Saturday October 10, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Time was not right to conquer Gaza, says Barak
Defense minister says only the government has tools to see "bigger picture" and a time may come when Israel decides to conquer Gaza Strip Senior diplomatic official: Netanyahu avoided ground assault due to Egyptian threat to cancel peace treaty.
Dr. Haim Shine | So sorry we won!
It is a mystery why many in the Israeli Left choose to adopt the extravagant remarks made by Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and his terrorist friends asserting a big Hamas victory.
Dan Margalit | No room for disappointment
The Palestinians were hit hard, but they are celebrating, while Israelis, who pounded Hamas, are in mourning.
Zvika Fogel | Hamas' nightmare
When Hamas officials emerged from their bunkers on Thursday they saw there was not a single victory they could present to their people.
Boaz Bismuth | Discovering Mohammed Morsi
Egypt's president delivered the goods ... but he did not really have a choice; Cairo needs $2 billion annual aid from Washington.
Dore Gold | How wars end
When a state is stuck in what appears to be a stalemate there will always be people who look for more extreme solutions.
Clifford D. May | The meaning of the missiles
Imagine this past week with a nuclear-armed Iran watching from the wings.
Yoram Ettinger | The Israel-Hamas clash of civilizations
While Western democracies cherish life, Hamas and the PLO consecrate martyrdom, suicide bombings and the virulent use of human shields.
The long and winding road between Gaza and Egypt
With the exception of expressions of empathy and a few visits to safe territory in Gaza (relative to Syria), Arab governments did nothing to help Hamas, just as they are doing nothing to prevent the mass slaughter in Syria.
Ruthie Blum | And the winner is Morsi
Morsi has been given a stamp of legitimacy. To honor his newfound and much-coveted position, the Muslim Brotherhood honcho gave himself a gift.
Keeping the flames low
As far as the government is concerned, Operation Pillar of Defense already peaked last Saturday The decision was to enact a cease-fire, not to gain popularity Hamas will soon realize that provoking Israel has come at a dear cost.
Gonen Ginat | Cheer up, we won
How does it happen that even though we have won time and again, so many Israelis believe we lost?
Israel is not alone in the world
The goals of the operation were limited and realistic, particularly given the prevailing circumstances and the timing. Perhaps this is why we had significant international support for an operation that from its inception was a defensive one.
The blog is mightier than the sword
During the heat of battle, Chinese bloggers and Hispanic journalists from the U.S. arrived in Israel The bloggers, who have hundreds of millions of followers can play pivotal roles in Israel's public diplomacy.
David M. Weinberg | The consummate public diplomat
Yuli Edelsteins hasbara leadership is one of Israels secret weapons.
The gray matter behind the Iron Dome
It was seen as a "delusional" idea for development, critics never relented, and project manager Brig. Gen. Dr. Danny Gold wasn't sure if he would get funding Thanks to his spirit and tenacity, and a superb team, critics are eating their words.
Gaza op's last Israeli casualty
Lt. Boris Yarmolnik was wounded on Wednesday by shrapnel of a rocket that exploded in the Eshkol Regional Council Yarmolnik succumbed to his wounds on Thursday Relative: "He was such a good boy."
Police say Israeli Arab planted bomb on Tel Aviv bus
Large manhunt ends with arrests of suspected bomber and Palestinian handlers who activated device using a cellphone Suspected bomber from the West Bank received Israeli citizenship under the family reunification law.
IDF kills Palestinian on Gaza border
A relative of the dead man, who was at the scene, says the man had been trying to place a Hamas flag on the fence An Israeli soldier fired into the air three times before Anwar Qdeih was shot in the head, the relative adds.
As Gaza celebrates victory, Barak says Hamas delusional
Defense Minister Ehud Barak: "They are celebrating the downing of an F-16 [which did not happen] and rockets that supposedly exploded in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem" Hamas PM: "Israel was defeated and now they know the rules have changed."
Livni expected to announce comeback
Former Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni will most likely announce her political comeback next week as the head of a new party Recent survey has Livni winning nine seats in January elections.
Mati Tuchfeld | The Likud's lackluster primaries
At least five incumbent MKs and ministers will be shown the door Over on the Left, Livni nips Olmert's return in the bud.
'We foiled 100 million cyberattacks,' says Steinitz
Finance Ministry reveals millions of cyberattacks over the past week Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz: Government Counter-Cyberterrorism Unit set up "cybernetic Iron Dome" during Gaza Strip operation.
Poll shows Israelis believe operation ended too soon
The independent Maagar Mohot poll released on Friday shows 49 percent of respondents feel Israel should have kept going after squads firing rockets into Israel. Thirty-one percent support the government's decision to stop. Twenty percent have no opinion.
'Morsi has appointed himself Egypt's new pharaoh'
In a nod to revolutionary sentiment, Morsi orders the retrial of Mubarak and top aides on charges of killing protesters during the uprising, and creates a new "protection of the revolution" judicial body to swiftly carry out the prosecutions.
Descendents of Spanish Jews to receive expedited citizenship
Thousands of descendents of Jews who were exiled by Spain in the 15th century can now receive Spanish citizenship in an expedited process Descendent of former Spanish citizen: A good idea that will shorten the bureaucratic process.