Sunday October 4, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Iran built listening stations in Golan to spy on Israel
New report released by U.S. Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office says two Iranian-Syrian signals-intelligence stations established by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been active in Syria since 2006.
Aharon Lapidot | 11 billion shekels worth of deterrence
Ehud Olmert blames Benjamin Netanyahu for investing heavily in strategic defense systems for Israel's security. Who's delusional here?
Hezi Sternlicht | It's the elections, stupid
The deficit issue is complex, but the 2013 post-elections budget is what really matters.
Nadav Shragai | In the defense of rights
While security is important, when it comes to Greater Jerusalem, we don't need to downplay our rights.
Gideon Allon | Israeli votes lost at sea
Why should Israelis who have temporarily relocated overseas or just happen to be there on election day be denied the right to vote?
Itsik Saban | No longer in Noni Mozes' pocket
Yedioth Ahronoth, and its publisher Arnon (Noni) Mozes, wouldn't shy away from any report that, in their opinion, serves their ultimate goal: undermining Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
'Olmert trying to mobilize the world against Israel'
Netanyahu hits back at Ehud Olmert's attacks on the government's defense spending • Netanyahu: "In four years I have mobilized the world behind international sanctions against Iran, and, in two, I developed our independent preparedness."
Mati Tuchfeld | Olmert crosses a red line
Defense, particularly the most existential and strategic issues, have always been outside of political discussion.
The report and the punishment
IDF Chief Benny Gantz, who in the wake of last week's report said the IDF has more cleaning-up to do, sacks Col. Erez Weiner for alleged efforts to undermine defense minister • Weiner says decision is misguided but won't fight.
Dan Margalit | Shooting the messenger
Ashkenazi, Weiner, Barak and Harpaz — this country hasn't seen such a serious scandal since the Lavon affair in 1954.
Smoking gun: Green Leaf Party to expose Knesset stoners
Party has evidence and eyewitness testimonies concerning 18 Knesset candidates who oppose legalization and deny using marijuana • According to Green Leaf, 700,000 Israelis privately consume the substance and are therefore considered criminals.
Poll: Most Israeli women will vote, but they don't know whom for yet
A poll by the Saloona women's website points to a high percentage of women who are determined to vote, but still don't know who they're going to give their ballot to • Shas, Labor and Meretz have the strongest loyalty among women voters.
US arms deal with Egypt proceeds smoothly despite objections
After Afghanistan, Israel and Egypt are the U.S.'s second and third largest recipients of military aid, at nearly $3 billion and $1.3 billion respectively.
Leading up to final poll, candidates pull out their big guns
With just over a week until elections, the Labor party recruits a long list of celebrity endorsements • Netanyahu ensures that change in cellular business will also be effected in housing market • Shas rolls out a controversial ad featuring Africans.
Lieberman hints: If convicted, I will quit politics
Remarks come in response to comments by Likud Beytenu no. 4 Yair Shamir, who called on Lieberman to resign from Knesset if he is convicted, regardless of whether he is required to do so by law • "I agree with him," Lieberman tells Army Radio.
Israel aims to replace gasoline with natural gas to fuel transportation
The government is advancing projects to wean Israel off of oil dependence • Energy and Water minister: Natural gas is the greatest engine for growth in the Israeli market • Reform seeks transparency on use of green fuels to generate electricity.