Thursday April 24, 2014
Israel Hayom
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US warns: We will reconsider assistance to PA
After Fatah signs unity deal with Hamas, U.S. State Department says "It's hard to see how Israel can be expected to negotiate with a government that does not believe in its right to exist" Abbas: Unity pact does not contradict peace talks with Israel.
Prof. Eyal Zisser | A match made in heaven?
Both PA leader Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas are coming into this marriage empty-handed and with a lot of bad blood.
Dan Margalit | The company you keep
The problem is that both Hamas and the PA are playing make-believe. Did Hamas recognize the Oslo Accords? How about a two-state solution with land swaps?
Elliott Abrams | Why Kerry on?
Choosing a unity government with a terrorist group is choosing to end negotiations with Israel.
Prof. Alexander Bligh | More Palestinian fraud
The PLO and Hamas are talking with each other merely to avoid losing prestige in the eyes of their public.
Isi Leibler | Incentives for murdering Jews
The risks and penalties incurred for terrorism have been dramatically minimized. Netanyahu must reverse this trend.
Dr. Ronen Yitzhak | The Arab world and the Holocaust
Holocaust denial, such as other Arab intellectual realms, is even more dangerous that the Holocaust itself, and we must take a firm stance against anybody responsible for anti-Semitic propaganda.
Zalman Shoval | Not neutral, but not overeager
Israel does not place its relations with the U.S. and Russia on the same plane.
Netanyahu: Anyone who chooses Hamas is not interested in peace
PM convenes cabinet to discuss possibly ending peace talks with the PA over deal with Hamas Israeli officials cancel negotiations session to signal disapproval of unity deal Fatah official Jibril Rajoub: Unity government will recognize Israel.
Rockets fired at Israel after Palestinian unity deal struck
IAF launches strike to prevent imminent rocket fire on Wednesday, but fails to hit target Later in the day, Gaza terrorists fire five Qassam rockets toward Israel, four of which fail to reach Israeli territory.
Government to approve additional 1 billion for Holocaust survivors
Just ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims releases dim statistics -- the overwhelming majority have monthly incomes of 5,000 shekels ($1,400) or less, and two-thirds live off less than 3,000 shekels.
Controversy erupts over Nakba ceremony request at Galilee forest
Lower Galilee Regional Council head and rights group for internally displaced people in Israel spar over the latter's desire to hold a Nakba march on Independence Day Council head believes such an event spells violence Police: It's under review.
Committee recommends private jet for PM and president
Committee also recommends building PM a new office and living compound at a cost of 800 million shekels ($230 million) Currently the PM and president rent planes from Israeli airliners for their trips abroad, with rental prices reaching millions.
Police raid Yitzhar rabbi's home, confiscate computer
Police suspect Rabbi Yosef Elitzur of encouraging students at his Od Yosef Hai Yeshiva to carry out "price-tag" attacks and acts of violence against Palestinians Raid apparently part of investigation of controversial "Torat Hamelech" co-authors.
3 girls arrested during alleged 'price-tag' attack at Muslim grave
The girls, all minors and right-wing activists from Judea and Samaria, were arrested overnight Tuesday while allegedly trying to desecrate Muslim graves near Lions' Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem Court bans them from the cemetery for one month.
SodaStream reportedly on verge of partnership with Starbucks
SodaStream stocks rally after Israeli daily reports brewing deal, some two months after Keurig Green Mountain announces joint venture with Coca Cola Co. SodaStream and Starbucks decline to comment.
Erdogan offers condolences for 1915 Armenian killings
Turkish government officials say it is the first time a Turkish prime minister has offered such explicit condolences and called the statement a historic step, but speech is dismissed as "cold-hearted and cynical" by influential Armenian advocacy group.
Israeli Arab women break ground on pro soccer team
"They're happy. We're happy. The mix has been very successful," says Hapoel Petach Tikva team founder "There is no difference between Arab or Israeli players. We are united; like one hand," says Noura Abu-Shanab, one of the Israeli Arab players.
Line between reality and fiction blurs in Mideast conflict drama
Diverse cast and crew working on short film titled "Warren" includes Arabs, Jews, locals and foreigners, among them two ex-IDF soldiers and six members of the Palestinian security forces who put on Israeli army uniforms as extras in the film.
Tunisia divided over Jews' use of Israeli passports
"All the previous governments authorized Jews from Israel to come to Tunisia for the annual pilgrimage; we just decided to do it in total transparence," says interim PM Protesting lawmakers say recognizing the passports amounts to recognition of Israel.