Wednesday October 7, 2015
Israel Hayom
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'By picking sides, Peres harms prestige of the presidency'
At a diplomatic event at the President's Residence, Peres says: Abbas is a man with whom we can reach an agreement Coalition Chairman Zeev Elkin: Peres made the same statements about Yasser Arafat.
Dror Eydar | The New Middle East is passé
You have to be familiar with Palestinian culture to understand that they have no intention of coming to terms with our existence. Peres fails to come to terms with that.
Abraham Ben-Zvi | Can America still lead the world?
China continues to demonstrate belligerence while the U.S. reduces its overseas commitments.
Dan Margalit | Badge of honor for Israeli democracy
How could it be explained to the world that the Middle East's only democracy withheld Zoabi's right to run for the Knesset?
Richard Baehr | Do Americans support Israel less?
Israel needs to lead on the issue of a military strike on Iran.
Dr. Hana-Muriel Setteboun | Economic destination: developing countries
The next great economic growth engine is around the corner.
Now a public figure, Bennett recants refusal statement
Habayit Hayehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett: I am a major in the reserves and the harmful impact my words had on all the youth that see me as a role model upsets me Doesn't rule out being part of Center-Left government.
Isi Leibler | Religious Zionism at the crossroads
If Habayit Hayehudi behaves in a demagogic manner to attract extremist voters, it will be sidelined as yet another ineffective extreme right-wing opposition group.
Lieberman officially indicted in corruption case
State Prosecutor's Office files amended indictment against Yisrael Beytenu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman at the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court Trial unlikely to be completed before upcoming Knesset election.
Court reduces sentence of former IDF whistleblower Kamm
Supreme Court reduces Anat Kamm's four and a half year sentence by one year Kamm was convicted in February 2011 of passing classified information to Haaretz reporter Uri Blau during her military service in the IDF Central Command.
Eritrean migrant arrested for rape of 83-year-old woman
A foreigner was arrested a week ago for the brutal, two-hour rape of an elderly woman who lived alone The suspect fled when the woman's nephew came to visit The street where the rape took place contains many brothels.
Supreme Court overturns decision to disqualify Zoabi
The Supreme Court unanimously overturned the decision of the Knesset's Central Elections Committee Zoabi: This was a witch hunt MK Ofir Akunis: I respect the decision, but am saddened by it.
MK Danny Danon | Zoabi's place is on the blacklist
Instead, the Supreme Court made the regretful decision to allow her to run for re-election.
83% of Israelis believe returning to '67 lines won't bring peace
Majority of Israelis (69% among the general public, 78% among the Jewish population) say that if their party agreed to give up east Jerusalem and the Old City, they would consider voting for a different party.
Olmert: Livni lost because Kadima lost faith in her
Former PM asks Kadima members during Q&A: Who would you want to see in Knesset the 10th person on Livni's list or Shaul Mofaz? Hatnuah: Main goal is to change the alliance of extremist refuseniks led by Netanyahu, and Olmert shares this goal.
17-year-old girl spits at MK Ahmad Tibi at Bar-Ilan University
Arab MK Ahmad Tibi to Israel Hayom: I will not be intimidated, and will speak anywhere "with my head held up high" Bar-Ilan apologizes for the incident Tibi lambasts those who support "killing children solely because they are Arabs."
Lowest number of road deaths in Israel in 50 years
Transportation and Road Safety Minister Yisrael Katz says that number of road deaths in Israel in 2012 dropped 25 percent from previous year According to Katz, Israel is now 10th in the world in terms of fewest road accidents per kilometers driven.
Israeli population approaches 8 million
There are more than 6 million Jews and 1.6 million Arab citizens of Israel A record 170,000 babies were born in Israel this year Jerusalem is Israel's most populous city, with 804,400 people.
AP photo essay: Ex-Soviet immigrants change Israel
By virtue of their sheer numbers in a country of almost eight million people and their tenacity in clinging to elements of their old way of life, immigrants from the former Soviet Union have transformed Israel.
International envoy warns of failed state in Syria
Lakhdar Brahimi says failure of Syrian government and rebels to reach political solution could lead to "full collapse of the Syrian state" and threaten world's security Envoy says as many as 100,000 people could be killed if Syrian conflict continues.