Friday September 4, 2015
Israel Hayom
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The face of Iranian terrorism
New Delhi police arrest five suspects tied to Monday’s bombing • Thai police say third Iranian suspect in Bangkok blasts escaped to Malaysia • Indian media: Investigators scanning records of all Iranian nationals, Lebanese students who arrived recently.
Yoav Limor | Iran's itchy trigger finger
Iran’s eagerness to act despite the heavy cost of exposing itself on all fronts should raise concern in Jerusalem.
Elliott Abrams | Conspiracy in Cairo
Egypt's minister of “international cooperation" believes efforts to promote democracy are a ploy to promote Israel’s interests.
MK Zehava Gal-On | Prostitution begins with men
In a society where purchasing women’s services is taken for granted, all women are given the signal they are for sale.
Zalman Shoval | Is the US moving closer to Hamas?
Everyone knows that tornadoes start small, and we need to stop this one before it spirals into a massive storm.
Dr. Jonathan Rynhold | The Israel acid test
Support for Israel in the strategic sphere has become an acid test of U.S. presidential credibility on national security.
In first statement, Israel urges end to 'Assad's systematic murder'
Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Ron Prosor urges the international community to stop the bloodshed in Syria, says President Assad has no moral authority to govern • U.S. says it is closely monitoring Syria’s weapons stockpiles.
David M. Weinberg | Only Israel gets Goldstoned
Assad slaughters and the world remains mum. Israel places a caravan on a hilltop and the world screams.
Iran to load homemade nuclear fuel rods in Tehran reactor
Tehran says it was forced to make its own fuel for the Tehran reactor after failing to agree on terms for a deal to obtain it from the West • European ambassadors meet Iranian officials to discuss EU sanctions against Tehran.
Israeli Embassy staff rally around 'Iron Lady' Koren
Tal Koren-Yehoshua, victim of a terrorist attack in New Delhi on Monday, is recovering after surgery to remove shrapnel from her body • Koren’s relatives: She’s a hero • Koren’s embassy friends were also watching over her two children.
Due to lack of funds, Israel to run out of gas masks at end of month
IDF tells subcommittee of Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that gas masks will run out by the end of the month, due to lack of funding • 60 percent of the needed kits have been manufactured; other 40% not financed for production.
Iran denies responsibility for terror plots, continues saber-rattling
“Israel has many enemies in the world,” says Iranian defense minister • “Iran and its proxies continue to employ terrorism,” says Defense Minister Ehud Barak • Iranian boats shadow U.S. aircraft carrier in Strait of Hormuz.
‘Indian intelligence suspects Iran behind New Delhi blast’
Indian intelligence sources tell Times of India newspaper that bomb attack may be Iranian retaliation for attempts to foil Tehran’s nuclear program • Delhi police say Iranian sympathizers may have enlisted help of Pakistani terrorists.
State approves archaeological center in east Jerusalem
Elad, a right-wing Jewish group that aims to strengthen the Jewish presence in east Jerusalem, to build the center in Silwan, an Arab neighborhood adjacent to Jerusalem’s Old City • The public has 60 days to appeal the decision.
Vice PM: Iran wants to revive Persian Empire, be a superpower
After meeting U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Vice PM Silvan Shalom says Iran seeks regime change in the Middle East and wants to control all the region’s oil fields • Iranian spokesman says Shalom’s comments are attempt to create rift among Muslims.
Israel’s National Heritage Program a failure, ministers say
Within the NIS 250 million ($67 million) plan, not even one site slated for renovation has undergone significant improvement • Netanyahu orders plan’s immediate implementation.
Citing years of service, Vilnai defends decision to take China job
Homefront defense minister offended by criticism in media that he is abandoning his post amid growing regional threats to Israel’s homefront • “For 50 years I’ve been right there, involved with the security of the country,” says Vilnai.
‘Justice minister advised right-wing activists on seeking pardons’
Israel’s Channel 2 obtains secret recording in which Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman appears to hand out tips to an NGO seeking pardons for Jewish security prisoners • Neeman’s office rejects insinuations of wrongdoing.
'Religious exemptions from the IDF are being abused'
President Shimon Peres and journalist David Landau release new book on Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion • Peres speaks about what he believes Ben-Gurion would say about the preponderance of military exemptions for religious men.
Isi Leibler | Ice cream and conversion
The haredi establishment is determined to turn the clock back and impose the most stringent standards of observance on the entire nation.
New York Times appoints new Jerusalem bureau chief
Ethan Bronner, who served in post for four years, will be replaced by Jodi Rudoren, the Times' education editor • When Bronner’s son enlisted in IDF two years ago, there were calls for his resignation • Rudoren cut her teeth as a political reporter.
‘New US budget calls for cuts to Israeli missile-defense programs’
A report in the Washington Free Beacon says the Obama administration is set to reduce aid for Israel’s air defense systems by $6.3 million • A draft of the U.S. government budget for 2013 has the budget set at $3.8 trillion.
Bin Laden’s ‘right-hand man in Europe’ freed from British jail
British officials say Abu Qatada poses serious threat to security, but European Court of Human Rights blocked attempts to deport him to face terrorism charges • Abu Qatada must wear an electronic tag, and can only leave home twice a day.
US mulls steep nuclear arms cuts
Obama administration considering three options, including reduction of up to 80 percent in number of deployed weapons • Potential cuts would be from current treaty limit of 1,550 deployed strategic warheads.
After snapping up TV dramas, US looks for new Israeli reality
After the phenomenal success of “Homeland,” Israel sells another television series to a U.S. network. This one, about three women looking for love, is set to premiere this summer.