Tuesday October 6, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Hamas could take over Palestinian Authority, PM warns
In apparent response to President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns that hasty diplomatic moves by Israel could lead to an Iranian terror base arising in Judea and Samaria Hamas: We reject any dialogue or negotiations.
Dr. Haim Shine | No one wants used up peace fantasies
The false prophets of Israel never talked about the economy or social issues. They only talked about peace that never actually materialized.
Boaz Bismuth | Of diplomats and robots
Despite what Yedioth Aharonoth may have you believe, Israeli diplomats won't be pitching anti-government protest tents anytime soon.
Prof. Aviad Hacohen | Words as weapons
We live in a society rife with verbal violence, but one man's insult could be another's legitimate protest.
Daniel Doron | Profiting from poverty
There are practical, immediate solutions to the problem of poverty, but don't expect the help of the social justice lobby.
Dror Eydar | Noni Mozes' dirty war
Israel's best guarded secret is not our nuclear reactor, but rather Noni Mozes. The man who pulls the strings that manipulate all of us.
On Facebook, Fatah incites terror against Israel
PA President Mahmoud Abbas' organization is celebrating 48 years since inception with an array of hateful messages broadcast through social media "The is year will be the year we breach Al-Aksa; what was taken by force will be returned through force."
Palestinians say they will outnumber Israeli Jews by 2020
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics: Based on current birth rates, considering Arabs living in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem, by 2020, Arabs would outnumber Jews by 7.2 million to 6.9 million.
Clashes follow rare daytime special ops arrest raid
Undercover Israeli forces enter West Bank town of Tamoun disguised as vegetable vendors to arrest wanted terrorist Arrest sparks clashes, back-up Israeli forces called in to disperse the crowd.
Central Elections Commission slams anti-Bennett 'ghetto' ad
Likud considering ad creator's ouster from party list Bennett shown on "Likudnik" website behind barbed-wire fence, under title: "The Jewish Ghetto" Likud places sole blame on rogue Likud member, suggests Habayit Hayehudi file complaint with police.
Shalem Center in Jerusalem recognized as academic center
The new college will award a bachelor's degree in the liberal arts Education minister: Another step in the rehabilitation of Israeli humanities.
The sky isn't the limit
Dozens of children from across the country, most with difficult home lives, spend quality one-on-one time with air force pilots as members of the "Squadron Club," where they learn tools for self-expression, coping mechanisms and leadership skills.
Lebanese army called in to combat Israeli peppers
Unsuspecting customer picks up a pack of peppers with word Israel printed on the sales tag, calls police Police refer the matter to the military, who launch an investigation into the forbidden fruit and its path from Israel to Lebanon.
Feiglin proposes paying Palestinians to emigrate
Right-wing politician Moshe Feiglin detained after attempting to pray during visit to Jerusalem's Temple Mount on Tuesday Upon his release Feiglin proposes that Israel pay Palestinians to leave Judea and Samaria.
Livni: Female politicians must either be bitches or they're weak
Hatnuah chairwoman says she learned to be tough after entering politics Livni and Amir Peretz try visiting Iron Dome site but are barred entrance due to lack of coordination with IDF Former PM Olmert: No content behind Livni's election slogan.
Only 7% of Israelis prefer a female leader in face of Iranian threat
Poll conducted by WIZO reveals that public feels that women are better suited to handle welfare, health issues, less equipped to serve in positions like defense minister, finance minister or Mossad chief.
'I hope this is all behind me' says recovering former spy chief
A tired but optimistic Meir Dagan, currently recovering from liver transplant surgery, hails relationship with Rabbi Elimelech Firer "The rabbi is a man who helps everybody, from those who hold the loftiest positions to ordinary people."
Parties spar over data as economy returns to election forefront
Labor Chairwoman Shelly Yachimovich forecasts wide-ranging budget cuts to education, health and social services should Netanyahu win the elections Finance Ministry: Israel saw strongest economic growth in the West over last 4 years.
Hezi Sternlicht | Dear Leftists, some perspective please
It is not really so bad here; I'd rather live in our complex reality than a Marxist nightmare.
Iran tests advanced anti-ship missiles in final day of naval drill
During the Islamic Republic's five-day naval maneuvers it reportedly issued 30 warnings to "extra-regional forces" that approached the drill "Subsequently, the intelligence planes and drones distanced from the area," says Iranian admiral.