Saturday September 5, 2015
Israel Hayom
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'Israel preparing to significantly expand Gaza operation'
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: We are exacting a heavy price from Hamas Message from Jerusalem to the Egyptians and Turks, who are trying to mediate truce between the sides, is that any conditions from Hamas are a non-starter.
Yoav Limor | Israel prefers cease-fire over ground move
Israel's goal was and remains restoring the IDF's deterrence and bringing quiet to the south.
Ruthie Blum | Its jihad against the Jews, stupid
The conflict with Israel on the part of the Arabs has nothing to do with Gaza blockades or West Bank settlements.
Richard Baehr | Israels collateral damage problem
Dealing directly with Iran, rather than with its surrogates, may be the place where Israel will need greater reservoirs of international support.
Dan Margalit | Prepare for escalation if you want calm
For Netanyahu and Barak to avoid the need to expand the military operation, Israel must truly and earnestly prepare for it.
Dr. Gabi Avital | The true path for Israel
How could the Arab world, once rooted in high culture and science, turn into one based on oppression and so much contempt for human life?
Iron Dome deployed to protect Tel Aviv makes smashing debut
Iron Dome battery deployed in Tel Aviv on Saturday morning, intercepts one rocket that afternoon and two on Sunday morning Sirens have sounded in Tel Aviv for four days straight Tel Aviv mayor: City is ready.
Aharon Lapidot | Nasrallah's anxiety
For our neighbors Iron Dome is bad news. Missiles are their preferred tool, with which they hope to maintain a balance of terror against Israel.
Video: Still life with rockets
Videos from Ashkelon, Ashdod and Tel Aviv depict what life is like for Israelis under the ever-present threat of rocket fire, and military spokesmen refute Hamas claims.
IDF goes all out in PR battle against Hamas
IDF Spokesperson's Unit publishes videos highlighting lies propagated by Hamas in the media Jewish communities around the world rally in support of Israel IDF targets two Gaza buildings that house media outlets.
Boaz Bismuth | Israel's image war
Hamas, along with its allies in the radical Arab world, can continue to talk about barbaric IDF attacks, but it has no photos to back up such accusations.
Pillar of Defense: The faces behind the uniforms
When the phone rings, they don't think twice about it Tens of thousands of reservists leave their families behind and make their way to Gaza invasion preparation sites in southern Israel in record time "We will carry out any mission we are given."
Politicians call for election delay
Operation Pillar of Defense has already halted campaigning and could lead to a postponement of Likud and Labor primaries Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan: We won't endanger citizens.
Current Gaza fighting reflects new battleground
Israel has carried out hundreds of surgical strikes meant to hit terrorists while avoiding civilian casualties Meanwhile, Hamas' arsenal includes more powerful weapons smuggled in through tunnels or made with Iranian assistance.
'Israel has right to defend itself,' say Obama, world leaders
U.S. President Barack Obama reaffirms support for Israel as Operation Pillar of Defense enters fifth day U.K. blasts Hamas but says ground invasion of Gaza could cost Israel international support, sympathy around the world.
'Hamas expected more from Egypt'
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Cairo: "Every drop of blood spilled in Gaza is as if it was our blood. Israel is the aggressor and violated the cease-fire. It must immediately halt its attacks in the Gaza Strip."
Israel returns fire on Syrian Golan, may have caused deaths
Israel Defense Forces spokesman says Arab media reporting Syrian soldiers have been killed by Israeli artillery fire on Syria in response to spillover into Golan Incident was third time errant shots have reached Israeli territory from Syria this month.
Pillar of Defense: The financial aspect
According to estimates, a ground assault lasting several weeks would exact a heavy toll on Israel's economy Up to now, analysts believe the war has cost the country up to NIS 250 million ($63 million).
UN nuclear agency: Iran poised to expand nuke work
IAEA says double output of higher-enriched uranium puts Tehran within months of being able to make a nuclear warhead Report may force Israel to act against Iranian nuclear facilities sooner than planned.
Yoram Ettinger | Effective sanctions are an oxymoron
The U.S. focus on sanctions and engagement rather than confrontation has facilitated Irans nuclear drive.