Thursday November 27, 2014
Israel Hayom
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Police declare rappelling murder a terror attack
Death of Netanel Arami, 26, who fell to his death from the 11th floor, initially believed to be criminally motivated • Police say three suspects released over lack of evidence but investigation is ongoing • Arami family declared victims of terrorism.
Clifford D. May | Slaughter in the synagogue
Israel's enemies are as barbaric as any in the Middle East.
Gideon Allon | Respect the office
At times, shameful verbal exchanges between MKs seem a heartbeat away from turning into physical altercations.
Dr. Haim Shine | The Left's cultural commissars
Israel is the only democracy in the world where the majority has to fight to express itself.
Dror Eydar | The monolithic media
Israel's newspapers, websites and TV networks have come out in unison against efforts to define Israel as a Jewish nation-state.
'Israel Hayom is here to stay, forever'
In a letter to Israel Hayom employees, in light of legislation attempts to shut the newspaper down, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson write that they will not allow "the silencing of the many members of the Israeli public for whom Israel Hayom provides a voice."
Interior minister revokes Israeli residency of terrorist's wife
Nadia Abu Jamil, wife of terrorist who killed five Israelis at a Jerusalem synagogue last week, in Israel under family reunification permit • Anyone involved in terrorism should take into account the implications on their families, minister says.
Netanyahu: European recognition of Palestinian state is 'big mistake'
"These twin needs of mutual recognition and solid security arrangements on the ground which are so essential for peace, these are not addressed by the European countries that unilaterally give recognition to a Palestinian state," Netanyahu says.
PM, president lock horns over 'Jewish state' bill
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he plans to forge ahead with bill seeking to cement Israel's status as the Jewish nation state despite criticism • President Reuven Rivlin: Promoting bill effectively casts doubt on success of the Zionist enterprise.
Israel livid over new Hamas headquarters in Turkey
Jerusalem urges NATO to impose sanctions on Ankara after learning it let Hamas set up operational headquarters in Turkey • HQ said to be headed by arch-terrorist Saleh al-Arouri, believed to be behind dozens of attacks against Israelis.
Police chief urges MKs to refrain from visiting Temple Mount
Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino says right-wing MKs, activists fail to realize the impact of their actions • "We have to be very sensitive to the situation and simply leave the Temple Mount alone," he stresses, adding status quo should be maintained.
US government working to renew oil agreement with Israel
U.S. "is in close contact with the government of Israel on extending the long-standing memorandum of understanding" on emergency oil supplies, State Department official says • Israel has never had to invoke the 35-year pact, which expired Tuesday.
US envoy to Israel prays at terrorized Jerusalem synagogue
"I saw a great need to come here on the last day of the shiva for those who were murdered. I wanted to be here today with the worshippers and with the members of United Hatzalah, who acted with immense dedication to save lives," says Daniel Shapiro.
'Being religious and serving in the army are not mutually exclusive'
Lone soldiers Pnina Abraham, Sarah Goldberg, and Pnina Sankovich hail from religious households in North America and now serve together in an Israel Defence Forces field intelligence unit deployed on the Egyptian border.
Labor MK Binyamin Ben-Eliezer poised to quit Knesset
Labor MK Binyamin Ben-Eliezer has in effect stopped his political activity since he became the subject of a fraud investigation in June • Ben-Eliezer's office releases statement saying the date of his resignation will be announced soon.
Iran hard-liners turn on Rouhani, ayatollah backs nuclear talks
Iranian hard-line lawmaker: Instead of turning around America's wolfish nature, Rouhani's key of trust and optimism broke in the lock • "We have no idea what happened in Vienna," he says, referring to recently extended nuclear negotiations with the West.
UN: 12.2 million Syrians need humanitarian help
War torn country's economy has contracted by 40 percent since 2011, three-quarters of the population lives in poverty, school attendance has dropped by 50 percent and over 10 million people have been displaced, the largest displacement in any conflict.
Pope: Don't shut door to dialogue with Islamic State
"I never say 'all is lost,' never. Maybe there can't be a dialogue but you can never shut a door," Pope Francis tells reporters on his plane returning from Strasbourg, France, where he addressed the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.