Tuesday October 13, 2015
Israel Hayom
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'Obama knows Israelis determine what their interests are'
In an interview to Israel Hayom, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says relations between Israel and the U.S. are very strong, but there are also disagreements on how to best achieve peace.
Yoram Ettinger | It's not the Palestinians
President Obamas preoccupation with the Palestinian issue, and criticism of Israel, is out of the American mainstream.
Dan Margalit | Obama didn't help Livni
The American president who criticized the prime minister so harshly completely ignored the Palestinians responsibility for the stalemate.
Dore Gold | A code of conduct for the Middle East
In negotiations, a code of conduct can be used to reveal your adversary's true intent.
Dror Eydar | A radical, by any other name
Is dividing Jerusalem a radical act? Is subjecting parts of the Old City to foreign jurisdiction one other than Israel's a radical act? The majority of Israeli citizens think so.
Ruthie Blum | Netanyahus not the culprit
He is merely the current excuse for anti-Israel sentiment
Boaz Bismuth | The new world dis-order
How ironic that a small terrorist organization in Algeria managed to do what France couldn't make the campaign in Mali an international affair.
Mati Tuchfeld | Falling in line with Likud
With Netanyahu considered a shoo-in, party leaders are trying to pave their paths into his coalition.
Netanyahu wants haredim and Lapid in government, sources say
The religious parties Shas, United Torah Judaism and Habayit Hayehudi will be asked to join first. As for the parties on the Center-Left, it seems that former journalist Yair Lapid's party, Yesh Atid, is Netanyahu's first choice.
Dan Margalit | We're headed for a political earthquake
When coalition partners feel that their days in the cabinet are numbered, they come up with impossible demands and bring down the government.
Abbas plays both sides
New book by Dr. Shaul Bartal shows that Fatah and the other Palestinian groups have a common goal Israel's destruction The difference between "moderate" Abbas and terror organizations, as shown by Palestinian Media Watch, is only in how they speak.
Dr. Haim Shine | The naivete of the Israeli elite
An Israeli prime minister is obligated to the safety of the people, not to the global interests of a foreign power.
Ex-IDF attache: US will always ensure Israel's military advantage
Gadi Shamni, who recently served as Israel's military attache in Washington, says political differences pose no threat to "very deep" defense ties, "I think we have no choice but to reach a deal with the Palestinians... both of us will be here forever."
That sinking sense of impending victory
The Right has a clear advantage and most of the public is convinced that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be chosen to assemble the coalition The sense that it is a done deal however could prevent voters from showing up to the polls.
Gonen Ginat | With a little help from my friends
What were Obama's advisers thinking when they leaked the remarks suggesting that the president doesn't like Netanyahu? Didn't they realize that it would only boost Netanyahu's popularity?
'When the dawn comes I will no longer be alive'
Rare diaries, written by anonymous Jewish fighters, offer somber insight into their heroic struggle during the darkest hours of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising "We must survive, we hope to survive. We are fighting for justice and for the right to live."
'Haredi cartel' nixed in Harish housing bids
The Israel Land Administration decision means that the city will revert to being a mixed secular and religious community, as the other bidding groups that were eclipsed by the haredi cartel were secular.
Right and Left agree: Insubordination is legitimate
Chairman of Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee David Rotem (Yisrael Beytenu): Soldiers who don't want to serve in occupied territories should be accommodated Labor candidate Merav Michaeli: Blindly following the law is problematic.
Poll: 65% support upgrading Ariel University Center's status
53 percent of those polled believe other university heads oppose recognizing Ariel University Center due to their own interests in maintaining their power as an elitist community Opponents say the new status will lead to Israel's further isolation.
Habayit Hayehudi told to remove 'misleading' campaign posters
Naftali Bennett's election banners, featuring himself next to the incumbent prime minister, described by Likud-Beytenu as a trick intended to "fool the public into thinking that the prime minister is calling on the public to support Habayit Hayehudi."