Sunday October 4, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Israel, European allies clash over settlement expansion
France, Britain summon Israel's ambassadors for rebuke U.K. Foreign Office: We expect Israel to reverse E1 decision Israeli official: They are hypocrites. They supported the Palestinian U.N. move. What did they expect we would do?
Dr. Haim Shine | Construction in Jerusalem: an ethical move
Never again will the Jews relinquish their freedom to decide on their own future and determine their own fate.
Yoram Ettinger | What should Israel do?
Will contemporary Israeli leaders sustain the self-destructive Oslo state of mind, ignoring the Palestinian reality that in the Middle East either you eat from or become part of the menu?
Dror Eydar | Olmert's contemptible attack
Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert proved once and for all in a sycophantic tirade, during which he attacked Israel's current prime minister, that he is unfit to lead.
Zalman Shoval | The age-old Palestinian strategy
The Palestinians have never approached negotiations with clean hands and former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert knows that better than anyone after discussing the issues with Abbas for more than a year and ending up only with a cold shoulder.
Ax-wielding Palestinian terrorist killed after attacking Israeli forces
Five Israel Security Agency officers hurt after Palestinian car swerves off the road and collides into their jeep; After crash, terrorist emerges from Palestinian car with an ax and charges at the Israeli forces yelling "Allahu akbar" ("God is great").
'Olmert strengthening the Palestinian narrative,' says Ya'alon
"Netanyahu slapped Obama in the face," Olmert says on new Jerusalem-area construction Education Minister Sa'ar: Olmert chose to praise the PA on American soil and to defend its breach of the Oslo Accords.
Dan Margalit | Mahmoud Abbas as angel of peace?
Abbas did not respond positively to Olmert's two-state offer and refused to discuss the offer with Netanyahu. How can he prove that Israel does not want peace if he consistently refuses to talk to its government?
Tel Aviv rated number two on list of startup-friendly cities
Tel Aviv comes in just behind California's Silicon Valley, but ahead of Los Angeles, New York and London IVC Research Center: Tel Aviv has 1,000 high-tech companies employing 30,000 workers.
Eli Yishai wants to revoke bus bombing terrorist's citizenship
The accused received Israeli citizenship in 1995 as part of the family reunification law, which allowed Palestinians who married Israeli Arabs to receive Israeli citizenship He is being tried for throwing a bomb into a crowded Tel Aviv bus, wounding 28.
Rocket collected as souvenir turns out to be live
Lachish region police sapper overhears conversation about man who collects Grad rocket parts The sapper finds live warheads in the man's home and his unit safely neutralizes them Superintendent Erez Tamsut: He endangered himself and his children.
Thousands attend anti-Nazi rally in Hungary
Jewish civic group protesters demonstrate against lawmakers call to screen Jews for security risks Márton Gyöngyösi said Monday it was time to assess how many Hungarian Jews pose a national security risk.
Sayeret Matkal commander: Stop leaking secrets to the press
IDF commander writes letter after Israeli media outlets publish information regarding Sayeret Matkal's secret activities, including past assassinations and fatal training accidents.
Syrian movement of chemical weapons raises concern in West
U.S. officials say recent movement of chemical weapons by Syrian military suggests potential preparation, but uncertainty remains over President Bashar al-Assad's intentions West warns Assad not to use chemical weapons against rebels.
Egypt's highest court joins judicial strike
Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi's decrees give him powers that none of his four predecessors since the ouster of the monarchy 60 years ago ever had The last time Egypt had an all-out strike by the judiciary was in 1919.