Saturday October 10, 2015
Israel Hayom
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UK to deport Raed Salah
Islamic Movement northern branch leader entered the country despite entry ban, and was arrested • British MP asked Home Secretary to deport radical cleric for his 'virulent anti-Semitism' • Islamic Movement claims 'Britain surrendered to Israel.'
Dan Margalit | Of sheikhs and schadenfreude
He is the Palestinian-Arab embodiment of evil and wickedness, an inciter and provocateur who lies without hesitation, fanning flames wherever he goes.
Zvi Harel | Holyland paints a disturbing picture
Boaz Bismuth | If Greece falls, others will follow
Uzi Baram | Seniority rules
Jonathan Lerner | Another kind of basketball
Flotilla donors buy new boat
Flotilla ships expected to set sail for Gaza this weekend • Barak: I think this time will be calmer.
'Iran tests nuclear-capable missiles'
Iran has covertly tested ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear payloads, British Foreign Secretary Hague tells Parliament.
Food for fought
Secret mission in the kitchen: IDF tells cooks to add whole grain foods and healthy ingredients to menus without soldiers noticing.
Ben-Ari urges Britain to keep Salah rather than deport him
Arab members of Knesset expressed outrage over Tuesday's arrest and called on Britain to release Sheikh Salah without delay, while right-wing members of Knesset lauded the news.
Senate passes resolution threatening to suspend aid to PA
Senators who sponsored the resolution: Steps such as recent PA-Hamas unity pact and upcoming Palestinian bid for statehood at U.N. will have "implications regarding further assistance."
Court: Children of Israeli fathers to get citizenship without genetic test
The ruling by Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch and two other justices came in response to a petition by ACRI, which requested changes to Interior Ministry procedures regarding children with an Israeli father and non-Israeli mother.
Aharonovitch: Jammers to block security prisoners' calls
Internal Security Minister says Prison Service (IPS) will soon be retrofitted with devices purchased abroad that will effectively jam cellular phone calls made to prisoners currently serving in Israeli prisons for terrorist activity.
Danino: Even-handed law enforcement is vital
Police commissioner defends decision to arrest Rabbi Dov Lior • Attorney-General backs him: Attacks on Deputy State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan are outrageous • Ultimatum for Rabbi Yaakov Yosef: Come in for questioning or face arrest.
Damaged pipeline causes ecological disaster in desert
The Israel Nature and Parks Authority estimated that over 1.5 million liters of jet fuel spilled out into nature reserve, causing serious environmental damage and potentially damaging groundwater and desert flora.
Dairy giants capitulate after two weeks of consumer protests
Tnuva was the first to lower its price on Wednesday, to NIS 5.90 per container • Soon followed by Strauss and Tara • Protest organizers: 'It's not enough. We'll continue our struggle' • The next battleground: Yogurt, pudding and yellow cheese.
Tales from the crypt
Israel Antiquities Authority: Grave robbers inadvertently discovered an ossuary believed to have originated in a burial cave in the Valley of Elah, near Beit Shemesh, the Biblical site of David's battle with Goliath.