Wednesday October 7, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Likud defends Kahlon appointment
PM's appointment of outgoing minister Kahlon to head the Israel Land Administration met with derision as "last-minute electioneering gimmick" Erdan: "If the other parties cared about lowering housing prices, they would welcome the appointment."
Boaz Bismuth | A different America, a different president
America has changed. The most recent election campaign has proven just how much
Princella D. Smith | Dr. King and todays Washington
To truly honor Dr. King's name, Democrats and Republicans must work together.
Hezi Sternlicht | Netanyahu's 'smart bomb'
To deal with housing prices, use Kahlon's cellular industry strategy: Ramp up competition.
Mati Tuchfeld | Right man at the right time
Central Elections Committee erred by prohibiting Netanyahu from holding press conference about the Kahlon appointment.
Arab League urges Arabs in Israel to vote
"The racist, extremist Right does not want peace and does not want the Other," the Arab League warns, calling on Israeli Arabs to "boost their numbers at the polls so that they can strengthen their representation in Israel."
Habayit Hayehudi ignores injunction, gets hefty fine
Party was ordered to remove ads featuring Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last Thursday but posters were not taken down until Sunday Central Elections Committee chairman: Party's conduct suggests they tried to avoid implementing the order.
Report: Israel brings Yemeni Jews
Palestinian weekly Al-Manar reports that a group of Yemeni Jews arrived in Tel Aviv via Doha on a Qatari flight Efforts to bring Yemeni Jews apparently involve a number of government offices, MKs and Shas party.
Israel launches world's first exhibit on King Herod's legacy
King Herod considered to be one of the most influential and controversial figures in ancient Roman and Jewish history Exhibit dedicated to memory of Professor Ehud Netzer, who discovered Herod's tomb at Herodium Exhibit opens next month.
Election junkies can follow results online in real-time
Government launches two websites to allow citizens to monitor vote tallying after polls close One site allows voters to follow results by municipality, party or nationwide Second site allows voters to follow results out of specific polling stations.
Two Bedouin brothers planned terror attacks in Beersheba
Plot included attacks on Beersheba's main bus and train stations, as well as against IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz Two Israeli Jews, including a soldier, suspected of providing the Arab suspects with weaponry in exchange for drugs.
Egyptian police seize ton of explosives on way to Sinai
Explosives discovered by Egyptian police in truck crossing into Sinai from mainland Egypt via traffic tunnel under the Suez Canal Meanwhile, Defense Minister Ehud Barak approves appointment of Maj. Gen. Shlomo Turgeman as new head of Southern Command.
Houston, we have a problem; Bnei Brak, we have a solution
Two haredi women develop microchip for use in Israel's aerospace industry The students took a three-month crash course in spacecraft technologies prior to their development of the software Of the 10,000 haredim who work in high-tech, 75% are women.