Tuesday October 13, 2015
Israel Hayom
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'Israel will fall within 10 years, Jewish occupiers must leave'
Dr. Essam el-Erian, a senior Muslim Brotherhood official and adviser to the Egyptian president, has called on Jews who left Egypt to return, as "Israel will be destroyed within a decade."
Dan Margalit | The president is not impartial
In his attempt to make an objective assessment of the peace process, Peres faults the Israeli leadership but takes no issue with Abbas' track record as a negotiator.
Ruthie Blum | A New Years resolution about voting
The act of choosing our prime minister and Knesset is a reminder that we are among the worlds lucky few whose rulers are our subordinates.
Elliott Abrams | 'Plotting to celebrate Christmas'
The religious police in Saudi Arabia do not permit such dangerous practices as a Christmas party.
Defend government policy or quit, Amidror tells ambassadors
Israel's diplomats are clerks, and if they cannot represent the government's policies faithfully they should quit or enter politics, says National Security Council chief Yaakov Amidror.
Dr. Gabi Avital | The president should hold his tongue
President Shimon Peres cannot help himself. He expresses his diplomatic views at every possible venue, regardless of the timing or the position he holds.
Continued settlement construction could result in EU punishment
Foreign Ministry assessment: If measures against settlement goods are not seen as enough, European nations could impose sanctions on residents who live beyond the Green Line, banning "troublemakers" from entering the continent.
Peres voices willingness to talk to Hamas, sparking another storm
President says Israel will negotiate with Hamas if group agrees to terms set out by Quartet "They have to decide whether they want to build or open fire," Peres says to Christian leaders Senior official: This has always been Israel's position.
David M. Weinberg | The Magic Peres Pill
Takers of this drug are prone to take wild leaps of faith and to project all their good intentions onto the adversary a malediction known as transference.
In concession, Israel eases restrictions on Gaza
Israel drops five-year ban on building materials crossing into Gaza, as part of cease-fire deal that ended Operation Pillar of Defense IDF spokesman: "The longer calm persists, the more we'll weigh easing restrictions that will benefit private sector."
Dr. Reuven Berko | Gaza's new bomb shelters
The personal safety of the average Palestinian civilian in Gaza has never before been a consideration for the Hamas leadership.
Is Mahmoud Abbas really a 'partner for peace'?
Despite President Shimon Peres' praise of the Palestinian Authority leader's peacemaking credentials, leaked documents show he took pains to ignore generous Israeli peace plan and instructed people "not to offer a response that couldn't be walked back."
Kadima: Livni stealing our voter databases
Officials in Kadima charge that Tzipi Livni's Hatnuah party is using supporter databases and pictures of Livni that belong to Kadima Hatnuah responds: "We are careful to follow the law."
The wars of the Jews, from 1770 to 2013
Torah finial bells made in the 1760s or 1770s by a Colonial silversmith at heart of controversy Congregation wants to ensure its financial future while synagogue claims ownership, says sale violates religious traditions.
Israel stems tide of African infiltrators from Sinai
New figures show that 9,207 illegal immigrants left Israel in 2012 Number of infiltrators who entered Israel in 2012 declined from 2,295 in January to only 36 in December PMO attributes decline to construction of security fence in south.
Israeli held for sneaking into Egypt
Andre Pshenichnikov says he wanted to cross the border "to join the Palestinian freedom fighters in Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula, the fighters against the Zionist occupation."
Suspected 'price-tag' attack on Palestinian village
"The only good Arab is a dead Arab. Vengeance for Yitzhar," and "This time on buildings, next time on humans," scrawled in village near Jerusalem IDF: Attacks like this distract army from carrying out its primary mission to protect Israeli citizens.
In revolutionary ruling, rabbis allow gender selection
Until now, rabbis have forbidden any intervention to select the sex of baby But Jewish fertility center founder Rabbi Menachem Burstein says an increase in the number of requests stemming from deep psychological needs has prompted rabbis to reconsider.