Monday October 5, 2015
Israel Hayom
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Global anti-Semitic incidents on the rise, report suggests
Verbal and physical attacks against Jews are on the rise and most pronounced in Western Europe, according to report prepared by information minister Statistics show 45% more incidents in 2012 than in the previous year.
Ruthie Blum | Has Hungary forgotten the Holocaust?
Let us all refrain from making a mockery of the phrase "never again" by acknowledging that the past is far from behind us.
Silvan Shalom | Remembering our way to a better world
Our obligation as Jews is to teach the memory of the Holocaust to the young generation; it is an integral part of our being and our national genetic code.
Princella D. Smith | Dr. King and Washington today, Part II
It is time for black America to realize the great opportunity it has to rise and become successful.
Dr. Haim Shine | Testing performance capability
In Israel, for some reason, there is always a gap between vision and realization.
Richard Baehr | Party loyalty rules
After Chuck Hagel is sworn in as defense secretary he will answer to only one man, the president; not to 100 senators whose votes he seeks today.
Ze'ev Jabotinsky | When tactics replace ideology
It is now very clear: A solid ideological platform is more effective than political tactics.
Dan Margalit | Coalition building: competing priorities
It's important to note who will become the government's primary envoy, and who will simply be filling space.
PM: Syrian chemical weapons won't wait for new government
Netanyahu tells ministers new government's top priority is to "address security threats" Shalom: Breach of chemical arsenal by terrorists or rebels would be "a crossing of all red lines that would require a different approach."
'Many history teachers in Europe don't mention the Holocaust'
As the world marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yad Vashem works hard to improve global Holocaust education "We know that without ongoing education, the memory of the Holocaust will lose its power," says Yad Vashem chairman.
Preliminary coalition talks already underway behind the scenes
President yet to launch official coalition talks, but Likud and Yesh Atid already working on framework for next government Netanyahu plans to seal deal with Lapid, then add haredim Likud official: Bennett's chances of joining government "good."
Mati Tuchfeld | What kind of a negotiator is Lapid?
Will he show stubbornness on every little clause or will he be flexible and allow for some wiggle room?
Knesset tells dual-citizen MKs to ditch their foreign passports
Six newly elected Knesset members must renounce foreign citizenship, according to law Among those who have done so in the past are Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren and Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer.
Jordanian king: Time for two-state solution running out
King Abdullah meets President Shimon Peres at World Economic Forum to discuss stalled peace talks "We're running out of time for any solution concerning two states for two peoples," Abdullah says.
Abbas asks Israel to let in Palestinians fleeing Syria
Palestinian Authority president asks Israel to let refugees from Syria resettle in the West Bank Request dropped when Israel agrees on condition they give up their right of return to the country Israel denies any such interaction.
Nasrallah: Ariel Sharon was the last king of Israel
Israel's political leadership in state of "degradation," Hezbollah leader says, adding that Israeli elections produced no "central, strong party" Nasrallah says West Bank Palestinians should learn from their "brothers in Gaza" how to conduct resistance.
Egypt in turmoil after court sentences 21 soccer fans to death
At least 42 killed, hundreds wounded, as mobs rampage around the country over the weekend President Mohammed Morsi warns curfew could be declared in areas of unrest Sentences given to fans involved in soccer riot last February that left 74 dead.
Boaz Bismuth | Now, Morsi's the target
This isn't what the Muslim Brotherhood had in mind when it deposed the military from power and decided, like a mature adult, to run the country on its own.
Iranian official: Attack on Syria is attack on Iran
Aide to Iran's supreme leader makes remarks as Iranian troops discover arms smuggling tunnels during offensive against Syrian rebels Ex-Iranian diplomat who defected to West: If Tehran acquired nuclear weapons, it would use them against Israel.