Wednesday October 14, 2015
Israel Hayom
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'Europe's policy on Israel like its Jewish policy in 30s and 40s'
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman slams Europe for condemning Israel's intention to build in E1 "When Jews are sacrificed, ask yourself who will be next" Livni: Not everyone is against us and not everyone is anti-Semitic, Holocaust reference wrong.
Prof. Aviad Hacohen | Remember Voltaire
Political parties and parliamentarians shouldn't be disqualified for their views. Only if they endanger the state.
Dror Eydar | Shavit's Afrikaners
Fatah and Hamas don't need their own writers, they have Haaretz.
Eli Hurvitz | Future children
The world is not stagnant; education can change the game.
Daniel Pipes | Better dictators than elected Islamists
In just three months, Morsi has shown that his rule portends to be an even greater calamity for Egypt than was Mubarak's.
Australia's new beef with Israel
A senior veterinarian calls treatment of the cattle at Tnuva's slaughterhouse a severe case of animal cruelty and a violation of standards to which Israel vowed to comply "If this was in Australia the community would expect government to shut it down."
'Non-Orthodox Diaspora Jews do not feel wanted in Israel'
Following trip to the U.S., Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, one of Israel's most prominent Zionist Orthodox rabbis: Many non-Orthodox Diaspora Jews do not want to identify with Israel "because of the occupation, the racism, the control of another people by force."
Vandals desecrate Monastery of the Cross in Jerusalem
Vandals spray-painted profanities on the entrance to and on three vehicles belonging to the Monastery of the Cross Church in Jerusalem overnight Tuesday in the latest spate of so-called "price-tag" attacks on Christian institutions over the past year.
Report: Israel operating spy bases in Eritrea
Stratfor intelligence group: Israel's presence in Eritrea involves intelligence gathering in the Red Sea and monitoring Iran Eritrea wants to use Israel to influence the United States in decisions regarding Eritrea on the international stage.
Israeli students soar in international standardized tests
Israeli students finish seventh in math, 13th in science and 18th in reading on international tests, improving dramatically from four years ago Prime minister: I'm proud of great achievement by students, teachers.
Minister Gideon Sa'ar | We have proven what is possible
The standardized test results speak for themselves Israel is on the rise.
Waiting game: Will AG approve Eizenkot's appointment?
Military advocate-general tells Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein there is nothing to prevent Maj. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot's appointment as next IDF deputy chief of staff Weinstein had asked ministers to avoid making appointments on eve of elections.
Dan Margalit | A Harpaz Truce
Eizenkot's appointment was made on professional grounds and should be cleared by the attorney-general, particularly because it enjoys unanimous support.
Germany may expand 'Ghetto Pensions' to Holocaust survivors
More than two dozen Bundestag members discuss giving more funds to Holocaust survivors who worked in ghettos Survivor Uri Hanoch: We are optimistic they will answer our requests and allow us to live out the rest of our lives in comfort and dignity.
First snow falls on Mount Hermon
Around 10 centimeters of snow accumulates at the Mount Hermon ski site's upper chairlift station Dozens of visitors take advantage of the Hanukkah holiday to enjoy the snow Ski site personnel: Snow fell sooner than expected.
Supreme Court to deliberate Olmert corruption case in July
Court to review Olmert's nearly complete acquittal and light sentence in corruption cases Ruling might force Olmert to stay away from politics for at least seven years Former premier's second trial ongoing.
Egyptian judges say most will boycott referendum
The current crisis pits Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood, and their ultra-conservative Islamist allies, against an opposition camp of liberals, leftists and Christians who protest what they call a dominantly Islamist constitution.
US recognizes Syria's main rebel group
Recognition of the council as the sole representative of Syria's diverse population brings the U.S. in line with Britain, France and several of America's Arab allies, which took the same step shortly after the body was created in Qatar last month.
France asks European Parliament to lift Le Pen's immunity
French authorities seek to prosecute far-right leader Marine Le Pen for "inciting racial hatred" through comments she made in 2010 comparing Islamic prayers in public to the Nazi occupation of France Le Pen says she is unperturbed by legal procedure.
The Hebrew Hammer will strike again
Ten years after directing the "Jewsploitation" film "The Hebrew Hammer," director Jon Kesselman decides to start raising money for a sequel Kesselman raises more than $22,000 in less than a week via Jewish community project website Jewcer.