Friday August 28, 2015
Israel Hayom
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'Abbas wants settlement freeze in exchange for extending talks'
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House on Monday President Shimon Peres: We are now at the most critical part of the negotiations.
Dan Margalit | Put the pressure on Abbas
Obama must make clear to Abbas the cost of continued Palestinian rejectionism.
David M. Weinberg | Blame those damn settlements!
Let's keep the settlement issue in proportion. Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria neither explain Palestinian unwillingness to make peace with Israel nor excuse radical Islam's jihad against Israel.
Ze'ev Jabotinsky | Why do they refuse a Jewish state?
The goal of the Arabs was and still is to completely eliminate international recognition of our right to Israel.
Eli Hazan | Keep boycott concerns in perspective
It does not really matter what we, as Israelis and Jews, do -- we will always be the target of one boycott or another.
Isi Leibler | Putin, Ukraine and the Jews
It is in our national interest to nurture ties with a Russia whose leader seems to have dramatically broken with centuries of anti-Semitism and now displays friendship towards the Jewish people.
Aharon Lapidot | A needle in a haystack
The fact that the Malaysian plane's communications and locator systems were deliberately shut off points to the pilots as suspects.
Clifford D. May | Middle East future shock
Historic shifts are underway. Think epochs, not seasons.
Talks on Iran's nuclear program resume in Vienna
82 U.S. senators sign AIPAC letter outlining "acceptable" terms for a final nuclear deal with Iran U.S. State Department official: Iran still acquiring banned components for its nuclear program and missiles.
Legendary IDF soldier laid to rest
Hundreds attend funeral of Meir Har-Zion Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Meir was a legend in life, a rare individual President Peres: Meir was fearless Defense Minister Ya'alon: Few are the men who shaped generations of fighters.
Smadar Bat Adam | Requiem for a Jewish warrior
Don't cry for Meir Har-Zion, the best Jewish soldier since Bar Kokhba. Salute him, and follow in his footsteps.
Scarlett Johansson has no regrets about SodaStream deal
Actress Scarlett Johansson tells The Observer that she stands by her choice to advertise for SodaStream and was aware of its factory's location before signing the deal Johansson on settlements: There's no right side or wrong side on this issue.
Israelis see business booming in Negev
Survey conducted ahead of Sixth Annual Negev Conference shows that most Israelis believe the Negev desert has seen positive developments in recent years and that it is worthwhile to invest in the region.
95% of public concerned about racism in Israel
Poll held ahead of International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination finds 79% of public believes Ethiopian community suffers from discrimination the most Only 10.3% of public believes government doing enough to fight racial discrimination.
Airport authorities foil diamond smuggling attempt
Beit Shemesh resident returning from trip to South Africa discovered at Ben-Gurion International Airport to be in possession of undeclared diamonds, Rolex watches, and cash worth a combined $800,000.
Israel's trade deficit marks sharp decline
Trade deficit amounts to $2.3 billion in 2013 compared to $8.5 billion in 2012, Economy and Trade Ministry's Foreign Trade Administration says High-tech industry accounts for 81% of all industrial exports in 2013.
Israeli tycoon buys London's Camden Market for $670 million
Playtech owner Teddy Sagi inks purchase of one of the most popular sites in the British capital, which attracts some 40 million visitors a year Sagi to invest additional $330 million in area's commercial and residential development.
Olmert, Dagan, Halutz embark on mystery business venture
Former prime minister, Mossad chief and IDF chief of staff form EOC Partners Ltd., whose nature remains ambiguous Primary shareholders are three other Israeli companies Top executives include Olmert's former media adviser Yaakov Galanti.
Russia overwhelmingly wins Crimea vote, West readies sanctions
Some 96% of Crimean voters back annexation by Russia as West's concerns over possible Russian invasion of Ukraine grow Moscow to pass bill allowing Crimea to join Russia "in very near future" Putin's approval ratings skyrocket.
Syrian forces seize rebel stronghold near Lebanon
Yabroud, the last rebel bastion near the Lebanese border, now under Syrian army control Military source says army and air force have closed 14 of 18 crossings into Lebanon This month marks three years of conflict in Syria, some 150, 000 dead.
Countering cyberterrorism at heart of Tel Aviv conference next month
Institute for National Security Studies, a prestigious academic think tank, to host large event with the help of U.S.-based Cyber Security Forum Initiative and Prime Minister's Office Issues to include cybercrime, cyberterrorism, and cyber defense law.
Israir, Arkia to fly to Turkey and Georgia
Transportation and Road Safety Minister Yisrael Katz authorizes Israir to join Arkia on the Tel Aviv-Tblisi route Arkia to add flights to Antalya, Turkey and Odessa, Ukraine.