Tuesday October 13, 2015
Israel Hayom
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'Our enemies want to destroy us, they won't compromise'
Netanyahu condemns anti-Israel remarks at Hamas 25th anniversary celebration, saying "we have always overcome these threats" At rally attended by hundreds of thousands of supporters, Hamas political chief Khaled Mashaal says "Palestine is ours."
Dr. Reuven Berko | From Hamastan to Hamastine
The West was too quick to back Abbas and his Palestinian nation. Now "Hamastine" and Jihad got their own observer state in the U.N.
Boaz Bismuth | What is there to talk about with Hamas?
There was no Hannukah miracle in Gaza this weekend. Hamas is the same Hamas.
Dan Margalit | Israeli politics mired in muck
With the party lists now submitted, Israel's campaign season has entered the home stretch. Will Yachimovich be able to focus on Netanyahu, rather than her center-left rivals?
Richard Baehr | Obama surrogates blast Bibi
Neither the brief Gaza war, the U.N. vote, Israeli actions nor European criticism of Israel has changed the reality of a nonexistent peace process.
Esty Shushan | Wanted: Haredi women in Knesset
Haredi political parties would do well for themselves if they would understand that the issue of women's status is becoming more relevant than ever.
'Israeli special forces tracking chemical weapons inside Syria'
According to Sunday Times, troops on the ground to monitor Syrias non-conventional armaments and sabotage their development U.N. to reinforce units stationed on Golan Heights after Syrian rebels reportedly capture large areas near Israeli border.
Report: Israel tips off Italy to Egypt-bound arms shipment
Italian news agency ANSA: Five containers, one of which reportedly held a rocket launcher, were intercepted by Italian authorities in port of Naples Containers bound for Egypt One Egyptian national taken into custody.
Likud: Olmert is inciting the world against Israel
Likud statement lashes out against former prime minister, after the latter accuses Netanyahu's government of taking Israel into unprecedented international isolation with his settlement policy.
EU foreign ministers to meet over Israel's E1 building plans
Israel: Building beyond the Green Line is nothing new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Germany: E1 building is a few years away; announced now because building planning process in Israel is long.
Government set to exempt ultra-Orthodox from IDF service
Under proposed temporary alternative to Tal Law, 1,300 ultra-Orthodox Israelis would enlist in community service programs, with rest exempt from service Bennett: Government needs to create channels for haredim to fulfill their share of the burden.
Obama sends Happy Hannukah wishes to Jews across the world
U.S. President and first lady "send our warmest wishes to all those celebrating Hanukkah around the world" Obama calls Hanukkah "an opportunity for people of all faiths to recognize the common aspirations we share."
Iran's ballistic missile program lagging behind US estimates
New study by non-partisan Congressional Research Service casts doubt on Iran's ability to test-fly intercontinental ballistic missiles by 2015 Iran apparently not receiving as much help as would likely be necessary, notably from China or Russia.
Egyptian president agrees to give up his judicial immunity
Disputed draft constitution referendum to be held on schedule, but Morsi rescinds decree granting him near absolute power, after decree sparks riots Decision appears unlikely to appease the opposition.
Prof. Eyal Zisser | Morsi's moment of truth
Will he steer Egypt toward a democracy that protects the liberal minority, or risk civil war by entrenching himself as the sole authority of an Islamic state?