Wednesday October 14, 2015
Israel Hayom
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PM slams Olmert's 'reckless, inaccurate' remarks on Iran
Prime Minister Netanyahu responds to remarks by Ehud Olmert who said about the Iranian threat: "Over the last two years we have spent more than NIS 11 billion of the defense budget on delusional adventures that were never implemented and never will be."
Dan Margalit | Olmert's fantasy world
Without Israel's investments in defense, the world would not have imposed painful economic sanctions on Iran.
Dr. Haim Shine | When the president talks
When the president gets involved in politics he undermines himself, along with the already-weakened presidency.
Yossi Beilin | Pre-election surprises
Sometimes events that would otherwise go unnoticed become very influential when they happen in the days leading up to an election.
Ya'alon: No place for Palestinian state alongside Israel now
Vice PM Moshe Ya'alon: "Lets instead talk about a path that we must follow, and that path is construction. We need to invest in education, infrastructure, settlement, science, and technology. This is the real hope. There is no partner for an agreement.
Dror Eydar | A dying breed
Let's hope that this election will leave the Oslo gang and its delusional supporters where they belong: History's dustbin.
Will there be a peace push after the elections?
The international community will present a plan to jumpstart peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians in March once the Israeli ruling coalition has been formed, Hatnuah Chairwoman Tzipi Livni said Sunday.
State removes Palestinian tent camp protesters in E1 area
Police evict about 100 protesters from the site early Sunday after court decision authorizing their removal, despite a temporary High Court injunction preventing such action State says the tent camp poses security concerns Protesters vow to return.
'Rabbi Yosef suffered stroke because of fear over haredi draft'
At first 92-year-old rabbi refuses to go to hospital for fear of violating the laws of Shabbat, but later acquiesces Doctors say the rabbi was fully alert and communicative, released Sunday morning Stroke occurs less than two weeks ahead of election.
Shas calls for coalition deal before elections
Likud voters need to know before the election whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prefers the Center-Left over us, says Aryeh Deri, co-chairman of ultra-Orthodox party Shas On controversial campaign ad, Deri says: We had no intention to offend.
Netanyahu opposes Feiglin's support for refusing orders
Speaking about potential orders to evacuate settlements in Judea and Samaria, Likud-Beytenu Knesset candidate Moshe Feiglin says some laws must be disobeyed Likud-Beytenu: Refusing orders is a dangerous phenomenon that harms the state and the IDF.
Report: Hamas test fires improved long-range missiles
Palestinian media sources say Hamas' military wing recently conducted test launch of two rockets with range of dozens of kilometers Rockets made in Gaza with Iranian know-how Palestinians say IDF shoots, kill two Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza.
Deficit for 2012 balloons to twice as large as initially forecast
Lower tax revenue than expected and higher expenses at root of 39 billion shekel deficit Defense Ministry spent 3.4 percent more than previous year Government issues bonds, sells lands to finance deficit.
Spain arrests 2 over suspected Iran nuclear export
Spanish police seize equipment made by Spanish company, Fluval, set for illegal shipment to Iran Cargo included 44 valves made of an "alloy particularly suitable for use in nuclear industry."