Wednesday October 7, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Analysts: Oil price 'super-spike' if Iran shuts Strait of Hormuz
Brent Crude could double to $210 per barrel British defense secretary to declare: U.K. will intervene militarily if Iran closes key oil route EU, the second-largest market for Iranian crude after China, agrees in principle to ban Iranian oil imports.
Hezi Sternlicht | It's only a matter of time before oil prices soar
Europe can purchase its oil elsewhere, but Iran stands to lose 20 percent of its oil export market.
Elliott Abrams | Iran's central bank: a lesson
The more defiantly the ayatollahs say they are not afraid, the more afraid they most likely are.
Boaz Bismuth | Money talks
If the Republicans can't unite, they might hand Obama a victory on a silver platter.
Richard Baehr | After Iowa
Romney has tried to grab the center before Obama does. But this is a turn-off to the red-meat partisans of a political party.
Zalman Shoval | No news from Amman
No progress will be made as long as the Palestinians refuse to return to negotiations without preconditions.
Aharon Lapidot | Israeli vulgarity abroad
While Israel is not always to blame for its demonization in the media, it is solely responsible for the behavior of its tourists.
Dr. Haim Shine | Why we fast
Fast days were designated precisely to ensure that we would not make the same mistakes we did in the past.
Ex-PM Olmert indicted for taking bribes in real estate scandal
Ehud Olmert and colleagues charged with taking millions of shekels in bribes in exchange for advancing Holyland real estate project in Jerusalem Olmert already facing charges in numerous other corruption cases.
State urged to take tougher stance on future abductions
Shamgar Committee submits recommendations on possible future abductions of Israeli soldiers and civilians Ehud Barak: Israel cannot protect its interests if rules that guided previous abductions are not changed.
Police hand restraining orders to 12 right-wing activists
Restraining orders delivered to right-wing extremists after Israel Security Agency determines they were involved in violent activities against Palestinians, security forces in Judea and Samaria.
High Court rejects petition against Nakba Law
Law allows the finance minister to withhold funds from government-funded bodies that deny Israels existence as a Jewish, democratic state or mark Israeli Independence Day as a Palestinian tragedy Critics say law violates freedom of expression.
IDF chief rabbi seeks to have top Air Force rabbi's wings clipped
Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz recommends that Israel Air Force Rabbi Lt. Moshe Ravad be fired following his resignation from special program to recruit ultra-Orthodox soldiers for service Decision remains only with IAF Command.
PM halts passage of bill changing makeup of judges selection panel
Netanyahu says further review necessary on legislation that would change makeup of Judicial Selection Committee, a day after Knesset panel generated firestorm by sending measure for final passage.
Dan Margalit | We dodged a disgrace
God bless the MKs and ministers who blocked the law that flouts the boundaries of government power.
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: To disrespect women is to desecrate God
Shas spiritual leader lashes out against ultra-Orthodox sect whose practices are seen as demeaning to women Revered rabbi instructs followers to oppose Tzohar Law, which Shas views as a threat to the rabbinate's authority over marriages in Israel.
IDF unveils Magic Wand anti-missile system
Israel's defense systems developer Rafael unveils newest medium-range missile interceptor Magic Wand Magic Wand developed as defense against Hezbollah missiles targeting Israel's north.
France condemns decision to build more east Jerusalem homes
French government says decision is illegal under international law; parties must do everything possible to promote trust and refrain from such provocations.
Were Israelis involved in Saudi hackers' credit card plot?
State Comptroller says he may conduct investigation to determine whether one of Israel's biggest information security breaches can be traced to Israelis Justice Ministry already investigating whether attack is a result of foul play from within.
Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt says it will work with rivals
Top Islamist group says it will involve political rivals Ballots to be cast on second day of phase three of vote U.S. State Department criticizes Egypt's "Mubarak hold-overs."
US rabbi sentenced to 5 years in prison for corruption
Rabbi Eliahu Ben Haim admitted to role in New Jersey laundering scheme through religious charities Informant was Solomon Dwek, turned government cooperator following his own arrest for bank fraud.
VIDEO: 'You are home,' Netanyahu tells Birthright participants
At rally, prime minister tells young Jews on 10-day Israel trip that they should make aliyah "Only when you come do you understand how precious this birthright is" Studies show trip has long-term positive effect on attachment to Israel.
Dutch government urged to apologize for Jewish deportations
Geert Wilders calls on government to apologize for "passive" response protecting Jews from Nazis in World War II Dutch government payed $180 million in retributions in 2000.