Wednesday October 14, 2015
Israel Hayom
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IDF: Flotilla passengers planning to spill soldiers blood
IDF claims some flotilla participants are planning violence against Israeli soldiers Suspicion: Sacks full of sulfur may be stowed on board for use against troops Organizers dismiss allegations, claim passengers have signed oath of nonviolence.
Boaz Bismuth | (Truthful) reporting is to our advantage
It's unclear why Jerusalem chose to provide the international media with another opportunity to score points on the eve of the provocative sequel "Gaza Flotilla II."
Dror Eydar | The flotilla's false humanists
Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Borovsky | Betting, soccer and organized crime
Dr. Haim Shine | Shas, Ovadia and Deri's damage
Shamai Wasserman | Thoughts on the canal, 1973
Iran launches rocket from underground silo
Iranian television shows first images of long-range ballistic missiles in underground silos.
Rabbi's followers: Torah above law
Dov Lior, Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Arba and spiritual leader of religious Zionism, unexpectedly arrested Monday on charges of incitement.
Prof. Aviad Hacohen | More harm than good
Rabbi Lior's arrest could have been a superb Hollywood screenplay, but it backfired.
Germany: Hamas said no to deal
Berlin backs up Netanyahu's claim that Israel accepted the German proposal for prisoner exchange deal Hamas: 'We've lost faith in the German mediator.'
'Boycott law' advances in Knesset
Law seeks sanctions against anyone boycotting Israeli products Opponents: Law is anti-democratic, meant to silence critics Additionally, law would allow finance minister to exclude boycotting organizations from participation in government tenders.
Auschwitz thief a reserve colonel, son of Holocaust survivors
Posloszny, 60, and his wife, Dominique, 57, were arrested at Krakow airport after souvenirs and other items taken from the museum were found in their luggage.
Glenn Beck to teach MKs how to fight Israel's deligitimization
American talk show host Glenn Beck, known for his support of Israel, is soon to visit Beck will explain to MKs how to fight delegitimization, ahead of an expected U.N. move this September.
'Iron Dome' deployed in Haifa
The IDF said on Monday that it plans to move the anti-missile system around the country in coming weeks to ensure each site's readiness should the system be needed there in a real emergency.
Terror cell planning to kidnap soldier exposed
Among those arrested are individuals already known to Israeli security forces, some of whom had previously been imprisoned in Israel and had returned to terror activities after their release.