Friday October 9, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Israel, Hamas escalate fire as IDF prepares ground troops
Three Israelis killed in direct hit on Kiryat Malachi home Hundreds of rockets fired at civilian centers IDF strikes Hamas rocket sites and prepares to call up reservists Turkey, Egypt slam Israel's Gaza offensive, work to start diplomatic clock.
Dan Margalit | By way of deception
For a moment, Israel lived up to its past reputation, acting with agility and catching Hamas by surprise.
David Buskila | Netanyahu kept his word
In the south we now know that the Israel Defense Forces will not abandon us.
Prof. Ron Breiman | Make Hamas responsible for Gaza
Military action in the Gaza Strip needs to be conducted in a prudent and moral manner.
Exclusive: Minister Yuli Edelstein talks to Israel Hayom
Public diplomacy and diaspora affairs minister arrives at Israel Hayom's studio to discuss Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip and make Israel's case.
Egypt's Morsi pulls Israel ambassador, slams Gaza offensive
Presidential spokesman calls Israel's assault brutal, killing "martyrs and sons of the Palestinian people" Freedom and Justice Party: "We are talking about an attack that amounts to war crimes, and it requires immediate international attention."
Boaz Bismuth | Morsi's dilemma: Deteriorate or mediate
Should he cause the deterioration of relations with Israel or, perhaps, take on the role of mediator "fitting" for an Egyptian president?
ANALYSIS: Israel changes the rules of the game
A stunned Hamas was reminded once again of the balance of power Although deterrence was restored, the goal now is to avoid a quagmire Pillar of Defense will go down as a success if military gains are sustained and south enjoys upgraded calm.
Ahmed Jabari funeral draws large crowds, but no Hamas leaders
"His overcaution is his secret to a long life," friends of Ahmed Jabari, known as the Hamas chief of staff, used to say before he was assassinated Wednesday Jabari knew he was a marked man once he released Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit.
Obama supports Israel's right to self-defense
State Department: "We support Israel's right to defend itself" Netanyahu to Political-Security Cabinet: "We accurately hit strategic Hamas targets. We are careful not to harm citizens."
Who will fill Jabari's shoes as Hamas military chief?
Possible candidates to take over the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades include Imad Akel, Ahmed Randor, Ayman Nofal and Mohammed Abu-Shamala Successor will have big shoes to fill, owing to Jabari's independent streak and elevated stature.
Palestinians ask Security Council to stop Israel
Palestinian U.N. observer says Israel is committing "war crimes" Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor: Strikes are response; no one complained when Hamas-ruled Gaza rained rockets on Israeli civilians.
Nadav Shragai | No to a Palestinian state
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has an opportunity to return to a position he has held for most of his life opposing the establishment of a Palestinian state.
Fischer: Israel's economy could grow by more than 3% in 2013
Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer tells Bloomberg Businessweek that most recent economic indicators are "more positive" than they were in October Finance Ministry report: Israeli economy currently growing at a 3.4% annual rate.