Monday October 5, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Israel: Clear 'red line' would lessen chance of Iran conflict
Israel believes Iran may curb its nuclear program if Obama makes public ultimatum threatening U.S. military action if Iran does not immediately halt uranium enrichment and open nuclear sites to supervision by set date.
Boaz Bismuth | Obama will not attack Iran
Obama wants to calm Israel, but the U.S. should be just as worried.
Dan Margalit | These are fateful days
The most important news is that the U.S. may finally define clear red lines for Iran.
Ruthie Blum | Cold-shouldering Netanyahu, coddling Morsi
Heaven help us if Obama sees Morsi's Egypt as a transitioning democracy, and Israel under Netanyahu as trigger happy.
Daniel Pipes | Romney's vs. Obama's attitudes on Israel
Israel retains a permanent role in U.S. electoral politics, influencing how a significant number of voters, not just Jews, elect the president.
Aharon Lapidot | Soldiers, not civilians, are the warriors
The trend of role reversal between the military and civilians gnaws at our national and social resilience.
Dr. Gabi Avital | Tolerable pain or perpetual nightmare?
In retaliation to an Israeli attack, Iran could launch no more than 200 missiles, of which 80 percent would be intercepted.
Iran welcomes foreign leader at Natanz nuclear facility for first time
Iranian state television shows Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj inspecting centrifuges at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility Elbegdorj said to support Iran's claim about "peaceful" nature of its nuclear program.
Iran could strike US bases if Israel attacks, Hezbollah leader says
Hassan Nasrallah says he does not "need" chemical weapons because his rockets could "turn ... lives of hundreds of thousands of Zionists into real hell" French foreign minister warns against Israeli attack on Iran that "could come back to haunt Israel."
Latrun monastery vandalized in suspected 'price-tag' attack
Trappist monastery, in the Jerusalem hills, spray painted with offensive slogans like "Jesus is a monkey" Monastery's front door also torched Extreme right-wing activist Baruch Marzel says outpost evacuations "lead to 'price-tag' attacks."
Syrian minister accuses Mossad of assassinating Syrians
Information minister criticizes Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi after the latter voices sympathy for the Syrian revolt: "There is no difference between Mubarak and Morsi, who has done nothing for the Palestinians and continues to sell gas to Israel."
US denies Israeli newspaper report of secret Iran contacts
Denial comes day after report saying Washington asked Iran to refrain from retaliating against U.S. interests in Gulf if Israel attacks Iranian nuclear sites Israel also dismisses report: Last thing Iran needs is to draw massive U.S. bombing raids.
Israel wants Hitler clothing shop in India renamed
Times of India reports that store owners agree to change name after coming under local and international pressure Owner of Gujarat store says he does not know Hitler's history.
Government poised to approve new austerity measures for 2013
Just days after new taxes kick in, prime minister and finance minister meet to discuss new spending cuts that may affect pension and child benefits, infrastructure and defense Battle over yeshiva entitlements underway.
Credit rating leader compliments Israel's financial conduct
Though it criticizes the disbanding of Israel's unity government, Moody's latest report commends Israel's ability to weather economic crises, but warns that "social and political challenges" may negatively affect its rating.
Top Democrat likens Ryan to Nazi propagandist
California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton compares Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan to infamous Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels Says Republicans "lie and they don't care if people think they lie."
Gaza man dies after setting himself on fire
Ihab Abu Nada sets himself on fire due to despair and lack of job options Father describes him as "like all the other youth of Gaza" Father blames Palestinian infighting; he begged both Hamas and Palestinian Authority for help but received nothing.
Jews slam Austrian police for allowing anti-Semitic attack
Soccer fans in Vienna allegedly harass rabbi and performs Hitler salute Simon Wiesenthal Center says police turned a blind eye to incident despite their presence on site Official complaint lodged with Austrian authorities.