Wednesday October 14, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Ministers slam 'reckless' public debate on possible Iran strike
Government angry over public debate on whether Israel is, and even should be, planning to attack Iran's nuclear facilities Israel to hold major civil defense drill Thursday IAF conducted long-range bombing drill over Sardinia in Italy last week.
Amos Regev | An irresponsible debate
There is no greater secret than the secret that concerns a state's very existence. So why the hell, and with what chutzpah, do some of our media outlets dare initiate a "public debate" on such an existential issue as attacking Iran?
Yoram Ettinger | Redeeming hostages not at any price
Israels decision to negotiate for Shalit was perceived by the Arabs as a sign of weakness.
Dr. Haim Shine | The victory of the Right's ideology
Now is the time to protect our cities and borders, not to take the hallucinogenic drug of peace.
Boaz Bismuth | Israel, get ready
The nuclear club of the wicked will serve up more surprises, if we sit idly by and let it.
Dan Margalit | Goldstone repents
Of all the claims leveled against Israel, the "apartheid state" argument is the most dangerous.
Elliott Abrams | Assad's nuclear ambitions
New revelations discredit the theory that the regime had a stabilizing effect on the region.
Israel tests missile 'capable of carrying nuclear warheads'
Test launch occurred at 9:50 a.m. from Palmahim Air Force base south of Tel Aviv Defense Ministry: Israel conducted a trial launch of rocket motor Test was planned by defense establishment long ago and was carried out on schedule.
Israel responds to UNESCO by accelerating construction
Israel announces decision to build 2,000 additional housing units beyond the pre-1967 border in Jerusalem after Palestinians win full membership from U.N. agency Israel to withhold $100 million in tax funds from the Palestinian Authority.
State stops funding yeshiva over claims of incitement to violence
Education Ministry says Yitzhar yeshivas teachings "inconsistent with Jewish, democratic and educational values" Attorney-general approves funding cut Youth suspected of involvement in Tuba-Zangarriye mosque arson to be released to house arrest.
Israeli military authorized to take any necessary steps in Gaza
Following a barrage of 30 rockets over the weekend, government gives IDF green light for necessary action Israel agrees to Egyptian request to hold off for 24 hours and allow mediation Egypt talks to Gaza terror factions.
Peace Now is anti-Zionist and anti-Israeli, rightist MKs say
Peace Now signs a petition in the U.S. against listing "Jerusalem, Israel" on passports as birth city Right-wing MKs: They are a far-Left fringe group Peace Now: We are a Zionist organization.
Dror Eydar | No Jerusalem, no Zionism
Israel never gave up on its dream of reconquering Jerusalem and renewing our presence there.
Middle East peace prospects worse under Obama, Rice says
Former secretary of state says focus on obtaining a settlement freeze has backfired U.S. has long opposed new settlements, but under Bush looked the other way Rice's newly published memoir details negotiations she helped broker with Olmert in 2008.
After rocket attacks, students in the south head back to class
Schools in southern Israel reopened on Wednesday, after three days of rocket attacks Many schools still do not have fortified rooms More than 45 mortars and rockets were launched from Gaza against southern towns and villages this week.
IDF arrests senior Hamas leader in West Bank raid, again
Hamas founder Sheik Hassan Yousef and his son are arrested in their West Bank home Yousef was released from prison two months ago, after six years of incarceration Yousef's son, Mosab, also arrested, published Son of Hamas" in 2010.
US-Israel friendship benefits both nations, says new report
Report by former government officials says U.S. interests bolstered by relationship, in variety of fields including missile defense, technology and counterterrorism Report recommends strengthening ties between Israel and U.S.
And the winner is ... Israel's Counterterrorism Unit
Israel's Counterterrorism Unit team won, for the second consecutive time, first place in an international homeland security competition The same team took first place in a handgun shooting competition for special IDF and police units in September.
Barak: We can't gamble with Israel's security policy
Defense minister seeks increase in state budget of NIS 7 billion to NIS 8 billion a year over five years Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz: Populist suggestion to breach budget framework is likely to lead to economic decline.
Syria says deal struck with Arab League to quell unrest
State media reported an "agreement regarding a final document on the situation in Syria," without giving details Arab League official says organization awaiting a response from Damascus to proposals for halting the bloodshed.
French newspaper's Muhammad issue sparks ire and fire
Newspaper, called Charlie Hebdo, "invited" the Prophet Muhammad as a guest editor this week Witness says someone threw two firebombs at the building Newspaper employees said they had received numerous threats as a result of the issue.