Wednesday October 7, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Diplomatic tension rises ahead of Palestinian UN bid
Israel strongly opposes the statehood bid and is concerned the Palestinians could ask the International Criminal Court at The Hague to prosecute its leaders France to vote "yes," Germany expected to vote "no" or abstain.
David M. Weinberg | Toward a warlike Palestinian state
It is simply scandalous that France, Britain, Spain and others are lending a hand to Abbas reckless and destructive attack on Israel and the peace process.
Prof. Ron Breiman | There is no 'two-state solution'
The media still refuses to see what the general public and the new Likud have sobered up to.
Richard Baehr | Israels disproportionality problem
Israel stands out like a sore thumb, sort of like the billionaire boss who pays a lower marginal tax rate than his secretary.
Mati Tuchfeld | The public is shifting Right
The Likud shifted Right because the public, overall, has shifted Right.
Yaakov Maor | Steering committees are better
Steering committees lack many of the flaws of the primary election system.
Uzi Baram | Why Benny Begin lost
Begin failed because settlers are a significant voice in the Likud and won't forgive him for Migron.
Iran's 'peaceful' nuke program more powerful than Hiroshima
According to diagram obtained by The Associated Press, Iranian scientists ran computer simulations for a nuclear weapon producing 50 kilotons of force Nuclear expert: Diagram looks genuine but seems to be designed more "to understand the process."
'Hamas knows it was dealt a powerful blow'
GOC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Tal Russo begins studying Pillar of Defense lessons Russo: "I was surprised by the quiet when the cease-fire began. Hamas has a good reason to stop the rocket launches."
Dror Eydar | Adopting the enemy's narrative
Palestinians look around and know who won the latest round, but then they hear us weep, whine and lament over our "defeat" and are confused.
Six Kadima MKs pledge to join Livni's new party
Six Kadima MKs intend to join Tzipi Livni's Hatnuah party Group needs seventh Kadima MK to join them to be recognized by the Knesset Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is expected to announce his political future on Wednesday, Channel 2 reports.
Dan Margalit | Livni returns, with a whimper
Tzipi Livni's comeback will not draw votes away from the ruling right-wing bloc.
Sadat's visit to Israel: Secret files released
State releases confidential files shedding light on the historic peace agreement between Israel and Egypt Former Prime Minister Menachem Begin: "We will do everything in our power to ensure he leaves Jerusalem a happy man."
For Netanyahu, a bittersweet Likud list
Prime minister asks Benny Begin to serve as minister in next government despite Begin's poor showing in Likud primaries Aides to the PM say he's pleased with the rightist nature of Likud list as it will stop voters joining Naftali Bennett's party.
Likely indictment could force Lieberman to resign as minister
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman will likely face one count of breach of trust, but avoid charges for allegations surrounding dirty business dealings Lieberman to be denied cabinet portfolio until final verdict, but could stay as MK.
Influential Israeli tycoon Dankner probed for securities fraud
Israel Securities Authority suspects Dankner and two of his associates sought to influence the share price of their company by carrying out millions of dollars' worth of fraudulent transactions Danker says his activities were lawful.
IDF border surveillance failed to pick up Gaza infiltrator
Attack in Sde Avraham on Monday, in which a mother of four fended off the terrorist, declared a nationalist-motivated act Failure of electronic border fence, either due to sabotage or damage from Operation Pillar of Defense.
UN atomic agency says stolen information is on hacker site
IAEA says contact details of experts working with the agency included in the theft Western diplomat: Theft does not include confidential information Statement of hacker group calls for IAEA to investigate Israel's nuclear reactor in Dimona.
Hungarian politician denounced for anti-Semitism
Members of a Jewish organization hand out over 386 yellow Stars of David to parliamentary officials, one for every deputy in the Hungarian legislature Hundreds of protesters attend an anti-Jobbik rally outside parliament.
Egypt mass protests challenge Islamist president
Chants in Tahrir against Morsi's decrees are reminiscent of those used against ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak Clashes between protesters and Muslim Brotherhood members erupt in several cities.