Friday October 9, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Israel ready for Gaza invasion, prefers diplomatic solution
Despite cease-fire talks in Cairo, Hamas continues firing rockets at Israel IAF hits more targets in Gaza, troops massing on Gaza border U.N. Secretary-General to arrive Tuesday in an attempt to ward of IDF ground invasion.
Yoav Limor | The real test is calm
A ground incursion is still on the table, but it was delayed yet again Sunday to give more time for a diplomatic solution to develop.
Dr. Haim Shine | A people's army
The Jewish people expresses its special abilities and qualities during the difficult moments.
Isi Leibler | A heavy hand with Hamas
Would the U.S. respond proportionately if 50 million Americans were under missile attack from Mexico or Canada for a decade?
Dan Margalit | War of nerves
Reserve soldiers cannot remain mobilized forever and each passing day sees increasing international pressure on Israel to stop.
Dror Eydar | Peace Now, espresso later
The days of Jews being murdered without a response are over. Let the IDF win!
Hackers try cracking Iron Dome information systems
Since onset of Operation Pillar of Defense, more than 44 million attempts to disrupt government websites have been detected At least 3,000 Israelis' email accounts have been hacked, resulting in thousands of hacked Facebook accounts.
Rocket hits empty Ashkelon school
Iron Dome intercepts three of four rockets fired at Ashkelon Monday morning Rocket hits empty school in Ashkelon More than 120 rockets fired Sunday Sirens sounded in Tel Aviv twice on Sunday.
Human cost of war rises as Hamas positions in civilian areas
In attempt to kill two senior Hamas officials believed to be hiding in a residential building, IAF strikes building killing several women and children IDF source: "We make mistakes but Hamas hides behind innocent civilians and we try not to hurt them."
Faster than a speeding bullet, Iron Dome is undisputed star
Tel Aviv area Iron Dome intercepts three rockets in first two days of deployment Unit is most advanced yet Defense minister thanks U.S. and lauds Israeli achievements: "No other army in any country in the world has a system like it."
Hezi Sternlicht | The next Iron Dome
Israel must continue to invest in technologies for potential future military scenarios, just as it did with the Iron dome.
Peres: Our purpose is peace, Hamas' is to destroy Israel
In marathon interviews from Jerusalem, President Shimon Peres tells Sky News that Israel appreciates Egyptian efforts to mediate a cease-fire, but slams Hamas for shooting "at our houses, kindergartens, schools" "What would any other country do?"
Dr. Reuven Berko | Hamas and Egypt
The willingness of Hamas to bomb Jerusalem is akin to the Taliban blowing up the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan and the Salafis in Egypt threatening to destroy the pyramids.
Under fire, Israel lets humanitarian aid, basic goods into Gaza
Kerem Shalom crossing opened to allow goods in, international aid workers and patients seeking medical treatment in Israel out Legal Forum for the Land of Israel: Supplies will go to Hamas, not citizens.
Knesset speaker: Gaza operation might delay election
Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin says it will be known by Thursday whether the election for the 19th Knesset will be held on time Rivlin strongly rejects proposal that Likud, Labor parties use committees, rather than primaries, to set candidate lists.
Retired IDF general keeps on truckin'
Soldiers waiting for orders near Gaza were stunned in recent days to see none other than Maj. Gen. (res.) Udi Adam among their ranks, driving semitrailers carrying tanks from one spot to another to help the IDF deploy in the south.