Wednesday October 7, 2015
Israel Hayom
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In snap drill, troops airlifted from central Israel to Golan
Wednesday's airlift of combat forces from the center of the country to the increasingly unstable northern border comes on the backdrop of the civil war in Syria, and increasing reports of the Syrian army's intentions to use chemical weapons.
Ruthie Blum | Perpetuating Muslim myths
U.S. administration preserves myth that anti-U.S. riots are based on film provocations.
Uri Heitner | A salute to the grunts on the ground
In 2012, there were four terror attacks in the West Bank, in 2000, there were almost 2000.
Boaz Bismuth | The fall of the American empire
If the U.S. remains on its current path, it will be the world's shortest-lived empire.
Clifford D. May | Misunderstanding 9/11
Learning the wrong lessons can be costly.
National icon, Palmach poet, Haim Hefer, dies at 86
Hefer wrote songs that built the country's character, established the first army entertainment troupe and was awarded the coveted Sokolov Prize for journalism and Israel Prize for Hebrew song Friends: He was a father of Israeli culture.
IAEA renews pressure on Iran after 'terrorists' charge
Iran nuclear energy chief says power lines blown up at Fordo plant 25 countries participate in largest naval exercise in Persian Gulf's history Researchers find evidence that U.S. may have developed three computer viruses for espionage.
Zalman Shoval | Intelligence and its discontents
Past experience should have undermined the complete confidence held by our American friends regarding their wisdom on the Iranian issue.
Report: Syria weighed giving chemical weapons to Hezbollah
Der Spiegel report: Iranian officers present at chemical weapons tests Syrian general and defector claims that top-level talks have been held on using chemical weapons against the rebels.
The name of the game is Hussein
New study conducted by University of Haifa and University of Texas reveals that U.S. President Barack Obamas middle name, Hussein, makes Israelis both Jewish and Arab perceive him as less pro-Israeli.
France ups security at embassies after new Muhammad cartoons
Satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo publishes crude cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad French government urges calm, defends right of the magazine to publish the cartoons.
Israeli who saved Turkish mountaineer plants flag on Kazbek
Nadav Ben Yehuda, who saved an injured Turkish climber on Mt. Everest instead of moving on and becoming the youngest Israeli to reach the peak, scales Kazbek in Georgia and plants a flag that President Shimon Peres gave him.
Romney: Palestinians not interested in peace
Speaking at an exclusive fundraiser, Romney caught on tape saying Palestinians aren't interested in peace Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat: Only those who want to maintain the Israeli occupation will claim the Palestinians are not interested in peace.
Prof. Abraham Ben-Zvi | Romney's words: True, but insensitive
Despite minimal damage, Romney's statements on the welfare state don't have great strategic significance in his race against Obama.
Assad's sister defects amid reported dissention within regime
Bushra Assad reportedly escapes Syria with her children because of a quasi-coup" within the Alawite leadership, Al Arabiya reports Egyptian president tells Iran's FM that relations between the countries hindered by Tehran's support for Syrian regime.
Temporary spending bill permits Egypt aid to flow
U.S. lawmakers clear government-wide funding bill for Egypt, delayed following former President Hosni Mubarak's ouster White House press secretary: "We're continuing to work with (Congress) on ways to support a stable, democratic transition in Egypt."
Dr. Reuven Berko | A slap on the US's cheek
Arab leaders accept capital backing from the U.S. for food and reconstruction while their sheikhs incite the people to attack the U.S.
Was Jesus married? New papyrus fragment fuels debate
Previously unknown scrap of ancient papyrus written in ancient Egyptian Coptic includes the words "Jesus said to them, my wife" Existence of the fourth century fragment revealed at a conference in Rome on Tuesday.
Al-Qaida threatens more attacks on US diplomats
Anti-U.S. demonstrations taper off in Egypt and Tunisia, but turn violent in Pakistan and Indian-controlled Kashmir Suicide bomber in Afghanistan rams car packed with explosives into mini-bus carrying South Africans, kills at least 12 people.
Israel to face France in Davis Cup World Group
Israel's Davis Cup tennis team secures a spot in the world's final 16 with a dramatic 3-2 victory over Japan in Tokyo Team Captain Eyal Ran: This is a major achievement for Israeli tennis.
Brad Pitt looks to produce Holocaust film
American superstar developing a feature based on Edwin Blacks bestseller "IBM and the Holocaust," a 2001 book that examined the computer giants indispensable role in facilitating the Nazis' extermination of Jews.
High Holy Day prayer book survives Inquisition and Holocaust
The 154 pages of parchment were written in Spain in the 1400s Renowned Torah commentators penned liturgies included in the book Script used by author indicates heavy Spanish-Muslim influence.