Saturday October 10, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Report: Syria using chemical weapons against rebels
Al-Jazeera reports that seven Syrian rebel fighters died by toxic gas inhalation Syrian army bombs civilians waiting in bread line Sunday, kills 100 Netanyahu: We are cooperating with U.S. and international community to monitor developments in Syria.
Dan Margalit | No Arab Spring in Syria
While Assad's ousting would cut off a vital link between Iran and Hezbollah, it is not clear whether a new Syrian government would maintain the cease-fire on the Golan Heights.
Richard Baehr | Jews, Asians and affirmative action
A new report shows Jews are now the beneficiaries of favorable admission decisions at the Ivy League universities, a conclusion that has potentially toxic overtones in the wrong hands.
David M. Weinberg | 'Tis the season to bash Israel
But the Palestinian Authority and radical Islam are the real reasons behind the Christian decline in Bethlehem.
Eli Hazan | Democracy is stronger than refusal
Refusal to serve is not a new phenomenon, but its increasing prevalence will lead to anarchy.
Dr. Haim Shine | Europe, stop meddling in our elections
The more that foreign nations try to undermine our independence and freedom of choice, the more we will unite around a campfire that burns eternally.
First rocket launched from Gaza since Pillar of Defense cease-fire
Rocket launched towards Israel but shy of target, landed in Gaza Two men shot on Gaza border by Israel Defense Forces fire Netanyahu closely monitoring situation in West Bank, working to prevent escalation.
Knesset speaker slams foreign lawmakers over Gaza visit
Inter-Parliamentary Union to send delegation to Gaza as part of tour of region Knesset speaker says Israel will boycott group and may take further punitive steps Rivlin doubts group will stay true to pledge not to hold official meetings with Hamas.
Haifa mayor launches war on English
Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav is deeply dismayed with the growing prevalence of English words in Israeli culture As mayor, Yahav abolished use of English words in official municipal documents, seeks to obligate businesses to use Hebrew signs.
Former chief rabbi indicted in 'fake rabbis' scam
Former Sephardi Chief Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron suspected of issuing fraudulent rabbinic ordination certificates to security personnel so they could qualify for pay increases Bakshi-Doron's lawyers: There is no substance to the charges.
Rights group: Gazans committed war crimes against Israel
Referring to last month's fighting between Israel and Gaza, Human Rights Watch official says, "Palestinian armed groups made clear that harming civilians was their aim. There is simply no legal justification for launching rockets at populated areas."
Ahead of Christmas, report shows 2% of Israelis are Christian
Just over 80 percent of Israeli Christians are Arabs, the rest immigrated mostly from Russia with Jewish family under Law of Return Christian students score higher on high school matriculation exams than all other segments of Israeli population.
Lieberman trial in limbo as investigation re-opened
Attorney-general decides to summon Lieberman for another round of questioning Move meant to allow him to respond to new revelations about his role in promoting an ambassador who stymied the investigation against him.
Bennett backtracks on call to disobey IDF orders
Naftali Bennett at Tel Aviv University debate: In clash between evacuation and obedience, one must obey Habayit Hayehudi chairman says the controversy surrounding his insubordination remark will only serve to boost his party.
Mati Tuchfeld | For Likud, Bennett is the enemy
Why would a ruling party, forecast to win far more seats than all its rivals in the upcoming election, dedicate so many resources to combating a mid-size party, and from the same right-wing bloc, no less?
Allies no more: Likud and Shas step up mudslinging
After ultra-Orthodox party fires opening shot, featuring Netanyahu and Lieberman in a negative campaign, Likud blames Shas for failing to control skyrocketing housing prices despite holding the Housing Ministry portfolio.
Labor seeks renewed peace talks after election
Labor Chairwoman Shelly Yachimovich calls for renewal of direct peace talks with the Palestinians within three months of elections Labor plan: Palestinians must give up right of return, main settlement blocs would remain part of Israel.
Egypt's opposition warns of 'dark' days after constitution vote
Opposition groups say they will keep fighting Islamist-backed constitution after Muslim Brotherhood claims it passes by 64% Main opposition group: The referendum is not the end game. It is only a battle in this long struggle for the future of Egypt.
Lean, teen tennis machine
Twelve-year-old Ramle native Yshai Oliel wins world tennis championship Nets praise from prime minister: "You are a true champion. You brought honor to the State of Israel and pride to your parents." Oliel: "For me, this is just the beginning."