Sunday October 4, 2015
Israel Hayom
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'Benjamin Netanyahu will be the next prime minister of Israel'
Exit polls give Prime Minister 31 Knesset seats Biggest surprise of the elections is Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid, with 19 seats Difference between political blocs very small, with left bloc garnering 59 and right wing bloc 61.
Mati Tuchfeld | Who will get the first call?
Everyone is looking forward: The election is behind us, coalition talks are ahead.
Dr. Haim Shine | This election is different
Its the first time in years that the country's future path can be determined.
Dan Margalit | Happy Election Day!
Israel's fascinating election puzzle will fall into place Tuesday night.
Gideon Allon | Take voting seriously
Voters should make their choices based on the outlook and values of the parties, rather than the personal characteristics of individual candidates.
Ruthie Blum | Floating over the election
One cannot blame the satirists for having a hard job of trumping reality.
Abbas: Zionist leadership had ties with the Nazi movement
In interview with Lebanese television, PA president says Zionists urged Nazis to kill Jews so that they would have leverage to establish State of Israel Abbas says Israel agreed to allow 150,000 Palestinian refugees from Syria into West Bank.
Report: Hagel meets with American Jewish groups
Politico reports that former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel met with American Jewish leaders at the White House last Friday Unnamed official says Hagel expressed his determination to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.
Malaysian PM in first visit to Hamas-ruled Gaza
Najib Razak's visit is political boost for Gaza's internationally isolated rulers During first-ever visit to the territory, Razak expects to meet with Hamas leaders, tour sites bombed by Israel and visit school funded by his predominately Muslim nation.
Iron Dome undergoes successful systems upgrade
The Defense Ministry successfully tests anti-missile defense system's improved operational capabilities Battery of tests are part of an advanced plan to upgrade the system to meet the challenges posed by "an unprecedented array of threats."
Obama to Netanyahu: Looking forward to working with you
U.S. President Barack Obama ceremonially sworn-in for second term in office Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sends Obama congratulatory letter Labor Chairwoman Shelly Yachimovich also welcomes Obama's inauguration.
Daniel Pipes | Obama's anti-Zionism
I predicted in September that "Israel's troubles will really begin" should Obama win a second term. These have begun; Jerusalem, brace for a rough four years.
Next Yesha Council chairman: Avi Roeh
Yesha Council secretariat recommends that Binyamin Regional Council head Avi Roeh be appointed as next Yesha Council chairman, replacing Dani Dayan Yesha Council board of directors is expected to approve the appointment in two weeks.
Hebrew: If you speak it the jobs will come
According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, employment figures rise according to one's level of Hebrew 27 percent of the population struggle to fill out forms or write official letters in Hebrew 36 languages spoken in Israel.
Sa'ar: Likud concerned about high left-wing voter turnout
Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar: We are working to raise the voter turnout in areas where there are Likud supporters Labor press conference barred from being broadcast by Central Elections Committee head on the grounds of being elections propaganda.
Mordechai Gilat | Israelis must think big
There are a lot of big things that need to get done.
As voters come out, so do the complaints
Voter complains that a woman working at a polling station in Jerusalem is dressed extremely immodestly, possibly preventing religious voters from entering and casting their ballots Am Shalem chair says rival Shas is spreading rumors he has dropped out.
Shas fined NIS 37,000 for election propaganda
Shas had distributed election pamphlet including blessings and a call to the public from spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef to vote for Shas Central Elections Committee chairman has already pulled two of Shas' election ads since it began campaigning.
Yehuda Shlezinger | The Wars of the Jews
Unless our religious institutions are completely overhauled, there will soon be two separate Jewish nations residing in Israel.