Sunday August 30, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Israel mulls resumption of targeted killings in Gaza
Following situation assessment in south, Defense Minister Ehud Barak says Israel resolved to restore deterrence Number of rocket attacks reaches 150 Defense officials: Assassination of Hamas leaders shaping up as preferred response.
Zvika Fogel | Subdue the enemy
If today we don't stop Hamas from growing in strength in Gaza and prevent it from becoming a vast terrorist army, then in the future we will need to pay a heavier price of war in Gaza, Sinai and maybe even in Judea and Samaria.
Ruthie Blum | Obamas election and Gaza
It sure didnt take long for the effect of the U.S. election to be felt around the world, particularly in the Middle East.
Dan Margalit | Time for an aerial Cast Lead
The Israel Defense Forces is currently chopping off the snake's tail rather than its head. Time to change that.
Yoav Limor | Changing the rules of the game
The IDF wants advance authorization for harsher retaliation when next round of rocket attacks begins, and says old rules of the game no longer work in Israel's favor.
Nadav Shragai | From disengagement to terrorism
When public debate on the south is almost as frustrating as the situation itself, no one is talking about its link with our past sins.
Egypt to Hamas: We will not intervene if violence continues
Egypt sends apparent message to Hamas to stop the rocket fire Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin: Israel takes Egypt's reaction into consideration over any ground operation in Gaza Ten Egyptian political parties protest against Israel's actions in Gaza.
More Israelis seek psychological help due to rocket fire
Special care unit established to provide immediate treatment after rocket attack Among cases reported: A 4-year-old boy says he is glad it is raining "because it extinguishes Qassam fire."
Palestinians begin exhumation of Arafat's body, source says
As part of probe into cause of late Palestinian leader's death, Palestinians begin removing concrete and stones from Arafat's grave, source close to the family tells AFP Operation follows recent suspicions that he was poisoned with polonium.
IDF hits Syrian target after another mortar explodes in Israel
Monday's incident fueled new fears that the Syrian civil war could drag Israel into the violence and have grave consequences for the region The fighting has already spilled into Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.
Avigdor Kahalani | Restraint and proportionality
It is clear to us all that Syria has no intention of opening a front against us, especially at a time when the entire Syrian army is busy trying to save Assad's regime.
Abbas ready for negotiations after UN statehood bid
Frustrated that their bid for full U.N. membership last year failed amid U.S. opposition in the U.N. Security Council, the Palestinians have launched a watered-down bid for recognition as a nonmember state, similar to the Vatican's U.N. status.
Economic solutions for families in the south are limited in scope
Employees and business owners can get help from government and non-governmental agencies in how to maintain work routines and manage businesses under constant threat of rocket fire, but economic solutions are mostly limited to receiving advice.
New police unit assigned to catch criminals on the Internet
Police Commissioner Insp. Gen. Yohanan Danino says unit will work to apprehend members of crime organizations, hackers and pedophiles "Terrorist organizations and crime organizations have similar characteristics," says police chief.
'Our lives are not worthless,' say residents of south
Residents of Netivot refuse to accept a daily routine of Qassams and Grads exploding in their city "We can no longer live in this terrible fear," one resident says Others demand the defense establishment reinstate the Iron Dome system in the city.
High Court to rule on canceling haredi stipends
More than 10,000 ultra-Orthodox men receive government allowances of around NIS 1,000 ($254) a month State's attorneys say IDF is not ready to draft haredi men.
Israel test fires four Patriot missiles
Defense Minister Ehud Barak: This exercise serves as an example of the strong cooperation between Israel and the U.S. and the integration of our systems allows us to be prepared for future challenges.
MKs Eldad and Ben Ari to run on joint Knesset ticket
The MKs decide not to run with National Union after the party's decision to join the Bayit Yehudi party Polls show them winning at least two mandates Bayit Yehudi-National Union to hold primary elections Tuesday.
Threat-focused Iran launches 'biggest ever' air drills
Military drill spans half the country, with Iran warning it will act against aggressors 8,000 Iranian troops backed by fighter planes to participate Western experts challenge Iran's capabilities, saying it uses outdated military equipment.