Monday October 5, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Netanyahu aides: Obama meddling in Israeli elections
Likud politicians attack U.S. President Barack Obama over his remarks to journalist Jeffrey Goldberg "This has the fingerprints of the Left all over it, Obama is blatantly meddling in the election."
Mati Tuchfeld | Slandering Israel abroad
Is someone from home trying to help Obama to drive a wedge between Netanyahu and his "gangsters, messianists and medievalists?"
Dan Margalit | Obama's timing no coincidence
A week before the Knesset election, U.S. President Barack Obama has given support to Israel's opposition parties.
Gonen Ginat | Cooking the books at Yedioth
Yedioth Ahronoth was quick to correct the "error" when one of its writers praised Netanyahu's budgetary policy.
Uri Heitner | The Fear Factor
Electioneering is one thing, tearing apart society with fear-based campaign messaging is another thing altogether.
Yaakov Ahimeir | Not mad, just short on money
Senator Rand Paul's proposal to gradually stem the flow of aid dollars to Israel should be seen in the proper context.
David M. Weinberg | Slick and Threatening
By positing that Israel is at an apocalyptic crossroads, and that Israel is pigheadedly making wrong and dangerous choices, the international Left is setting the stage for "wiser" actors to intervene "to save Israel in spite of itself."
'Netanyahu government invested hugely in settlement construction'
According to Peace Now report, the Netanyahu government provided at least NIS 3.7 billion in surplus funding to settlements between 2009 and 2012 Likud MK Elkin welcomes the report's findings for helping Likud's campaign.
Ayalon: Israelis won't need visas for US within two years
Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon: Within two years there won't be any more lines at the U.S. Embassy [in Israel] Past efforts to add Israel to the visa-exemption list did not succeed.
Next coalition expected to include Yesh Atid and haredi parties
Yair Lapid: Will not join government if my party is not offered any ministerial positions Haredi parties Shas and United Torah Judaism have agreed to form a "haredi bloc," that will work to promote the two parties' mutual interests.
Amidror: Palestinian Authority behind establishing E1 outpost
Police block dozens of Palestinians from reoccupying "Bab Al-Shams" outpost in E1 18 Palestinians, left-wing activists arrested State asks High Court to annul court order preventing police from clearing tents in E1 outpost.
High Court permits 'ridiculous' national anthem campaign ad
High Court of Justice overturns Central Elections Committee Chairman Judge Elyakim Rubinstein's disqualification of segments of campaign ads by Strong Israel and Balad saying that the goal of the Balad ad is "not the debasement of the anthem."
Palestinian teenager killed during clash
Palestinians claim that teenager from West Bank village of Budrus was killed by IDF fire during clash near security barrier IDF Spokesperson's Unit: The incident is under investigation.
Steinitz: Read my lips, no new taxes
Budget will grow but next government will make adjustments based on its priorities, says ministry director-general Finance minister: "The deficit will not affect citizens' pockets because we already took the necessary steps in terms of taxation."
Dozens killed in blasts at Syria university
Opposition and government blame each other for the explosions Rebels say forces loyal to Assad launched airstrikes The scale of destruction appeared inconsistent with the rockets the rebels are known to possess.
Iran: Khamenei's ban on nuclear weapons binding
Iran spokesman: The supreme leader's fatwa against nuclear weapons defines the framework for our activities in the field IAEA team head to Tehran for visit to, they hope, "clear these ambiguities" about Iran's program.
'I want to represent Israel in the Paralympics'
Shira Elishav, took first place in two categories (backstroke and freestyle) at a national competition for handicapped athletes this month Israel Foundation for Handicapped Children holding fundraising drive on Wednesday.