Tuesday October 13, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Israel Hayom poll: Right-wing bloc holds steady lead
Israel Hayom poll finds Likud-Beytenu at 35 seats and on upward trend Labor in second at 17 seats Habayit Hayehudi remains at 14 seats Tzipi Livni's Hatnuah falls to nine seats Poll gives right-wing bloc 66 seats and center-left bloc 54 seats.
Dan Margalit | Knesset needs two large factions
The improved numbers of Likud-Beytenu and Labor in the latest polls bode well for the next Knesset.
Dror Eydar | Why the Center-Left may vote Likud
Livni's peace plan does not hold water, and Yachimovich's economic plan disgusts many on the Left.
Richard Baehr | Al Jazeera buys its American audience
Al Gore is one of the worlds greatest hypocrites.
Ruthie Blum | Its the Obama doctrine, stupid!
To understand the president, one needs only to learn about two of his mentors: the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the late Saul Alinsky.
Itsik Saban | Yedioth presents: Whom we pamper and why
Yedioth Ahronoth's theater of the absurd never misses a chance to choose the wrong side.
Gonen Ginat | Israel in white
This week's hysterical response was so typical of this country.
Abraham Ben-Zvi | The unwanted appeaser
Despite his unconvincing denials, there is little doubt regarding Israels place on Hagels list of priorities.
Dror Eydar | Peres' gross intervention
When you take pride in your own people's misdeeds, the world gives you awards.
PM: Abbas does not seek peace
Hatnuah Chairwoman Tzipi Livni: "Israel must demand and rightfully so that any internal Palestinian accord should include recognition of Israel and an end to violence and terrorism."
Dore Gold | What's behind Abbas' new tone?
The Middle East has changed beyond all comprehension since the Oslo Accords in 1993.
'It's all about experience'
Moshe Yaalon cannot envision a scenario where Netanyahu doesnt put together the next coalition He is sharply critical of rivals who claim they are ready Will he have a difficult time sleeping if Shelly Yachimovich is premier? "Yes, and so will she."
David M. Weinberg | Israel: wary, not bullheaded
Israelis are wary of Palestinian statehood (for good reason), but they are not bullheaded or callously defiant. They are hawkish and realistic, not wildly "annexationist."
It's all about image
Tzipi Livni said she wanted to bring the Center-Left together, but in the process she divided the camp more than ever, sparking Shelly Yachimovich's and Yair Lapid's ire Likud-Beytenu trying to hold on to Russian-speaking voters and young voters.
Dr. Haim Shine | Let go of your ego
The real tragedy lays in the fact that ego games, normal for politicians, are dangerous and have permeated the heart of the defense establishment, which is supposed to be classified but has become an open book.
Rethinking the rabbinate
The rabbinate is a monopoly, and when you dont have competition, you have atrophy ... The Chief Rabbinate, as a symbol and as an institution, was part of the process of secular people becoming distant from the rabbinate.
Arab League chief mediates Fatah-Hamas unity talks
Nabil Elaraby: "Now we must take advantage of what has taken place and use it to go forward ... The aim is ending the occupation" Abbas reluctant to accept deal that would imply giving Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal a status equivalent to his own.
Yoram Ettinger | Chuck Hagel joins the Palestine firsters
Contrary to Hagel's worldview, the Palestinian issue is not the crown-jewel of Arab policymakers, nor is it behind the uprisings and terror in the Arab world now.
US may drop visa requirement for Israelis
If the bill is approved, it will add Israel to the 37 countries in the world whose citizens are allowed to enter the U.S. for a period of up to 90 days without a visa Previous attempts to add Israel to the list didn't succeed.
After Knesset election, austerity budget looms
Analysts say Knesset will have to cut 14-15 billion shekels in spending in next budget Standard & Poor's: Israel's A+ credit rating and stable outlook are safe Israeli economy grew estimated 3.3% in 2012; is expected to grow by around 3% in 2013.
For first time, two Israeli films to vie for single Oscar
Dror Moreh's "The Gatekeepers" features candid interviews with retired Israeli spymasters; Emad Burnat's and Guy Davidi's "5 Broken Cameras" tells the story of a Palestinian cameraman who documents clashes. Both are up for best documentary.
Second Shas campaign ad pulled in span of two days
Prosecutor calls Shas ad featuring a 90-year-old woman who claims to have been filmed without her consent "cynical and manipulative exploitation of the elderly woman, as well as a breach of privacy and an act of defamation."