Sunday October 4, 2015
Israel Hayom
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'We will respond to any threat'
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Syria and Iran saying Israel's long arm will deliver devastating blow to those who try to harm the country Syrian media: Assad changes bedrooms each night, guards test his food before he eats it.
Gonen Ginat | Was Jesus a Palestinian?
Arabs compete among themselves to commit the most atrocious act of cruelty.
Dore Gold | Haaretz resurrects the Khazar Jews theory
Every few years the theory is posed that European Jews are descendants of the Khazars.
Dan Margalit | Where has the two-state solution gone?
Anyone paying attention can see that the Palestinians continue to negate the two-state solution.
Prof. Aviad Hacohen | The road to Lieberman's conviction
The State Prosecutor's Office still has its work cut out if it wants to convict Lieberman.
Brutal until the bitter end
The 45,000 people killed in Syria since March 2011 are proof of the unbearable lightness with which leaders massacre their people Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is losing the last of his supporters.
Yoram Ettinger | An Israeli state of mind
Most Israelis Right, Center and Left have concluded that security-driven peace supersedes peace-driven security.
The Likud's rear-guard battle
MK Zeev Elkin was appointed to curb the leakage of votes from Likud to Bennett Netanyahu is concerned by the fact that the wealthy and powerful are embracing Bennett, despite clearly belonging to the opposing political camp.
Yossi Beilin | What the next government will look like
In forming the next coalition, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will face a diverse set of choices.
'I am very concerned for the well-being of Western culture'
Prof. Afshin Ellian was born in Iran, was persecuted by the ayatollah regime and was granted asylum in the Netherlands He talks about Europe's weakness in the face of Islam and says that "without the State of Israel, Iranian utopia is meaningless."
The art of war
The Lithuanian haredi movement is currently in the midst of a massive drama involving hostile takeovers, historical splits, humiliations and even a violent attack against a haredi newspaper editor who ended up in the hospital.
Lieberman's political future could depend on an estranged ally
Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon to testify against Lieberman as key witness in upcoming trial Ayalon, ministry officials tell police Lieberman was active in promoting ambassador who helped stymie the investigation against him.
Dan Margalit | Legal problem, political consequences
Lieberman's indictment has somewhat dimmed the seemingly bright future of the joint Likud-Beytenu list.
Three top portfolios to be held by Likud-Beytenu after election
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells senior Likud members that defense, foreign and finance ministries will be headed by Likud-Beytenu ministers Vice Prime Minister Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon is leading contender for defense portfolio.
British minister: Ariel University an 'obstacle to peace'
British Middle East Affairs Minister Alistair Burt also condemns recent Israeli approval of construction projects in two other neighborhoods in Jerusalem Israeli FM spokesman: Disappointing that Burt adopted the contested Palestinian position verbatim.
Dr. Haim Shine | Ariel: A stronghold under attack
The leftist professors and politicians who have been fighting against Ariel University know that a place that houses a thriving university will never be handed over in a peace agreement.
Far-right MKs to campaign in Israeli Arab village
MK Aryeh Eldad: "The Arabs have built tens of thousands of buildings in Israeli territory and they still stand tall, while Jewish homes were subject to selective destruction."
Report: Iran will open suspect military base if threats dropped
Iran's deputy foreign minister says Iran would let inspectors into the Parchin military base if threats against the regime were dropped IAEA believes nuclear weapons-related tests have been conducted at the base.
Egypt's prosecutor orders probe against opposition
Opposition party secretary-general: Move is reminiscent of the Mubarak era and is "an indication of a tendency toward a police state and the attempt to eliminate political opponents."
It's sexy, but is it kosher?
The religious community has a fraught relationship with sexuality, thought Ayo Oppenheimer, who grew up Orthodox and studied in yeshiva Recently she launched Jewrotica, which features erotic stories with a Jewish flavor.