested.
Dr. Haim Shine | The ultimate ingratitude
Human dignity is a fundamental value in the Halachah, so those who harm others desecrate the sanctity of the Torah.
Report: Hezbollah builds airstrip for drones in Lebanon
IHS Jane's Defense Weekly: Satellite images show Hezbollah has constructed a 670-meter long airstrip 18 kilometers from border with Syria Report quotes Hezbollah officials as confirming that group uses UAVs to support operations against rebels in Syria.
Quake imperils Israeli infants born to Nepalese surrogates
26 Israeli infants born, many of them prematurely, to Nepalese surrogates, face tough conditions after massive earthquake "We are feeling helpless," says Israeli musician Ohad Hitman, in Kathmandu with his partner and twin babies.
Mikveh attendants trained to spot battered ultra-Orthodox women
Women who work at ritual baths report seeing battered women and not knowing where to turn City Without Violence program puts attendants in touch with local law enforcement, welfare authorities.
Palestinian police return to Jerusalem suburbs
For first time since Second Intifada, Israel permits 90 armed Palestinian police officers to be regularly deployed in Abu Dis, al-Eizariya, a-Ram and Biddu villages Local residents cheer the move, hoping it will lead to a drop in crime.
Palestinian conference in Berlin draws anti-Hamas protest
Some 50 activists stage counter-rally outside Palestinians in Europe Conference Demonstrators carry banners with slogans such as "Free Gaza from Hamas" Counter-rally organized by coalition of Jewish, pro-Israel groups.
Former Polish foreign minister, righteous gentile, dies at 93
Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, a former Auschwitz prisoner and member of Poland's underground World War II resistance who helped save Jews, passes away in Warsaw Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: His light will continue to shine.