Wednesday October 7, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Likud accuses Peres of working to build leftist coalition
Sources claim Israeli president is doing everything in his power to help the Left form the next government Claim comes after Livni meets Peres, calls on center-left parties to unite Peres officials: The president does not interfere in elections.
Mati Tuchfeld | A group hug on the Left
Almost everyone who sought to topple Netanyahu expected the union of the parties on the Left, just as they had hoped former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert would return to the political arena.
Uri Heitner | Yachimovich's mistakes
Her rejectionist approach toward joining a Netanyahu-led coalition is not only a mistake, it's an expression of her loss of self-confidence.
Boaz Bismuth | Haggling over Hagel
For Israel, Hagel's appointment as defense secretary is problematic.
Gonen Ginat | The masks come off
Diskin's interview is neither journalism nor a desire to expose the truth. It's politics.
Dr. Gabi Avital | Diskin's motives
Those who fail to make it to the top tend to break their silence and spill bile all over the place.
Dan Margalit | Livni's proposal a political cartel
A coalition in which Likud is the most leftist party spells international trouble for Israel.
Yossi Beilin | The end of the kibbutz era
There may not be a single representative from a kibbutz in the 19th Knesset.
Dror Eydar | When Yedioth heats cold noodles
In the end, the ammunition in Yedioth owner Arnon (Noni) Mozes' arsenal will run out.
Netanyahu: Left-wing parties will do anything to topple me
Prime minister says center-left parties are really overtly Left "On economics they are as leftist as Greece and Spain. And if the diplomatic Left is willing to make concessions and hand over territory, that land will be grabbed by Iran and its proxies."
'Bar-Ilan speech will be basis of next government's policies'
Former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, referencing Netanyahu's 2009 speech at Bar-Ilan University in which he accepted the two-state solution, says government prepared to implement important diplomatic measures when right conditions arise.
Harsh report expected on relations between Barak and Ashkenazi
So-called Harpaz affair centers on forged document meant to torpedo the appointment of Yoav Galant as IDF chief of staff State comptroller says subjects of the investigation tried to influence the results, but that his report is "without bias."
'Global jihad forces have replaced Syrian army across border'
During cabinet meeting, Netanyahu says Israel will erect Golan Heights security fence to defend border "against both infiltration and terrorism," and Israel is "worried" about Syria's chemical weapons Assad says his forces are fighting jihadists.
Yair Shamir attacks PM, then apologizes
Knesset candidate Yair Shamir, No. 2 on the Yisrael Beytenu list, accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of zigzagging on his ideals to win points with constituents Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon: Shamir is still new to politics.
Zionists are descendants of apes and pigs, Morsi said in 2010
In an interview before becoming president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi called peace negotiations between "Zionists" and the Palestinian Authority "futile" and a "waste of time and opportunities" "Jews are inherently hostile," he said.
For first time, Fatah holds unity rally in Gaza
Hamas allows Fatah to hold celebratory rally for first time since it took over the Gaza Strip in 2007 Hamas spokesman: Occupation forces are concerned, more than anything, over the unity of the Palestinian people.
As visits increase, concern grows over Auschwitz preservation
Number of visitors to Holocaust memorial site continues to climb Visits considered important for Holocaust education but are straining the site's barracks and other wooden structures Preservation efforts are underway.