Tuesday September 16, 2014
Israel Hayom
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'In next war, Hezbollah will try to seize Israeli territory'
"Hezbollah has been thinking about offense for years," says senior IDF Northern Command officer, warning that next war in Lebanon will include cross-border attacks and massive rocket barrages against Israel, as Hezbollah seeks a propaganda victory.
Dr. Haim Shine | The 8200 letter is all politics
The latest round of insubordination is rooted in the loss of values in certain groups of the Israeli elite.
Dr. Gabi Avital | The asymmetry of insubordination
The majority of the public is disgusted by wartime insubordination, and it is time for the media to change its approach accordingly.
Dan Margalit | The 63 billion shekel question
The Defense Ministry's requests should not be viewed as a budget increase but as a course correction.
PM: Increase defense spending; Lapid: Raise the deficit ceiling
Top-level meeting fails to find solution for the 2015 budget Sources close to the prime minister say Finance Minister Yair Lapid is starting to move closer to the "defense first" stance PM: We need to invest billions in security.
Mati Tuchfeld | Lapid improvises, PM backs Ya'alon
Before Netanyahu and Lapid can bridge their budget differences, they need to be convinced that they still have a shared political future.
Military promises swift response to Unit 8200 letter
Defense minister orders IDF chief of staff to handle soldiers urging insubordination in Intelligence Corps "as if they were common criminals" Army officials decry "political use" of military role MK Shelly Yachimovich: They've set Left back years.
Supreme Court: Olmert to stay out of jail during appeal
Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, convicted of bribery in Holyland corruption case, will not have to serve his six-year prison term before the Supreme Court rules on his appeal Judge: Appealing party must be heard.
Security forces to remain in Yitzhar yeshiva for 3 months
Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon extends seizure order for Od Yosef Hai Yeshiva building in Yitzhar settlement Border police and soldiers to remain on the premises for 10 additional weeks Yitzhar residents decry "persecution."
Historic first: Israel names female ambassador to Arab state
Twelve new diplomats named, seven of them women Einat Shlain named as first female ambassador to Jordan "Foreign Ministry is spearheading a gender revolution," says head of Authority for the Advancement of the Status of Women.
China's new Middle East special envoy visits Israel
Gong Xiaosheng meets in Jerusalem with Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Tzachi Hanegbi Gong says China attaches great importance to developing friendly and cooperative relations with Israel.
German chancellor: It is our duty to fight anti-Semitism
Around 5,000 people, including top German officials, attend rally in Berlin against anti-Semitism German Chancellor Angela Merkel: We want Jews to feel safe in Germany. They should feel that this country is our common home.
Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Israeli show in Netherlands
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators shout, wave flags during show by Israel Prize-winning actress Lea Koenig "They prepared us for it. We heard that the venue's manager was threatened, and I was warned that my performance might be disrupted," Koenig says.
Study: Rocket fire stress inverts girl-to-boy ratio in Sderot
"Female fetuses are generally more resilient to stress," says head obstetrician, explaining high number of female births Study also shows rocket fire may be responsible for more premature births and low birth weights in Sderot than in other towns.
Global push against Islamic State grows
Diplomats from around world gather in Paris seeking coherent strategy against the Islamic State Poll shows that most Americans have "just some" to "very little" confidence that Obama can actually achieve his objective of defeating the Islamic State.
Prof. Eyal Zisser | Islamic State unfazed by West's threats
The U.S.'s inconsistent policies in the Middle East have led the terrorist group to view Washington's rhetoric as empty threats.
Argentina tops Israel in Davis Cup playoff
Favored Argentina wins both matches on Sunday, rallying to defeat Israel 3-2 Playoff was moved from Tel Aviv to Florida, due to safety concerns following Operation Protective Edge "I wish we could have played at home," Israeli player says.
Israeli-American director wins prize at Toronto film festival
Israeli-American director Oren Moverman's film "Time Out of Mind," starring Richard Gere, wins International Federation of Film Critics Award for Special Presentations Moverman says he is becoming more involved with the Israeli film industry.
Holocaust experts work to preserve survivors' artifacts
Yad Vashem holds unprecedented workshop devoted to the physical and digital preservation of items from Holocaust survivors Yad Vashem archive director Haim Gertner: Within four to five years, all of Yad Vashem will be digitized.