Wednesday September 2, 2015
Israel Hayom
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'Construction in Jerusalem is not negotiable'
Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin sends message to colleagues around the world, chiding them for condemning Jerusalem construction "There is a sense that nations in Europe are more interested in a Palestinian state than in ensuring Israel's safety."
Nadav Shragai | No blinking, no fear
Perhaps the 1,500 housing units that were approved for construction in Jerusalem herald the dawning of a new era of sanity.
Ruthie Blum | Where are the fathers?
Knowing his ex-wife kept guns, how could Peter Lanza simply leave and never look back?
Yaakov Ahimeir | Obama's appointments, our problem
Former Senator Chuck Hagel, who could become the next secretary of defense, has displayed a very hostile stance toward Israeli positions throughout his tenure.
Dan Margalit | Poverty or misleading statistics?
How many of Israel's "poor" receive welfare benefits while working off the books?
Mati Tuchfeld | The Likud-Beytenu's quiet campaign
Netanyahu and Lieberman have been managing their campaign by going about business, running the country, while everyone else gets pulled along behind them.
'US efforts to block Iran have resumed, post-election'
Vice Prime Minister Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon says that since U.S. President Barack Obama's re-election, the U.S. has resumed efforts to curb Iran's contested nuclear program, including preparations for possible military action.
IDF: We will continue to operate with discretion in West Bank
Violence and unrest continue in West Bank as residents of Yitzhar clash with residents of nearby Palestinian village Palestinian man arrested after assaulting soldiers Security forces uncover cell associated with Hamas operating in east Jerusalem.
UN sees risk of escalation in Syrian-Israeli tensions
Palestinian and Syrian rebel sources say that the rebels have taken "full control" of Palestinian refugee camp Yarmouk in southern Damascus Syrian President Bashar al-Assad might relocate his headquarters, split country into two separate entities.
Palestinians prefer Hamas leader Haniyeh over Abbas, poll shows
Rise of support for Hamas' prime minister as a result of the perception that Hamas defeated Israel in Operation Pillar of Defense Most Palestinians are not interested in having an Islamist state.
Elliott Abrams | Does familiarity breed non-support?
Hamas has not won over the majority of Gazans, but it has apparently persuaded Palestinians that "armed struggle" is the way forward.
Prosecution seeks to invoke moral turpitude in Lieberman case
Both sides agree on expedited schedule, but a plea bargain looks increasingly unlikely Prosecutors say gravity of crimes merits moral turpitude clause that would send Lieberman into long political exile.
Analysis: Who is behind the new immigrant party 'The Israelis'?
Political sources reveal that Tzipi Livni and Haim Ramon are the real players behind the new immigrant party The Israelis Their goal: poaching votes from Yisrael Beytenu The Israelis: Ramon has not been involved in the party.
Pope tells Abbas of Vatican's hope for Middle East solution
Palestinian Authority president is touring Europe to thank countries that supported the Nov. 29 resolution by the U.N. General Assembly Abbas also meets Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, who expressed support for a Palestinian state.
Bus driver slaps elderly woman, calls her 'barbaric Moroccan'
Woman, 72, files a criminal complaint against the driver Connex transportation company, which employs the driver, says company will take appropriate action against driver if he is found guilty.
Toulouse school terror victims to tour Israel
Jewish Agency sponsors tour of students from Ozar Hatorah school, which was attacked by a terrorist in March Yaffa Montesango, whose daughter was one of four victims of the attack, will participate in the tour.
Israeli Embassy in Dublin removes controversial post, apologizes
Post showing picture of Jesus and Mary accompanied by message deemed derogatory to Palestinians appears on Israeli Embassy's Facebook page, provokes widespread criticism Embassy issues apology, says message was posted without administrator's consent.
IDF chief of staff gives awards to outstanding units
Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz thanks IDF units for their performance during Operation Pillar of Defense in November: "You significantly improved the lives of the residents of southern Israel ... Our enemy was dealt a serious blow."
Weinstein opposes disqualifying Arab-Israeli MK Zoabi
Attorney-general says there is insufficient evidence to disqualify controversial MK Hanin Zoabi Weinstein also opposes all petitions to disqualify parties, including Arab-Israeli, ultranationalist and ultra-Orthodox parties.
Gideon Allon | Politicians are not judges
Only a judge whose integrity, honesty and professionalism are unquestionable, not a politician, can weigh all the considerations completely objectively in the case of candidates' efficacy to run in elections.
Iran facing fresh threat from newly unleashed malware
International Business Times reports that the "targeted data-wiping malware" can wipe data from infected computers Identified as "GrooveMonitor.exe," it avoids anti-virus programs by disguising itself as a Microsoft Office 2007 program.