Tuesday October 13, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Chuck Hagel: Friend or foe?
Those who support his nomination laud him for "going against the grain," and Hagel himself maintains he has "unequivocal" support for Israel, but his actions in the past as a senator have placed him on the opposing side of Israel's interests many times.
Boaz Bismuth | Is Hagel Israel's punishment?
Yedioth Ahronoth claims that Chuck Hagel's appointment is "Obama's punishment" for Netanyahu's alleged favoritism toward Romney.
Ruthie Blum | A picture is worth a thousand words
The definition of a baby is dependent on whether its parents want it or not.
Princella D. Smith | An idea everyone can agree on
Many of the world's social ills can be solved with a capitalistic and market-based solution.
Dr. Haim Shine | We deserve better
Strategists analyze yesterday's questionably relevant polls to influence our opinions.
Daniel Pipes | Effectively confronting Tehran
It is time to apply winning Cold War policies to Iran.
Zvi Gabay | Jews from Arab lands
We can never achieve a lasting peace without justice for all refugees: Jews and Arabs.
Did Shas go too far with 'racist' campaign ad?
Ad shows Russian bride receiving a conversion certificate by fax machine after calling a conversion hotline number Shas says ad is meant to criticize the state's conversion system Lapid: Ad is clear example of ignorant Judaism preaching hate.
Jerusalem of snow!
Snow falls in Jerusalem and surrounding areas Citizens around the country got caught in the rain, and special IDF rescue units came to the rescue Dozens of houses flooded in Bat Hefer, navy commandos called in.
Dan Margalit | After the rain
Despite the inconvenience caused by the torrential rain this week, we'll miss it next year.
First ballots set to be cast in Knesset election
Over next two days, Israeli diplomats and other officials serving abroad on state business (as well as their family members) will cast votes in 19th Knesset election Largest overseas polling station will be at Israeli Consulate in New York.
A holy alliance? Haredim warn against secular government
Haredi rabbis call on religious parties to create bloc that will either join or oppose new coalition Shas demands Netanyahu prove to voters he is dedicated to preserving state's Jewish character; won't allow civil marriage.
Nelson: Netanyahu didn't raise concerns about Hagel
A prominent member of the U.S. Senate, Bill Nelson said Israel should not worry about Obama's choice in Hagel for the Pentagon job Some in Israel view Hagel as unsympathetic to Israel because of his positions on Iran and the Palestinians.
Dershowitz says Hagel appointment is green light to Iran
Renowned jurist Professor Alan Dershowitz says Obama is making a mistake with Hagel appointment Dershowitz: The Iranians are celebrating this appointment in Tehran Dershowitz says appointment won't affect U.S. Defense Department policies.
Poll: 50% of Israelis say US pressure should not sway Israel
Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University December 2012 Peace Index poll: Half of the Jewish public concurs that Israel should follow current government policy even at the price of a confrontation with the U.S. administration.
Morsi to host three-way summit with Abbas and Mashaal
The Egyptian president will meet the Palestinian Authority president and Hamas leader in Cairo to try to advance implementation of a unity accord signed last May Abbas meets U.S. Special Envoy to Middle East David Hale in Jordan late Tuesday night.
Elliott Abrams | Close the PLO office in Washington
American policy believes in a Palestinian state, but only through Israel-Palestinian negotiations, not a terrorist organization.
Outgoing Yesha Council head pledges support for Netanyahu
Danny Dayan announces resignation as head of Yesha Council so he can publicly support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud-Beytenu list Dayan: Netanyahu has been good for the settlements of Judea and Samaria.
Number of tourists visiting Israel rises 5% in 2012
3.5 million tourists entered Israel in 2012, a 5 percent increase from 2011 4.3 million Israelis traveled overseas in 2012, a 1% decrease from 2011 Largest sources of incoming tourists were from the U.S. and Russia, at around 600,000 people each.
PM visits Ariel University: We will continue to build in our land
"History will judge harshly those who compare a democratic Israel, that establishes universities with autocracies ..." PM says Sa'ar on Ariel tour: The university ... is a blessing for the state of Israel's higher education system.
Dror Eydar | That old McCarthyism
The attack against the Higher Education Council, regarding the Ariel University Center, reveals the Left's credo.
Winter storm brings more misery to Syrian refugees
Jordanian refugee camp filled with flooding tents and rising tempers Zaatari camp in Lebanon sinking in flood waters Refugees in Turkey were provided with winter clothes and heaters, but sickness pervades camp due to outdoor bathroom lines.